As outlined in 'news rp consent', XMR is a consent-based game. This means that we do not rely on stats or the roll of a dice to tell us what happens. Generally, it is up to the discretion of the player to decide what will befall his or her character.

HOWEVER, this comes with one important caveat: ICA = ICC. This means 'In Character Actions = In Character Consequences'. This means that actions taken in character may lead to direct or indirect consequences whether or not you consent to them.

For example, attempting to steal a police officer's gun in the middle of Central Park on a Saturday afternoon is probably going to get you arrested. Even if you do not consent to being caught, staff may step in and deem the situation inescapable. However, death, imprisonment or any consequence that renders your character unplayable will only be done when no other options remain. It is wise to listen if staff or players warn you that you may be heading down this road.

To this end, we have installed a +warn command, which allows players or staff to '+warn' someone that they are ICly acting in a way that may bring about consequences, even up to the point of character death (see 'news policy character death'). We strongly recommend players make use of +warn if they feel another player may be unaware of potential consequences. +warn creates a record that is kept by staff, so should any unpleasantness arise later, we have evidence that you did give the other player fair warning.

When ICC are given out by staff, it is important to note that this is not done to punish a player OOCly, but to maintain a certain balance and cohesion to our IC world. Generally, staff will make every attempt to come up with ICC that provide your character with further roleplay, even if it may limit you in other ways.

We also encourage players to give consideration to enforcing ICC upon their own characters. If your student character regularly breaks the rules at Xavier's, it makes sense that they would get caught at least some of the time, whether or not they are ever caught 'on camera'. You may want to RP your character occasionally being grounded or having to do chores.

There is also the matter of indirect consequences, over which staff generally have little control. If your character is a dick to people, people won't like him. If your character spreads rumours about someone else, that character might get mad or refuse to associate with your character. If you screw up in a fight and put your teammates at risk, they might snub you or 'bench' you for the next fight. Again, these are not OOC punishments against you, the player, but IC consequences for your character.

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