Penny Milthorpe
Penelope Augusta Schellden Milthorpe
Portrayed By
Kristen Bell
Friends of Humanity

Daughter of the prominent NY political family, the Milthorpes, Penny was a member of the anti-mutant student group SUFMA (Students United for Mutant Accountability) during her time at Columbia. Now a member of the faceless Friends of Humanity, she acts as a political liaison between the anti-mutant group and politicians who might rule in their favour.


  • Birthday: May 24, 1988
  • Position: Political Liaison for Friends of Humanity
  • Fame: Member of powerful NY political family, the Milthorpes. Vocal member of Columbia student group Students United for Mutant Accountability (SUFMA). Semi-known anti-mutant activist.
  • Family: Harold Milthorpe, father; Jacosta Schellden Milthorpe, mother; one brother, estranged

Modified background of somewhat known events.

Penelope Augusta Schellden Milthorpe was born into a prominent and prolific New York political family, albeit her own particular branch was somewhat removed from the seat of power. Her father, a youngest son of a second cousin twice removed, had not chosen to pursue politics himself, but instead enjoyed a successful cosmetic surgery practice in upstate New York. While not wealthy, the family did enjoy a very comfortable upper-middle class existence.

When she was only just an age to be starting school, her parents divorced, and it was an ugly mess of a separation. Pressured by the family to stay together, the fights and battles dragged on far longer than they should have, and Penny came to rely on her older brother a lot during that time.

When the divorce was finally inevitable, her mother retained custody while her father enjoyed full visitation rights, which would lead to both parents battling it out for the love of their children, her father through expensive gifts and her mother through over-involvement in every school board, committee and extra-curricular her children were even tangentially wrapped up in.

Penny also became very involved in her Causes during these years, doing everything from raising money for the peregrine falcon to petitioning to have a teacher fired from her prep school when she felt he was unfairly adjusting grades.

Still, despite a somewhat stifling childhood and a lack of actual quality time from either parent, Penny's early years were relatively pleasant. She was pampered and spoiled, so it was no surprise that her high school graduation party was a huge affair, an apology gift from daddy for having missed the actual ceremony. The huge party was underway, all the guests thoroughly enjoying themselves, when disaster struck.

The decorative tealights were knocked from a table and as luck would have it, managed to set ablaze the gazebo where Penny had been lording over her party like a little monarch. She was trapped by the blaze, rescued by her mother, who suffered permanent damage to her right arm in the attempt.

The scarring wasn't too bad and plastic surgery a perk of being the daughter of one such surgeon. Penny was well enough to join her class at Columbia in time for the winter term. Once there, she quickly became involved with the anti-mutant student group SUFMA (Students United for Mutant Accountability), turning the ragtag group into something of an actual threat to mutant rights.

She continued on at Columbia to get her law degree, though she's yet to sit the bar. Instead, she currently works as a political liaison, though for whom and doing what isn't entirely clear.


None. She's a mere mortal.



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Watch For

  • Her family ties.
  • The mysterious organization she works for.
  • How little she talks of her brother and why he's estranged.
  • Her strained relationship with her parents.
  • Her never-say-die attitude.
  • Her inability to shut up.


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