Response Times

Once an application has been submitted, staff will review it within 96 hours (4 days, maximum) and respond with either an approval or a request for changes or more information. Do not fret: it doesn't always take the full four days — often it's much quicker than that, but it depends on what kind of a backlog of applications we have and RL constraints.

We also ask for your patience while waiting for a response; sitting around on channel 'peering' or 'poking' around at/for app-staff won't get the application viewed any quicker, we're afraid, as there is usually a queue to go through. We promise to get to yours as soon as is humanly possible and you will receive our response via email.

If the application is denied, staff will often state what needs to be fixed for the application to pass muster or otherwise will make suggestions for other characters which may be more suitable at the present time. Remember that it is the interest of staff on XMR to get people onto the game and playing, so corrections and suggestions are offered solely to help players do that.

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