Major FCs

The determination as to what constitutes a 'Major' FC will happen at staff discretion. This may be because they are powerful, well-known, in high demand, or hold a position of particular authority.

Major FCs are not made available to new players. Instead we ask that you create an alt first and spend some time familiarizing yourself with our theme and playerbase.

Once an established player feels ready for a major FC, the first step is to submit a +request. Staff will review your history on the game, as indicated by the number of Brownie Points you have, and decide whether we feel you are ready to take on this new challenge.

Once you are given the all-clear by staff, you will undergo the usual application process. In addition to the application, however, you will also be subject to an audition.

Major FCs are considered a special privilege, and as such, they are subject to more stringent rules. Staff may revoke an FC for any abuse of this right. You are considered an ambassador for this game, and so even your OOC behaviour may come into question.

Major FCs may also be subject to a shorter idling-out time, depending on demand and other factors. Please see 'news policy idle desting' for more information.

Major FCs will also have an OOC Caveat attached to their +char sheets, indicating that the player understands these additional responsibilities. Staff will provide the OOC Caveat at the time of application.

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