Master List of Newsfiles

news policy Alts

Players on XMR start with an alt limit of four (4) mutants. Humans do not count towards this limit, and a player may have as many humans as they can keep active.

One (1) additional mutant slot is afforded for a character on Muir. Humans are also unlimited on Muir, provided they are kept active.

This means you may have up to five (5) mutant characters: four (4) in Manhattan/Westchester/Rykers and one (1) on Muir. Staff may, at their discretion, limit the number of high-profile FCs controlled by any one player.

Players who are at their mutant limit, who are keeping all of their current characters active, and who have a high number of BPs on all existing characters, may submit a +request to have an additional mutant slot.

news policy Alt Secrecy

While some people work harder than others to keep their alts secret, this does not give ANY player the right to reveal the alts of another player or staffer without express permission. Whether you know someone's alts because they told you, because you figured it out, or put it together through wiki-stalking, consider that information private.

Furthermore, it is against policy to page or poke one alt to get at another (i.e. paging someone's connected alt because you want to RP with an alt they haven't logged on), unless they have expressly invited you to do so, or have a note in their +finger to this end. It is especially rude to do this when you have figured out the alts on your own. Assume if a player has logged on one alt over another, it is because they feel like playing that alt right now. Try @mailing the alt you wish to play with, or offer to RP with the alt they have connected.

This especially applies to staff alts. If a staffer is connected as a player and dark as staff, you are NOT invited to poke at either the character or the dark staff-bit for staff-related matters. If a staffer is connected as staff and not as their characters, do not poke them to bring on their characters.

While these policies may seem extreme, it's really just a matter of etiquette, respecting personal privacy, and understanding that players and staff log on certain bits for different reasons. If you don't care who knows your alts and are happy to be paged anywhere at any time for anything, simply put a note to this end in your +finger. Otherwise, assume that all alts are private and respect that.

news applications Application Form

OOC & IC Sections

OOC Section : This is information about you, the player. Please be rest assured that this information is solely for staff's use and will not be given out without your consent. Click on the boxes and enter the requested information by typing inside the box in question. If you already have a character(s) here on XMR, please feel free to include this information in the 'experience' portion of this section.

IC Section : This is where you enter the information on the character for which you are applying. Character name should be a SINGLE word/name; if it is longer, you can enter that in the full name section. Apparent and actual age should only differ if you are playing an unusually long-lived character (example : Wolverine appears to be in his mid-thirties in the comics, but in many comic book continuities, is actually in his fifties or sixties).

Codename may be left blank if your character does not have one. (Example: Jean Grey has been known as both Marvel Girl and Phoenix. Depending on how she is being applied for, either name might be relevant.) Please include a full description as this is set on your character by staff upon approval — if it is point-form, it could cause your application to be denied.

Background Section

The number one question asked about applications seems to be: How long does my background have to be?

We don't like putting a word-count number out there because some people are quite adept at making short and sweet character histories that fully cover the scope of the character, their experiences and great plot hooks, while others need to be much more verbose to achieve this.

However, with that said, if a background is a single, small paragraph, it will likely be deemed insufficient and could be enough for an application denial.

Three or four good-sized paragraphs should be fine (or a page or so in Word), so long as it gives the staff a good idea of what type of person your character is, what kinds of trials and tribulations they have faced in the past (is she a human who was nearly killed by a mutant in her teen years and she's held that grudge all these years, making her a good candidate for FoH?), and so on.

Consider the following questions when writing your bg:

  • What type of family does your character come from? Wealthy? Poor? Middle classed? Loving? Dysfunctional? Etc.
  • Were there any kinds of traumatic or personality-influencing events in his or her life? (Did he fall down a well when he was a child and is now claustrophobic? Did a mutant save him? Did humans save him? Was he a mutant growing up with the support of his family or without any support system? Was he a human and a good kid who turned out to be rather naive and sees no issue with mutants? Did he fall into a bad crowd?)
  • Why is your character in Manhattan or the other areas represented on the game? (Was she born there? Did she and her family move there at some point? Is she a mutant who hopes to live in Rykers with the other mutants? Is she a human who wants to help 'clean up' the city? etc etc etc)
  • What is your character doing now? (Is he a student? Trying to make a living? Opening a business? Just looking for a job? Looking to get into the more criminal side of things? etc etc)
  • What are your character's goals? (Long term, short term, personal, career, etc.)
  • Give us some kind of plot-hook for your character. (Does she have a brother/friend/lover/other relative who has gone missing and she's looking for them? Does she have a criminal record and might be recognized by the police if they're paying attention? Is she a Missing Child on a box of milk somewhere? Is she here to buy out part of her father's company to rival him and eventually take over or at least thwart him at every turn? Is she an anti-mutant campaigner who might get into one of the anti-mutant gangs or groups?)

