Rahne Sinclair
Rahne Sinclair
Portrayed By
Molly C. Quinn

A Scottish native, Rahne is a quiet young woman with a literal inner beast.


  • Birthday: March 22, 1998
  • Position: Team Mascot (no, not really)
  • Fame: The shy but friendly girl who likes to read a lot.
  • Family: Moira MacTaggart (guardian), Reverend Craig (former guardian)

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Rahne was born in the Scottish Highlands in a very religious community. Her mother died when she was still a baby, and so she was taken in as a ward of the church and raised by Reverend Craig, who was not very nice to her (though she generally declines to go into more details than that). After her powers manifested, she was forced to flee from her home, and was taken in by Moira, who appointed herself the girl's guardian.

Rahne spent some time on Muir Island before heading across the ocean to join Xavier's School so that she could socialize with children her own age, as well as get a top-notch education and training in her powers. Rahne attended the school from 2010 onwards, but with the growing global tensions, she has now opted to return to Muir Island in order tobe near Moira again and fight alongside Excalibur.



Rahne can consciously shift her body all or partway into lupine form. She can take on only the one form, and it is of the same wolf every time. She cannot shift into a different species, nor change any of her identifying features, whether in wolf or human form. She cannot extend this shift onto anyone else, and while she retains most of her human intelligence, she loses her higher thought processes and has trouble following complex trains of thought that would be easy work for her in human form; also, because her vocal cords are now those of a wolf, she loses her ability to speak. When in full-lupine form, however, she benefits from many heightened abilities. Shifting part way allows her to retain her full intelligence and communication while still enjoying some of these increased capabilities.

She creates the shift by consciously willing the change, and can accurately control how far into the morph she undergoes. Very seldom, in times of great fear or anger, she may shift involuntarily, and as such, her power is tied to her emotions somewhat; most often, though, the change is only undergone when she wills it upon herself. She is a lycanthrope, but her abilities are in no way tied into the phases of the moon, and are available for her to use whenever she wills it. Shifting is not painful for her, but it does offer a brief sensation of mild discomfort, akin to cracking one's knuckles. The shifts themselves do cost her a bit of energy; nothing too noticeable, unless for some reason, she were morphing from full human to full wolf and back again several times in a row; but once in a form, it costs her no energy to hold it, and she can stay in any phase of the morphing for as long as she desires.

Her mass and size also change depending on which form she's in. In human form, she's very tiny, only about 4'10 and weighing about 90 lbs. In transitional form, she's just over five foot, and weighs about 120 lbs. Finally, in wolf form, she stands 31 inches at the shoulder, and weighs just short of 100 lbs. Her wolf form is that of a young adult on the cusp of being fully mature.

Physical Attributes

As a wolf, Rahne enjoys increased:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Healing


She also has heightened senses:

  • Sight (including being able to see in all spectrums)
  • Smell
  • Hearing



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Watch For

  • Her strained relationship with Reverend Craig.
  • Her deep-seated fear of her own powers.
  • Her love of reading and writing as an escape from reality.
  • Her fear of guns.


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