Residences in Manhattan and Rykers are, by and large, limited to the apartment buildings and flophouses provided on game by staff. We cannot accommodate providing a separate building for everyone, and having characters grouped together also provides you with more RP opportunities. When looking for a place to reside in Manhattan or Rykers, please find an existing building first, and then submit a +build request to get a unit there.

For very exceptional cases, we may be able to provide a compromise where the player builds a new apartment building before handing over the public areas for common use. Please submit a +build request for more information.

Salem Center, due to its different nature, will allow for single family homes to be linked directly from the grid. Your character's background must be able to support affording a very, very expensive home, however.

Students at Xavier's School and Xavier Institute are limited to the provided dorm rooms. Teachers may submit a +request if they would like a room and/or office.

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