Restricted and Banned

As stated in that file already, if you wish to apply for something off of the "Restricted" list, you MUST speak with staff BEFORE writing the application. Sometimes items get added to the list with the idea in mind that these concepts might be allowed at a later date, but not just yet.

We feel very badly having to reject a well-written, well thought-out application for a concept that just isn't going to work at this point in time and we don't like saying 'no' to people. Save yourself some time and aggravation and just double check with staff first regarding your great idea. Please read through the instructions on that page carefully before considering a concept from it.

Any character applied for from the "Banned" list will be automatically denied, unfortunately, so also be sure to check that list. If you're unsure, contact application staff first and we'll help you figure out if it falls under that category or not. We might be able to help you adjust the concept in some way to make it work, but there is no promise being made on that. Again, we'd rather avoid you having to do all that work only to have it denied at the concept level.

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