Noah Elden Knight
Portrayed By
Travis McCoy
Brotherhood, Rykers

A Brotherhood technician helping to subvert captured Sentinels.


  • Birthday: September 12, 1993
  • Position: Brotherhood Tech
  • Fame: None Yet
  • Family: Father, Mother, Brother & Sister + Extended Members
  • Codename: Ark

Excerpt from Noah's background

"…..Like all mutants seeking refuge on Ryker’s Island, Noah was hoping to find a sanctuary away from the war torn streets of the city. If you’d ask him three years before, he’d say it be too good to be true. Now though, he’d found a roof safely over his head, fresh water, plenty of power, and decent food on the table. Above all else, he’d finally found a place worth protecting.

In the beginning, Noah offered his powers to repair broken electronics. When his full capabilities became known to the Brotherhood, it wasn’t long before he was asked if he was interested in working on things more high tech then computers. Without hesitation, Noah offered his services, and soon he started to help reprogram and reengineer captured Sentinels to act against their old masters.

As a Brotherhood technician, Noah is working towards, he believes, the end of the war directed toward his kind. The Sentinels that he helps reprogram may be attacking innocent bystanders, but Noah has grown too cold to care and worry about the ‘innocent’. In his mind, innocence is just a lousy excuse for not taking a side."



Technopathy: Noah's primary power is technopathy, or the ability to analyze and manipulate technology with just his mind. Any mechanical device in about a fifty yard radius can be linked too, but furthermore, he can sense the presence of any machine or piece of automated technology up to a kilometer. To manipulate or sense machines that may be present, Noah does require steady concentration and focus; so he can’t have a real conversation or move much and be linked to several machines at the same time. Any slight interruption, physically or mentally, could potentially break his link or make it impossible to locate anything if it ruins his focus.

The number of devices that he can, at a time, put under his influence in a fifty yard radius is depended upon the complexity of the devices and the intricacy of what he wants to do. At a time, about a half a dozen simple independent systems, like a present day family laptop, can be manipulated without much trouble, if they’re nearby (about ten feet). As the distance increases to his maximum range, only a single laptop could be controlled with effort at fifty yards. Touching the object of interest does make it significantly easier to control then trying the same task fifty yards away. Conversably, its presently near impossible for him to try and control six unconnected laptops fifty yards away in different directions.

More sophisticated technology becomes even harder to control and presently requires touching the object of interest (or suitable medium if connected by proxy). Noah can control (or "hack") the average security and manipulate mid-to-high-end systems (something that one might find in an average home, business, or office) with effort and absolute focus. This could be only done as long as the system in question is connected by proxy to the medium he’s working through. Mental hacking takes time depending upon the system, and he cant do it under stress.

Advanced security systems (government or otherwise), and sophisticated AI’s would be currently too difficult to undermine at his current level of power and skill. What’s more, he could presently only stay linked for about a half an hour at a time before his mind disconnects itself because of exhaustion. A task like turning off (or on) all portable electronic devices in his range could be done quickly, but directing multiple functions of innumerous circuits to hack anything would take considerable effort mentally to succeed.

Noah is not a technokinetic, or he can’t, with his mind, physically animate machines or their parts. While he can take control and manipulate the automatic functions and operations of the machines, he can’t make machines do things they weren’t physically designed to do without any physical tinkering (any manual operation will still have to be done manually if not controlled by a type of circuit board).

Technopathy (Powering Devices): Also, if a device that needs power is not connected to any source, Noah can power it using his own mental energies. For example, Noah can keep a cellphone or Ipod powered all day or jump start a car, but he cant keep a single average computer on for more then half an hour without wearing himself out to the point of uselessness. With better training, he could potentially improve this ability to last longer and use it for more power hungrier machines.

Technopathy (Data Download & Storage): Like how telepaths connect with the minds of humanoids, Noah can reach out with his mind and link with machines; most importantly computers. He can find and download any form of data in a matter of seconds and then upload the data he downloaded into other systems (this part requires more mental finesse without damaging the device he’s uploading to). Because of this, Noah’s brain evolved to store up to an exabyte amount of data, but he lacks the ability to remember any of it willfully.