The above questions are the MINIMUM pieces of information required for the game. Be aware, though, that we may ask for additional information if there are holes in the background that we can't seem to figure out from the information given.

For longer backgrounds, please feel free to use point form if you'd prefer, but we need to be able to make sense of it, so keep it readable, please.

Powers Section

This section is solely reserved for mutant characters; if you are applying for a human, just type in 'none' or 'This is a human character' to fill in the space. If you are applying for a mutant, read on. Any aspect of your character's mutation needs to be mentioned and fully explained in this space. Keep in mind explanation, duration, potency, range, variations and 'tricks', limitations, restrictions, flaws, special circumstances, weaknesses, etc. while writing up this section.

Each 'trick' should get its own paragraph explaining the nature of it and its parameters. (Example : Wolverine in the comic has a healing factor, which would be one 'trick', as well as heightened senses which is another 'trick', the adamantium skeleton, the claws, etc. Each of these should be fully explained with the above parameters covered.) If you need help with this, please see the object in the Guest Starting Room regarding powers for more information on what sort of information we look for.

Flaws Section

Nobody's perfect and that includes mutants and humans alike. For balance, everyone should have a few flaws to be a well-rounded character. These can be character traits such as a short temper or a deadly allergy to some other substance (examples : chocolate, peanuts, dust, penicillin, kryptonite, etc.). For mutants, there can be power-related flaws as well (examples : passing out every time they use thier power, absorbing other people's personalities permanently, being physically fail and use of powers could potentially kill them, etc.).

Be creative, but also don't be perfect; no one is perfect and it's the imperfections which make RP fun. (Please remember that saying your character is vulnerable to fire isn't actually acceptable as a flaw, since everyone is vulnerable to fire, unless there is something that makes your character particularly vulnerable, i.e. Beast and Nightcrawler might be ~particularly~ flammable and able to catch fire quicker than others, making it harder to actually extinguish them. Note that things such as police records also fall under flaws.)

Skills, Resources & Miscellaneous Sections

Skills: This is the spot where you can tell us about all the skills, abilities and resources out of the ordinary that your character may have at their finger-tips. Is your character a master chef? Crack driver who used to do stunts in movies? Ambidextrous? A lefty? Particularly wealthy or poor? Have a driver's license? Pilot's license? Able to pick locks?

Resources: This one is more about money, property and other resources of particular note and value. Generally, unless an item is worth more than $750 or so, we likely don't need to know about it UNLESS it is a specialty item (i.e. if your character owns a set of lock-picking tools, that should likely be mentioned, but if they have a basic Dell laptop, meh, we don't need to know).

Put it all down here, but remember to fully explain why these are particularly significant and outside of the norm (we don't need to know he makes a mean Kraft Dinner but if he is really good at making Thai food, that might be noteworthy).

Miscellaneous : Got more to tell us about the character but it doesn't quite fit anywhere else? Have any aspirations on where you'd like your character to end up down the road? Anything else out of the ordinary? It all goes here. Please note that this will NOT end up on the +char sheet on-game but we will still read over this material and make note of it.

news applications Banned Characters

These character concepts are not available for application. Any application for a banned concept will be subject to immediate denial. (See restricted-and-banned for information about restricted and banned characters.)

  • Aliens
  • Gods, Goddesses
  • OC relatives of an FC
  • Characters or direct translations from other media (eg. characters or 'expy' from TV shows, movies, books, etc.).
  • Characters from other comics, such as Image or DC.
  • FC relatives that impose unwanted restrictions upon the history of major or played FCs
  • time-travellers
  • non-humanoids
  • Characters that are too similar to an existing FC

news policy Brownie Points

Brownie Points are a way for us to keep track of which players are contributing constructively to the game. Players can nominate each other for BPs: each nomination is worth 1/4 BP. This can be for RP, OOC assistance, or a good job done on anything.

Additionally, staff will award BPs for positive participation in the game. This may be done for things such as news bbposts, running or participating in events, helping other players, posting a substantial quantity of logs, introducing a new player to us, or any contribution that has a good impact on XMR. Staff may also occasionally remove BPs for any OOC infractions.

