Idle Desting

Characters who have not been connected for over 30 days will be put into the 'Character Freezer'. This marks a character as unapproved and removes them from play, but keeps the character bit intact. If you connect and find yourself locked into the freezer, you should submit a +request to be let back out again.

After 90 days of inactivity, the character object will be destroyed. A decompile of your character will be sent to the email address that we have on file. Should you wish to return after this point, you will need to restart the application process again. You will lose any Brownie Points you had earned.

Major FCs (as judged by staff) may be reopened for application after 20 days of inactivity. All other FCs will be open for application after the 90 day period has passed.

Integral characters, such as team leaders or characters who are central to a current plot, may be minimally NPCed by staff after 10 days of inactivity. After 20 days of inactivity, they may lose their leadership or plot position.

Players are STRONGLY URGED to contact staff regarding any vacations or leaves of absence. In cases where staff have been given an expected date of return, these idle policies will kick in only after that date (for example, if we are told you will be back in two weeks, you will have two weeks plus thirty days before being put into the freezer). However, characters may still be removed from plots or leadership positions, if their absence is holding up play for other players.

Please note that while we gauge 'inactivity' by login dates, staff still expect players to keep characters active in RP. In the case of high-demand, high-profile or important FCs, a lack of consistent IC activity may lead to loss of the character. The player will be warned by staff and given a chance to rectify the situation, before this occurs.

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