BPs are also used to help gauge when a character is ready for upgrades. You should have a minimum of 10 BPs before you apply for your first upgrade, and staff ask that you continue to earn at least 10 BPs in between each upgrade, unless there are extenuating circumstances. However, please note that upgrades do not accumulate: if you do not apply for one upgrade at 10 BPs, you might not be eligible for two upgrades at 20 BPs.

However, 10 BPs do not "earn" an upgrade. Upgrades are always reviewed by app staff based upon many factors to ensure that character progression is both logical and consistent with the rest of the grid. No amount of BPs will guarantee an upgrade will be approved. Powers and skills should develop slowly over time.

You are more likely to earn an upgrade if you have RPed or made reference to training or learning about it (and submitted the logs to the wiki). This doesn't mean every scene needs to be a training scene, however. We discourage players from trying to "fast-track" their characters.

Every 12-15 BPs, we recommend reviewing your current levels to gauge whether there is anything you would like to increase. For example, there may be skills that you have learned IC that are not reflected in your +char sheet.

BPs are not 'spent' on upgrades, but continue to accumulate to chart your ongoing progress on the game. If you apply for one at 15, this means you will next be eligible at 25 BP. It is the player's responsibility to keep track.

These are guidelines only. If you need an early upgrade for a good reason, please talk to staff about it.

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