BPs are then used to gauge when a player is ready for certain perks. Major and powerful FCs, such as Logan and Creed, are only available to players who have established themselves on the game, and who have a high number of BPs. Please note that BPs do not mean you will get said character, but only give you the right to apply for them: the application is still subject to the same stringent standards.

On a more ongoing basis, BPs are a good way to gauge when a character is ready for upgrades. See 'news applications upgrades' for more information.

Please note: While the idea of BPs was motivated by the stats-based model of XP = upgrade, BPs are NOT stats and have no influence over IC play. Someone with high BP is no more likely to beat another PC or NPC as someone with 0 BP. XMR is consent-based and does not rely on any statistics to determine IC outcomes.

news grid Building

In order to get a room, apartment, or space of your own, please submit a +build request ('+build <subject>=<message>') to staff. Make sure to indicate the place name, neighbourhood, and the number of rooms you would like (to a maximum of three per person who will be residing there). Staff will @dig the rooms for you and link the new place to the grid. The exit will be dark and locked so that only you can enter.

Once you have gone in and set up your @desc, submit another +build request and staff will quickly review your description to make sure that it is appropriate, and then will open the room up for IC play. The exit will be visible and open to all. Please do NOT RP in a new place before it has been approved.

news policy Character Death

In a world as dark as XMR, character death is bound to happen from time to time. However, we do have several rules surrounding it to make sure that things go smoothly from an OOC point of view.

XMR uses an ICA=ICC policy (see 'news rp icc' for more information). To help ensure that players know what they may be getting into, we have put in place a '+warn' command, which allows players or staff to '+warn' someone that they are heading down an IC path that may lead to undesired consequences, even including death in rare cases.

By agreeing to continue after being +warned, this does NOT mean you are consenting to IC death, nor does +warning someone give you permission to kill their character. Instead, accepting a +warn and continuing means you are recognizing that, depending on the way things develop IC, your actions MAY lead to a place where character death remains the only viable option, and that staff MAY, once all other options have been exhausted, invoke the ICA=ICC rule and rule that your character's actions have lead to a place in the story where there is no option but to kill them off.

The following applies to ALL character death, whether with OOC consent or under the ICA=ICC rule.

As SOON as it looks as though character death is even a remote possibility, staff should be advised with a +plot request. If death is imminent in this current scene, please pause the scene and wait for a plot staffer who will join you to mediate the scene. All PC deaths MUST be observed by staff so that we can help to minimize any OOC hard feelings or potential problems that might arise after the fact.

We also invite players to contact +plot if they would like to volunteer their characters as canon fodder in a current or upcoming plot. Characters who have been volunteered to die to further the plot will be able to transfer 3/4 of their Brownie Points to a new or existing character (for example, if you volunteer to kill off a character with 100 BP, you can begin a new character with 75 BP right off the bat, or that 75 BP can be added to another alt).

The matter of IC death is one place where there are some differences between OCs and FCs. In our view, OCs are your creation and your property: if a player desires to kill off an OC, staff will not deny them this, except in extenuating circumstances where it may cause too great a problem, or invoke undeserved consequences onto other players. FCs, however, belong to Marvel (or Disney), and belong to this world, to the game. FC death must be agreed to by staff, who will gauge the viability and long-term consequences of removing that character permanently from play. FC death should NEVER be used because you are 'tired' of that character.

Player-Run NPCs can be killed off without staff involvement, provided you are willing to accept the ICC of that action. This applies to short-term one-off NPCs (such as running a mugger for an action scene). For long-term NPCs, such as those on the wiki, please use +plot to discuss the death with staff first. Players should NEVER kill the NPC of another player or staffer.

news applications Character Generation

All players connect initially as a Guest character on XMR. Guests are invited to read over the news files, chat with players and staff, and have a look around. Once you're ready to apply for a character, you will need to know that there is no 'character generation' by any traditional sense of the phrase.

Character generation is done via the application. Whatever is on the application at the time of approval goes right onto your shiny and new character on the game. When you then logon to that character, you are just about ready for game-play. You will have to go through a single room which will guide you through setting +finger and team information. Beyond that, you can just hop into roleplay the moment you are out of that room.

You will need no staff approval beyond the web application approval, save for any upgrades and updates later on after some time and roleplay.