As a precaution against overloading his mind, eventually all data stored in his brain falls into a state of decay, with the amount of time it takes to become irretrievable dependent upon its size. Small, a gigabyte or less, amounts of data can be kept around for a couple of months before becoming too corrupted to be retrieved. Larger data, up towards around a terabyte, can be stored for up to two weeks, before it falls into an unrecoverable state of decay. Anything around a petabyte in size would last only for three days. At the maximum, for an hour or two, Noah can safely hold up to a single exabyte worth of data. Anything beyond in size could damage his brain irreversibly.

To download data, he doesn't need to touch the machine or computer, but he has to be in four or five feet of the object, or medium if connected by proxy. Touching the machine helps with finding specific data and makes it easier to keep a link with the machine, but isn't necessary to download data. The speed of which data is being downloaded isn't affected much, but if he's trying to download an exotically large amount of data (something like a couple of hundred terabytes or more) five feet away from the object in question then it'll take a minute or two. Instead the few seconds it might have taken if he'd went on ahead and touch the computer or machine.

For a time, Noah can willfully keep important data retrievable past its natural limit. However, potential brain damage is possible if he tries to hold large amounts of data longer then his mind can naturally keep it fresh. Over an hour or two pass the natural limit would cause mental anguish in the form of minor headaches at first, but then move on to severe migraines with in a few hours. After a day, seizures and strokes would occur until death. Noah instinctively knows where the data is stored and he can sort out what to upload and what not too. Also, he only has the ability to upload what he wants back into some other system (if the data can fit), and then look at it from a viewing device like a monitor or PDA.

Technopathy (Tactile Mechanical Intuition): Finally, Noah has a form of tactile mechanical intuition. By closely examining (with his hands) any mechanical or technological device, Noah can instinctively recognize its potential and functional uses. This is not sheer intelligence, but a form of intuition. While he knows what makes up the machine or its properties, how to operate it, recreate it, take it apart, and to upgrade it significantly; Noah cannot explain in words or writing the theoretical principles, the logic, and/or math necessary and normally needed to engineer or reengineer such mechanics. The logic part is worked automatically in his mind, but this intuition only comes by touching the mechanical device.

The knowledge and skills needed stays with him as long as he is actively working on the project that calls for them, but it will all be forgotten once his focus has moved on to something else. So it’s potentially possible for him to create something but then forget how it works not long after he made it (only touching it again would restore anything learned by touching it in the first place). Of course (if he has to repair or upgrade tech physically), he'll need the proper tools and materials required for the job.

Electrical Resistance: To compensate for the needed energy to power his mind, Noah's body siphons minute un-seeable amounts of electricity from anything producing or using a current around him. Noah's body adapted to this, and now it can safely handle and house around fifteen thousand volts of electricity before risking serious damage to both mind and body.

Noah cannot discharge this absorbed energy like an electrokinetic, but instead his body must naturally use it up. This can take from a day to a week, depending on how active he is with his powers. Sleep, however, is the primary drainer and his brain uses most of the energy to keep the data stored in his subconscious.

Telepathic Resistance: A telepath who delves deeper then the surface thoughts will find Noah's memories mixed in with all the pieces of data he's ever downloaded from the internet and other sources. This does'nt protect him from any other form of mental attacks, control, or manipulation, and neither does it harm the scanning telepath. It does make it incredibly difficult for a telepath to read any deep memories. Without having to sort for hours through Noah's mental spam (ie. countless images of random text messages, porn, email and other common forms of spam picked up from the net all mixed together senselessly).


Dexterous Hands: From working with tools and electronics for so long, Noah has grown quite exceptional at the skill of handling small fragile objects with a steady hand. No matter how stressful the project or hurried he might be, Noah can keep his fingers locked from dropping an item while doing any form of manipulation (twisting, pulling, pushing, turning etc.) to it. This skill also makes it easier in picking locks, picking pockets, drawing near perfect circles and straight lines, or anything generally that needs a strong steady hand and/or quick nimble fingers.

Computer Sauve: Even without his powers, Noah is pretty handy by himself normally when it comes to fixing computers. This is not hacking (something Noah cannot do without his powers), but is the knowledge and skill necessary towards building and maintaining a healthy working computer with or without the need of a store bought operating system.

