Rykers Island, NYC
Grey to Dark Grey

Gens una sumus


Rykers is a loose affiliation of those who reside on the site of the former prison. While anyone possessing an X-gene is free to come and go, and welcome to reside on the island for short or long periods of time, the faction of Rykers is reserved for those who would consider the mutant sanctuary as their main allegience, whether or not they choose to fight alongside the Brotherhood.

Members of Rykers are expected to support the Brotherhood, and there is generally a sense of reverence for those who have put their lives on the line to gain this mutant utopia. The island is run much like a co-op or collective, with every member pitching in where he or she is most able. Basic food and lodging is available to all, with upgrades available to those who contribute more to the movement.


Rykers is open to any mutant characters. Non-mutants without an X-gene cannot even get onto Rykers Island and so any attempts by humans to join would be detected (and likely end in death and/or long-term incarceration). The team is not bound by a single philosophy, though residents of the island are expected to support the efforts of the Brotherhood and assist with gopher-work and other chores (though this does not mean they need to agree with the Brotherhood's methods, simply be wise enough to keep that to themselves).

You can write yourself directly into Rykers in your background, or simply RP your character moving onto the island at any point once you are on the grid (please submit a +request to get your team changed once you are there).


Brooklyn <A quote, summary, or funny thought about your character.>
Magneto Let them hate, so long as they fear.
Marrow <A quote, summary, or funny thought about your character.>
Noah I'm not an addict.
Pietro Lehnsherr <A quote, summary, or funny thought about your character.>
Rogue That would be a good thing for them to cut on my tombstone: Wherever she went, including here, it was against her better judgment. (Dorothy Parker)

In Memoriam


2016/02/15 - Dealing With The Weather
Marrow's taking a break to warm up from her four-hour patrol when Rogue and Pietro come upon her. The three talk of weather and the Peeper that was captured before it devolves a bit into snarking at each other.
brotherhood marrow pietro rogue rykers
2015/12/20 - The Sound and the Fury
When Brotherhood officers talk, plans are formed.
bh marrow rogue rykers


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