The Milthorpes
The Milthorpes
East Coast, largely NY

Parle bien ou parle rien.


The Milthorpes are a large and powerful political family in New York. They are generally right-leaning, though their approach to the mutant issue has thus far been largely middle-of-the-road. Opinions vary from family member to family member, of course.

Because the family is large and varied, a number of concepts can work within it. ICly, family members are expected to toe a certain line and remain discreet about deviating from the family norm. Those that heed the family heads are rewarded with support, financial, personal and political - doors are opened, bad things are made to go away. Those that challenge the status quo are generally shunned and disowned if they cannot be reformed.

If you would like to create a character as part of the Milthorpe family, please contact Penny.


Millz "Don't preach about it, be about it."
Penny Milthorpe "I'm not concerned about all hell breaking loose, but that a part of hell will break loose… it'll be much harder to detect." - George Carlin

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