Paige Guthrie
Paige Elisabeth Guthrie
Portrayed By
Bridgit Mendler
Xavier's School

Call her a grade-grubbing workaholic, or else a Kentucky girl with spunk.


  • Birthday: February 23, 1999
  • Position: Student
  • Fame: A high school junior, Paige's collective nicknames include "Hayseed", "Sunshine" and "Country Mouse". A transitional omnimorph, she can weather it all just by tearing off her skin.
  • Family: Thomas Zebulon Guthrie (father, deceased), Lucinda Guthrie (mother), Samuel Guthrie (brother), Joshua Guthrie (brother), Joelle Guthrie (sister), Elizabeth Guthrie (sister), Melody Guthrie (sister), Jebediah Guthrie (brother), Lewis Guthrie (brother), one or two more unnamed siblings (one being Lewis' twin), Lucas Bartholomew Guthrie (uncle)



Paige Guthrie is a transitional omnimorph who is able to alter the submolecular structure of her body underneath her outermost layer of skin. She metamorphoses into various substances with a composition different than her outer flesh, leaving a single layer of dead skin she 'husks' out of. Think corn on the cob, when you peel back the leafy outside to find something completely different on the inside. Generally Paige has no control over what this form will be (it is as much a surprise to herself as others, tending to be something that provides her with the most survival value), but through her experiences at Xavier's she is learning to exercise some conscious control over her transmutations. Of particular interest to her is whether or not she can transform only sections of her body and if her power can be used to completely camouflage her skin.

General Limitations

Although no concentration is required to maintain a transformed state (she can fall unconscious and remain transitioned into another form) awareness seems a big factor in the execution of her power; if Paige is only semi-conscious (for example, drugged), she will be unable to generate an underlayer. Certain transformations will also make her incredibly heavy and impossible to move by anyone without enhanced strength.

When comprised of different elements Paige will display the properties of the forms she recreates, including their weight variations, increased strength, and enhanced durability and resistance to fire and cold, but she is still susceptible to poisons and toxic gases she can inhale, and can die if she doesn't get enough air. (See each Appearance below.) Paige's transformations last only an hour. At this point the new material will 'shed' itself to reveal normal skin. She can become any solid that she has studied and therefore can imitate; however, she can't 'shift' into something that exceeds her own body mass and any form she takes will resemble her own. While she can morph repeatedly, it becomes painful for her to shed her skin more than three times within the span of a day and rapid changing over a period of minutes will lead to physical and mental exhaustion. It is also worth noting that in times of great stress or trauma pieces of the uppermost layer may begin to flake off without any control whatsoever, creating 'patchwork' forms that include a featureless (and flammable) wood.


Paige is able to sustain skin-deep injuries such as superficial cuts while in a transformed state without it transferring to her regular body. She can shed her skin to remove caked on dirt and grime as well as any of her minor injuries (and many a paper cut in her 'normal' form has been picked and casually discarded through this method as well). Unluckily, more serious injuries will remain and require immediate medical attention upon shifting back to regular form. These will most often appear as deep open wounds and be visible while Paige is still in her transformed state, though closed wounds and broken bones are also possible.

As a final and significantly more embarrassing side-effect of using her power, when she pulls off the complete layer of her skin, Paige sheds her clothing as well (they are essentially destroyed by the chemical changes in her body as their stable molecules are unable to shift with her). She has to practice in private and take special precautions not to end up naked as a jay bird in the company of anyone else. Fortunately there is a locker room at the school where she can change while training.

So far she has uncovered three basic 'skins' not including her everyday form.

Skin Feature(s) Image
Glass Transparency
Brick Hardness
Rock Strength, Hardness

Appearance - Glass

(Extra Feature: Transparency.) Paige becomes a dense form of glass which lets her almost completely blend into her surroundings. Only in areas with reduced visibility will she be able to fully conceal herself. Though she has average susceptibility to damage, she doesn't shatter or completely melt like glass if hit by flame and can generally withstand the same amount of force as she would be able to tolerate in her regular form. Though she is somewhat more resistant to the cold and heat she can still be detected by psychics and other people who would be able to sense her presence.

Appearance - Brick

(Extra Feature: Hardness.) In this form Paige has the density of brick. As a downside she will be slightly slower than in her regular form. She can withstand the same amount of force as a brick building wall and can absorb as much damage. In unarmed combat, hitting Paige can result in a fracture or severely bruised knuckles, but repeated or more powerful hits will eventually weaken the layer of skin, causing injury to Paige's body. In this form she can also tolerate fire and cold, though not to extremes.

Appearance - Rock

(Extra Features: Strength, Hardness.) While transformed into rock Paige can absorb as much force as a rock before any signs of damage will appear. As with Paige's brick transformation the hardness of her skin can snap a bone if struck by an unarmed non-super powered individual, but repeated or powered strikes will cause injury to her own body. The major differences between this and the brick form are improved hardness and the fact that it will boost Paige's strength. She literally hits like a rock when she is in this form. She can easily render average men unconscious with a single punch (which could be gauged at somewhere between 750 and 2000 pounds of force), but her movements will also tend to be slowed by the cumbersomeness of her own body. As well, the rock has the same heightened resistance to fire and cold as brick.






  • None.

Watch For

  • Her efforts to make the grade.
  • 4-H Club.
  • Activism.
  • Her driving other students batty to get them to commit to her causes. Beware her petitions.
  • Her inexhaustible supply of confidence.
  • Her painful ignorance when it comes to hair, makeup and everything else that's girly.
  • Her nonexistent teamwork skills.


"If'n ya is gonna make me inta a mutant do it soon, or ah swear ah'm gonna tear right outta muh own skin!"


Note: Paige keeps a journal in her room. Like in the comics she uses it to record her experiences at Xavier's.

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