Underground Manhattan

Nec temere, nec timide


The Morlocks are a community of mutants who reside in the sewers, subway tunnels, and other underground areas of Manhattan. They are tightly-knit and welcome only mutants into their society. There is a high predominance of obvious or visible mutants amongst their number, though they will welcome any mutant in need.

They do not largely concern themselves with the battle raging in Manhattan. Their main priority is looking after their own, and they can be particularly brutal if threatened. However, they are generally benign, wanting only safety and security.

Like many outcasts, as a community, they tend to feel that the laws of those on the surface do not apply to them. They will steal food and clothing, but as a general rule, take only what they need. Still, there are those amongst their ranks who hold a great deal of anger towards the world above and may independently act out against them.


The Morlocks are open to any mutant character, with particular focus on visible mutations. Because their way of life is not particularly desirable (living in the sewers and tunnels under Manhattan), this will largely be only for those characters who have been left with no other options, or feel especially fellow feeling for visible and outcast mutants. They do not have one particular philosophy, other than they are a family who must band together at all cost, so most moral codes will work here.

You can write yourself directly into the Morlocks in your background, or use +request to set up a recruitment at any point once you're on the grid.

In order to avoid limiting roleplay for yourself, we strongly advise that you avoid making your character too anti-social. To have excuses to venture out and RP with non-Morlocks, it's best if you include some hooks in your concept that will have your character venturing above-ground with regular frequency.


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