Two Apps

It comes up from time to time that we will receive two applications for the same FC within the same window of time. The policy outlined herein applies ONLY if we receive a second application before the first application has finished the approval process. Once an FC is approved, they are closed for applications.

In this instance, we will follow a series of steps:

1) Both players will be notified that there is another application now in the running for the character. At this point, one player may choose to step down, in which case we will proceed with the remaining app as usual.
2) If both players choose to remain, both applications will be reviewed as normal. Each applicant will be given the opportunity to make one (1) revision upon staff feedback.
3) The two applications will be compared after revision, to see if a judgement can be made on the basis of applications alone. In this instance, we will deny the weaker application and continue working with the stronger applicant as usual.
4) If both applications are deemed equal, staff will continue working with both applicants, completing a series of revisions until the apps are at an 'approvable' level. If one application clearly becomes the stronger during this period, staff may choose to judge merit based on the applications alone.
5) If both applications have reached an acceptable/approvable level without a clear winner, auditions will be arranged with both players. The logs of both auditions will be reviewed by staff, alongside the application, and a final determination will be made at that point.

Brownie Points may come into the decision at any point, with preference going to a player who has proven him or herself. However, Brownie Points will never be the sole deciding factor, and a strong application/audition from a new player will outweigh a weaker one from an established player.

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