Number of Submissions

Please note that there is a limit on how many times someone may re-apply for an application within a certain timeframe. That limit is: 2

So everyone may submit an application, then revise it up to TWO additional times before we will deny it finally and ask that you do not resubmit it again for at least another two months.

Why is this?

We have experienced that sometimes a concept is considerably 'iffy' for the game, but with some reworking, it might be able to fit. But sometimes our requests for alterations don't mesh with the vision of the player and so they try to rework it in such a way that they don't lose the essence of their creation — but unfortunately, that reworking doesn't necessarily fit with the game either.

When this occurs, we often get a lot of re-submissions for a character which, in concept, just isn't going to work as-is. The staff get frustrated over this and so does the player! In order to cut back on that frustration between us, we have put a cap on re-submissions so that not too much of our and your time is wasted. (Keep in mind that each submission can take up to 4 days each, so after a second re-submission, that's over a week and a half to two weeks of time wasted, potentially, on both sides!)

When a character is denied at this point, after a second re-submission, if it's denied, again we ask that you do not try to reapply for that character for at least two months (unless otherwise specified by staff). Maybe try something else at this point. You can always revisit that concept two months later and see if you can see it from a different angle and see if you can rewrite it to work in the XMR environment.

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