Driving: Before Sentinels overran Manhattan, Noah had a real certified New York State drivers license. Therefore, he has all the skills and knowledge necessary to operate an average vehicle. While he cant drive while firing a gun behind him, hes confident behind the wheel.

City Survival: Because Noah lost his original apartment not long after the Sentinel Project, he has learned the skills necessary to survive temporarily outside normal shelters. He knows how to keep warm, stay dry, and stay fed for a few days without much trouble.

Drug Smart: Because Noah's interests in mental stimulants, he knows which street drugs are safe to take, which ones might be fake, and what and/or how much a particular drug could potentially kill him. He is also always on the look out for the hippest and newest drugs used at parties.

Internet Research: If it’s possible to research for a piece of information on the internet, then Noah is pretty good at finding said info. This skill involves partially the use of his powers to search quickly for all relevant information on a subject via the internet. Anything hidden behind a firewall would have to be hacked, but he can scan all public internet databases (like Wikipedia, Britannica, Google) rather quickly and easily to find relevant information, if any.


Family: Although Noah lives separately from his family now that hes an adult, he still does have family willing to help him if hes in need. Even though he hasnt spoken to them in years, he knows if push comes to shove then he can count on their monetary support if hes ever in deep trouble. While all of his family left New York City before the Sentinel Projects, he knows how to contact them in there present locations if he ever needs some quick cash (up to around $10,000) from his parents or some easy money from his older siblings (up to a $1000).

Friends: Noah has lived all his life in the city, so he has plenty of old local friends to try and mooch off and stay with if hes ever without a home. While he cant get any money from these people, they do offer easily enough to share their place of residence if Noah finds himself without a shelter.

Rykers: Noah lives and works on Rykers Island and is afforded all the privileges a mutant receives once living there. He has his own place and uses it to sleep, eat, and take part in any recreational activities. Not the biggest nor nicest apartment, but suitable for single living.

Contacts (Drugs): To feed his habit, Noah learned to know the right people to get the right type of drugs at the right price. Dealers arent his friends, but he knows where theyre at and what theyre selling.

Recreational Drug Stash: Without a doubt, Noah is always with a small stash of recreational drugs (marijuana, lsd, a little cocaine, and a variety of party pills) that he uses for himself. Not very keen on selling his own supplies, but he could make a couple of hundred selling it to someone if he needs the quick cash.

Tech Lab: As a Brotherhood Sentinel techie, Noah has access to the tech lab and its resources. While anything there belongs to the Brotherhood, this allows him access to tools and materials not normally found elsewhere.



Okay, But Just This Once!: Not a flaw of mutation, but a flaw of character; Noah is very adventurous when it comes to exotic new drugs that can be safely and easily taken. He tries to play it safe most of the time, but if he doesn’t think there are any major side affects or hidden addictions he'll always at least be willing to try it once.

Unregistered Mutant: Noah never registered with the MRA, and he doesn’t ever plan too anytime soon. If he's ever caught by law enforcement, then he'll have to face any charges that being an unregistered mutant might bring as well.

Procrastinator: Noah likes to take his sweet time when committing himself to any chore. While he isn't slow while he’s working, he often puts the difficult tasks off until the very last minute. To some, this might be called laziness, but he'd like to call it "selective working".

Free Spirited: Noah definitely knows how to abandon any responsibility if it means making it to that one party or finding that new thrill. If someone tells him that something is fun, then hell have to see for himself.

Half Baked: Out of all recreational drugs he's taken, Mary'Jo is his favorite. Noah never tries to be without a quarter of an ounce of marijuana. Whenever he can, he always tries to take a quick hit off a joint or bowl of pot. This usually leaves him pretty listless and composed most of the day. Yet, if there is ever a time he can’t get a quick toke then his attitude turns to shit and his patience drops to zero.

Insomnia: Because of either procrastinating tasks during the day, partying all night, or from his own mental instabilities, Noah finds it hard to sleep during the normal hours. His average amount of sleep at one time is usually six hours (4am to 9am), but he has trouble falling asleep if he’s not absolutely exhausted.



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