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Friends of Humanity
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Friends of Humanity is an anti-mutant activist group. They are the main proponents of the Mutant Registration Act and Sentinel project, and campaign actively against mutant rights legislation. They build support based upon a platform of bigotry and fear, aided especially by their hate literature.

They have many splinter cells and sects, and the degree of activism versus terrorism can vary widely depending on personal belief. However, the leadership group in Manhattan remains lawful and denies any ties to those groups who undertake illegal measures.

The Manhattan arm of FoH prefers to work with the lawmakers and influential political persons in order to legitimately further their own agenda. They throw considerable support behind anti-mutant politicians and attempt to undercut those politicians who may be favourable to mutant rights.

Appearing only as masked figures with altered voices, FoH leaves it to the anti-mutant politicians and celebrities to be their public faces.

Please note: Due to the fact that the members of FoH usually appear wearing masks and with altered voices, and FoH dealings are largely done through back-channels, it should not be assumed that FoH members are publicly known, unless the player explicitly mentions otherwise. This also means you can play an FoH member without always needing to be the enemy in every scene. Most NPC members of this shady and mysterious organization will go incognito, since those crazy mutants are dangerous, y'know.


Friends of Humanity is open to any non-mutant characters. They will test for the X-gene, so undercover mutants or those who haven't manifested yet would be detected. While your character does not need to be avidly anti-mutant, they need to be comfortable working for a group that is actively working against mutant rights.

You can write yourself directly into FoH in your background, or use +request to set up a recruitment at any point once you're on the grid.


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