So make your application count. Dot your i's and cross your t's. Make sure you cover all the details you want to cover. Once on-game, you will not be able to add anything to your +char sheet until you have roleplayed enough to have earned enough Brownie Points for an upgrade/update to your character, so think things through before hitting submit. You never know if you'll be approved in the first try!

news rp Consent

XMR uses no stat system, depending instead on a consent-based system. This means that any actions taken against another character must have the full and clear consent of that character's player BEFORE any such action is taken. The most common and easiest way of doing so is by leaving your poses open-ended, posing only what your character attempts to do, not whether they were successful and to what degree. You may include in your pose information as to how likely they should be, but you must still not impose any consequences upon the other player. You may also, if you prefer, page the other player and discuss the possible outcome OOCly with them, BEFORE you pose anything.

However, there are limitations to the consent system. Many actions have consequences, and attempting to always get away without any is considered excessive 'twinking' and will be dealt with accordingly. If another character is faster than yours, then nine times out of ten, you should allow yourself to be caught. If your character is seen doing something strange by a reporter, they should expect to be reported. If there is something you strongly do not want to happen with your character, you should discuss the issue thoroughly before or during a scene. A weak fighter going up against Wolverine will likely be injured; if you cannot accept this, then you are advised not to ICly provoke Wolverine. If a player is RPing and finding that the other player is not accepting proper consequences, they are to pause and contact staff. Do NOT simply stop following the laws of consent, or you may also get in trouble!

Please be aware that staff may overrule the law of consent and impose consequences upon characters who have brought them about through their own actions. These may be in the name of another PC or for the sake of plot, fairness, or any other reason staff sees fit (see also 'news rp icc' and 'news policy character death'). If you cannot abide this, do not play here.

news applications Content Presubmission

This is recommended for anyone who is new to the game, someone who is unfamiliar with the theme, or anyone who simply wants to run a concept by the staff before writing up a big application. Simply gro.obbed|ffatsrmx#su liame and staff will get back to you within a couple of days (maximum: 4) about whether or not to proceed with the idea.

If staff give you the go-ahead for an application, please be aware that this DOES NOT indicate that your character will be approved!

What this means is that they've agreed that the concept could work on the game, but it ultimately depends on how it is written up and what details are included in the application. Staff reserve the right to deny the character if they realize, after it's written up, that it's not going to work that way — as they may not realize what direction you're planning on taking the concept.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone looking to apply for characters of a higher level (e.g. Wolverine, Sabretooth, OCs of that calibre, etc.) or characters on the Restricted list should already have an active character on the game and should have earned enough Brownie Points to do so.

news policy Disclaimer

The world of the X-Men is the property of Marvel and is used without permission in a not-for-profit manner only. No one involved in the creation or running of this game or website is in any way associated with Disney, Marvel, Stan Lee, 20th Century Fox, The WB, or any other company holding an interest in X-Men.

news rp Emergency Response

Staff have created some NPCs for the various emergency response teams, such as police, ambulance, and fire. Wherever possible, we prefer that you contact us via +plot to request a staff-run NPC for a scene.

For matters such as questioning, detainment, arrest, or reporting a crime, we ask that you use +plot to request a staff-run NPC. However, we recognize instances may come up where a player-run NPC emergency response member may be necessary. In that instance, we ask that you bear the following in mind:

Player-run emergency response NPCs should be nameless, interchangeable NPCs being used for scene fodder only. See 'news rp npcs' for more information. Their role should be limited to dialogue, scaring away NPC criminals, or unsuccessfully chasing a PC.

Emergency response is very light on the ground in NYC. Many defected during the worst of the fighting, and those that are left have mostly been concentrated on keeping Midtown and Central Park from becoming overrun by the surrounding slums. It is very hard to get away with anything in Midtown or Central Park. However, in other areas, there are very few emergency services.

Some areas like the Upper East Side, Chinatown and Little Italy have taken to policing themselves. In Chinatown and Little Italy, organized crime has free reign, but maintains a level of civility and status quo provided people are not trying to cross them. In the most affluent areas of the Upper East and Upper West Sides, private security has been hired in mass. These security officers will do whatever it takes in order to keep their bosses safe. If you are caught trying to do something illegal in any of these parts of Manhattan, you may disappear: and few police officers will have the inclination to ask too many questions.

news theme Events

On XMR, we encourage players to run events: in fact, doing so may earn you some extra Brownie Points once the log is submitted to the wiki. Any player is welcome to run a scene or plot at any time. These "Player-Run Plots" or PRPs should be contained stories that don't have a direct impact on anyone outside of those who are directly involved. For example, something like a class, party, or even petty crime.

