XMR has an 'ask first' policy for joining an ongoing scene. It is rude to wander into a scene in progress and jump right in. It is even more rude (and a little creepy) to wander into a scene in progress and then sit there silently, without posing or saying anything OOCly.

Instead, we recommend that you page players before ever entering the room. If you are wandering the grid and accidentally come upon a scene in progress, it is fine to OOCly say hello and ask if they would mind your joining.

Please respect if the players opt to have a closed scene. We encourage our players to be as inclusive as possible, but it's important to recognize that there are many reasons they may not want to have other people into their scene. It may be an ICly sensitive conversation, or they may be trying to accomplish something specific. Please do not harass them or go to their location anyway.

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