NPC List
Name Age Affiliation Position
Charles Xavier 55 Xavier's School, Xavier Institute, X-Men Leader (NPC)
Fagin 45 Fagin's Gang Leader (NPC)
Magneto 68 Brotherhood Leader (NPC)
Moira MacTaggert 40 Excalibur, Muir Island Geneticist, Associate Member
Mojo 40 Mojoworld Producer From Hell (NPC)
Radio 23 Independent Snitch
Susannah Brewster 8 Fagin's Gang Diversion
Wilhelmina Basset 30 Xavier's School Phys. Ed.Teacher

Note: If an NPC is listed as Open for Apps, the character is available to be applied for and played by a player. After a successful application, the NPC becomes a full PC. You should discuss this with staff first, because there may be more defined about the character than appears on the wiki page.

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