The current year is 2016.

2000 - Mutants are first revealed to the public at large by Senator Kelly.

2004 - Kelly gets elected President largely on the support of his anti-mutant platform.

2006 - Voluntary Mutant Registration Act is introduced: it sees limited participation.

2008 - President Kelly is reelected and the MRA is made mandatory.

2009 - Anti-mutant sentiment begins to rise; MRA restrictions continue to grow.

2010 - Much of Rykers inmate population is transfered out, with the empty space used to house mutants; Rykers continues also housing the worst and most violent human criminals. This happens in other jails across the US as well.

2012 - Sentinels are released on Manhattan as a pilot project. They kill or round up many mutants simply for being mutants. Human collateral damage and property damage is significant. Despite these damages, the Republican Party once again takes the White House, and Alan Lewis, one of Kelly's staunchest followers, becomes President. If anything, he proves to be even more extreme than Kelly.

2013 - Sentinels are introduced to other parts of the world, first in other States, and then spreading to other countries who can pay the cost of them.

2014 - In New York, the Brotherhood strikes back after reprogramming several rogue Sentinels to hunt humans only. The terrorist cell uses this to break into Rykers and free everyone, unleashing dangerous criminals on Manhattan.

2015 - Rykers opens its gates to all mutants seeking refuge and demands unsuccessfully to be recognized as its own city. Two of the reprogrammed Sentinels are used to guard the entrance, giving free passage to mutants and killing or containing any human who ventures too near.

Now - War continues to be waged in Manhattan and around the world. Alan Lewis, an anti-mutant Republican, is President, seeking reelection later this year. In the city, Sentinels still roam periodically, rounding up mutants, and there are still some rogue reprogrammed ones that target humans, with no way to tell between them until they announce their targets. Gangs fight out differences of opinions on the streets.

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