In order to make your PRP official, you simply need to submit a new +event. See '+event/help' for instructions. The event will then be quickly reviewed by staff to make sure that it falls within these guidelines. Once it is approved, it will show up on the +events listing for everyone. You can indicate within the +event notes if the attendance is limited (for instance, if you only want to take three people; or if the event is open only to those on a certain team).

If your idea is bigger than a PRP, you're welcome to submit a TP request. Just shoot us a +plot request (see '+help plot') with the important details, and someone will get back to you to follow up.

news rp Factions

There are two different sorts of organizations on XMR, groups and factions. Groups are smaller or less formal gatherings of characters. They may be short-term or long-term, but are not as concrete as official factions. Players are welcome to start groups without staff permission. A wiki page may be created on the wiki, and it will be linked to the character pages (it should NOT be added to the teams listing). They may, however, create a wiki tag to use on logs and character pages. Players may request to have a group channel on the game.

Factions are long-term, large, official teams of characters, such as the Brotherhood and X-Men. They have full team support, which includes: a wiki page listed under the 'teams' menu, listing on +roster, malias, and a channel. Factions are generally created by staff. Player-made factions will be chosen from amongst successful groups that reach a large enough size and scope to warrant it.

Players may always belong to multiple factions and groups, provided these groups are not diametrically opposed (for example, one character cannot both be a Brotherhood member and a member of Xavier's School at the same time). However, the general rule is that a player may not have more than one alt per faction (for example, a player cannot have two active Morlocks characters at the same time).

Staff approval is needed to join or change factions, but group membership is left to the discretion of the players.

news theme FCs

Because XMR is a Year One game (see 'news theme year one'), FCs do not need to come with a particular background from canon. Players may choose how much, if any, of a canonical background they wish to use. They may choose to use almost all of the original comic backstory, modifying it to fit with our current theme; they may choose to cobble together a coherent story borrowing elements from the comics, movies, and cartoons, again modifying these to fit with XMR's theme and timeline; or they may choose to completely rewrite the background from scratch, using no elements from any canon source.

It is important to note that, because the XMR universe has gone off on a drastically different angle than that of the comics, movies or cartoons, all backgrounds will need to be reworked to fit with OUR story. Things will not be approved simply because "that's how it was in the comics."

This also has implications in the instance of linked FCs. Our general rule is that the first FC to apply is the one who sets the pace. For example, if Scott applies before Alex, Scott's player is the one who will decide how much of the original story to use. However, when applying for Scott, the player should only include Alex as much as is necessary to tell Scott's story, leaving as much 'wiggle-room' for a future Alex applicant as possible. For instance, it wouldn't be necessary in this example for the Scott application to include details on what happened to Alex after the siblings were separated. A future Alex applicant would then be free to determine that himself.

At staff discretion, some minor rewriting may be allowed if it will not impact RP that has happened already. In our example, if an Alex applicant showed up and wanted to make his character a few years older than Scott's application indicates, we would allow Scott to tweak that just enough to make Alex's new age fit. This things will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Please submit a +request to discuss it with staff.

news applications Formatting

We cannot stress this enough: All information typed into an application should be in short-paragraph format. More than 6-8 lines in a paragraph should be broken up with TWO "enters" after each paragraph.

Before anyone gets upset over us being picky, please understand that the application staff often stare at application after application. Most are relatively long. And this text is read on a monitor, which is already harsh on the eyes. Some of us even wear glasses now and the glare from the screen after a while can be painful.

So we just ask that you be kind to the application staff and break up large blocks of text with TWO 'enters' after each paragraph, please and thanks! (Our eyes will thank you!) Please note that if applications are sent in huge blocks of text, we may be forced to deny the application to request it be reformatted.

There is another reason why we ask large blocks of text to be broken up: the information on an approved application is directly copied and pasted into your +char sheet on-game. If the blocks are too long, it will break the buffer on the attributes. If this happens, we have to spend more time manually editing and fixing this, which will delay how long it takes for your character to be playable. Please help us to help you get your character set up more quickly and keep the text blocks split up.

NOTE: If we deny the application based on formatting, this DOES use up one of your resubmissions if it is a resubmission, so if we mention formatting upon the first denial, before resubmitting, please remember to go through and put some spacing between your larger paragraphs!

news applications General Application Information

To apply for a character on XMR, go to the 'apply' section of the website and you will find a form which must be filled out for both humans and mutants alike. This is broken into several sections: OOC Section, IC Section, Background, Powers, Flaws, Specs and Misc.

