Sentinel Models

All marks and models are capable of storing biometric, visual and powers records of all mutants they encounter. No models are yet capable of learning 'on the fly'. More marks and models will be added over time.

Players are welcome to use '+pitch' on the MUSH to suggest new models, but should not add or edit information here.

Mark I

The Tank (Model I-TSK10)

One of the earlier models, these pose less of an offensive threat but are very difficult to completely destruct, hence their outliving many of the later models. With a boxy, upright 'body' on a tank-like base, the Tank certainly lives up to its name. Heavy, hard to maneuver, but it is built of an extremely thick, durable metal. Except for the head, the interior of the hull is coated with a liquid ceramic that hardens into an impact-resistant solid upon exposure to air. The curing process takes less than a minute, and during this time, it emits toxic fumes that cause nausea, vomiting, and even loss of consciousness if breathed. Once solid, the ceramic is no longer toxic, but will require a force equal to a jackhammer in order to break.

  • [Weapons] Flame throwers, electrified nets
  • [Weaknesses] Lack of maneuverability, heavy, slow, cannot climb inclines steeper than 45 degrees, cannot traverse chasms or climb over objects.
  • [Strengths] Durability, consistency, capable of crushing smaller objects in its path.
  • [Difficulty] Strength: 80 | Speed: 20 | Agility: 10 | Durability: 901
  • [Defeat] This Sentinel is unlikely to be fully defeated, even by a large group of individuals. However, it is relatively easy to avoid and outrun, making evasion the best tactic. To hit it hard enough to fully stop it would require a force the equivalent of a full-speed freight train.
  • [Prevalence] 1/602

The Spider (Model I-TSK24)

A mid-range model, the spider evolved from the earlier Tank model. The upper body was refined and made lighter, and the entire hull was charged with electricity. The rolling base was replaced with three long articulating legs upon which it could swivel. The legs were made from a very durable steel and are strong and sharp enough to puncture asphalt or cement, which is then used to help maintain balance and leverage. It could walk, making it much nimbler and maneuverable than the previous Tank model.

This model marked a huge advancement in technology, for it was capable of detecting the X-gene, making it possible to discern a mutant without necessitating a show of powers or previous knowledge of the individual. It was also the first model capable of flight, though its range was limited to 1000 feet.

It is also the only model to be capable of transporting prisoners within its hull, and remains in service for this reason.

  • [Weapons] Flame throwers, electrified nets, electrified hull, taser, electrified wire ropes, laser blasters
  • [Weaknesses] Though durable and strong, the legs are the primary vulnerability.
  • [Strengths] Short-range flight, maneuverability, 360 swiveling, X-gene detection, prisoner transport.
  • [Difficulty] Strength: 60 | Speed: 40 | Agility: 75 | Durability: 503
  • [Defeat] This Sentinel is capable of being defeated, but only by a large group of extremely well-trained individuals. It is possible but difficult to outrun. To hit it hard enough to fully stop it would require a force the equivalent of a full-speed locomotive. However, the force of a full-speed MACK truck would be enough to knock it off-balance.
  • [Prevalence] 1/1004

Mark II

All Mark II models are capable of flight and X-gene detection.

The Leviathan (Model II-TSX60)

A huge leap forward in Sentinel development, the Leviathan remains the flagship of the Sentinel line. It was the first Sentinel model to fully resemble a human in build. It featured two legs and a bulky torso, upon which a squat head was mounted. Larger than the Tank or Spider, it stands at almost two storeys tall and weighs enough to cause the ground to tremble with each tread.

The Leviathan was also the first model to feature inter-unit communication, so that multiple units could work in tandem.

  • [Weapons] Flame throwers, electrified nets, electrified hull, taser, electrified wire ropes, laser blasters, water canon, sound canon, grenade launcher, molten steel spray, capable of lifting and throwing objects up to one tonne.
  • [Weaknesses] Cannot follow quarry into small spaces. Can be thrown off-balance with enough force. Heavy footfalls serve as early warning for quarry.
  • [Strengths] Imposing figure, inter-unit communication and tactical coordination, working arms and hands that can be used to grab, hit or pick up objects.
  • [Difficulty] Strength: 98 | Speed:50 (ground), 80 (air) | Agility: 60 | Durability: 755
  • [Defeat] This Sentinel is the hardest to defeat and evade. It could be taken out only by the combination of a large, well-trained team and several people with engineering skill. It should not be defeated without staff permission. It is possible, albeit difficult to evade.
  • [Prevalence] 1/306

The Peeper (Model II-TSX93b)

A departure from the usual Sentinel line, the Peeper is an experimental prototype that has recently been released upon Manhattan for testing. Though fully capable of defending itself, the Peeper was not built for offensive strikes, but for recon. No larger than a microwave, the Peeper is capable of extended flight. It has small wheels for rolling over terrain, but hoverflight is its primary mode of transportation. Small and nimble, it is very fast and its primary defense is to flee upon being spotted. The danger of the Peeper is in its vast databanks and memory.

  • [Weapons] Electrified hull, sonic emitter, laser blaster, capable of launching itself at great speed into opponents.
  • [Weaknesses] Lacking in offenses, small size limits available weaponry, more easily destroyed than other models, data can be corrupted or altered by expert computer users.
  • [Strengths] Nimble, silent in approach, extremely fast, uses cell networks for instant data upload, capable of sustained flight, able to travel through small openings.
  • [Difficulty] Strength: 10 | Speed: 65 (ground), 98 (air) | Agility: 98 | Durability: 207
  • [Defeat] This Sentinel is the easiest to defeat, though the most difficult to catch. A single mutant with high level powers could potentially take it out, though help might be required in order to first trap it. It is not without defenses and in a team of three or less, injuries would be expected.
  • [Prevalence] 1/508
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