Wanted Characters

Character Concepts

  • Human scientists employed by Friends of Humanity to work on anti-mutant things
  • Lower-level workers on Rykers (janitor, barkeep, groundskeeper, cook, etc.)
  • Non-BHers living and/or working on Rykers
  • Teachers for Xavier's School or Xavier Institute
  • Criminal kiddies for Fagin's Gang.
  • Private security working in the Upper East and Upper West Sides
  • Citizens who have lost homes, businesses and loved ones in the raging battle
  • Brotherhood techs to work on the rogue Sentinels
  • Police, fire, ambulance, etc. workers - either embittered or burned out trying to save this place
  • Corrupt police
  • Anti-mutant gang members and leaders
  • Business owners who have managed to keep their doors open, either through creative or questionable methods.
  • Drug dealers and ravers who hang around the East Village
  • Well-meaning bohemians, hippies and artists hanging around the West Village, Greenwich Village, or Chelsea
  • People who profit off of exploiting mutants and their gifts
  • Well-intentioned idealists who want to clean up the city, open outreach programs, and save the warring factions from themselves
  • Street people, homeless and runaways
  • Journalists, photographers, investigators and bloggers
  • Members of the prominent right-wing political family, the Milthorpes (talk to Penny!)
  • Teenagers in general, whether affiliated with Xavier's, Fagin's, or independent.

Specific Characters

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