Web applications should be written out in full as this will be directly transferred over by you into the +char sheet here on-game once approved.

Staff do not need to be notified on-game that you have submitted or re-submitted an application, because we get automatically notified when there is a new application in the queue.

We ask that you do check to make sure a character is open for application before submitting (see the +fcs list for a list of already approved canon-based characters and/or check our wiki character page), as otherwise it can get frustrating for players and staff alike.

HOTMAIL & YAHOO EMAIL USERS: Please note that we have had some difficulties in the past with our application responses being eaten by Hotmail and Yahoo. After a couple of days, please check your Spam and Bulkmail email boxes if you make use of either of these email services or if your spam filters are set high on any other email services. If you do not hear anything from us after 96 hours, please contact us asap and we'll see if we can send the response again.

news grid Grid Changing Events

The world of XMR is a fluid one, and characters are welcome to alter it as time goes by. Some characters may choose to clean up or repair and area, while others may choose to be destructive.

If you participate in a scene that will have a lasting change on the grid, please post the log and then submit a +build request ('+build <subject>=<message>') to let us know. Staff will then review the log and make the appropriate changes to the grid.

Please do not abuse this privilege or it may be revoked. If your scene is going to have a major impact on future RP at this site (for example, demolishing a building), you should get staff clearance BEFORE going ahead. Do not ruin the fun for others.

Please also be aware that ICA=ICC ('news rp icc'). Characters who are destructive and damaging may find other characters seeking retribution or police hunting them down, while those who make positive improvements may be rewarded ICly and enjoy a bettered IC reputation.

news rp ICC

As outlined in 'news rp consent', XMR is a consent-based game. This means that we do not rely on stats or the roll of a dice to tell us what happens. Generally, it is up to the discretion of the player to decide what will befall his or her character.

HOWEVER, this comes with one important caveat: ICA = ICC. This means 'In Character Actions = In Character Consequences'. This means that actions taken in character may lead to direct or indirect consequences whether or not you consent to them.

For example, attempting to steal a police officer's gun in the middle of Central Park on a Saturday afternoon is probably going to get you arrested. Even if you do not consent to being caught, staff may step in and deem the situation inescapable. However, death, imprisonment or any consequence that renders your character unplayable will only be done when no other options remain. It is wise to listen if staff or players warn you that you may be heading down this road.

To this end, we have installed a +warn command, which allows players or staff to '+warn' someone that they are ICly acting in a way that may bring about consequences, even up to the point of character death (see 'news policy character death'). We strongly recommend players make use of +warn if they feel another player may be unaware of potential consequences. +warn creates a record that is kept by staff, so should any unpleasantness arise later, we have evidence that you did give the other player fair warning.

When ICC are given out by staff, it is important to note that this is not done to punish a player OOCly, but to maintain a certain balance and cohesion to our IC world. Generally, staff will make every attempt to come up with ICC that provide your character with further roleplay, even if it may limit you in other ways.

We also encourage players to give consideration to enforcing ICC upon their own characters. If your student character regularly breaks the rules at Xavier's, it makes sense that they would get caught at least some of the time, whether or not they are ever caught 'on camera'. You may want to RP your character occasionally being grounded or having to do chores.

There is also the matter of indirect consequences, over which staff generally have little control. If your character is a dick to people, people won't like him. If your character spreads rumours about someone else, that character might get mad or refuse to associate with your character. If you screw up in a fight and put your teammates at risk, they might snub you or 'bench' you for the next fight. Again, these are not OOC punishments against you, the player, but IC consequences for your character.

news rp Joining

XMR has an 'ask first' policy for joining an ongoing scene. It is rude to wander into a scene in progress and jump right in. It is even more rude (and a little creepy) to wander into a scene in progress and then sit there silently, without posing or saying anything OOCly.

Instead, we recommend that you page players before ever entering the room. If you are wandering the grid and accidentally come upon a scene in progress, it is fine to OOCly say hello and ask if they would mind your joining.

Please respect if the players opt to have a closed scene. We encourage our players to be as inclusive as possible, but it's important to recognize that there are many reasons they may not want to have other people into their scene. It may be an ICly sensitive conversation, or they may be trying to accomplish something specific. Please do not harass them or go to their location anyway.

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