Grid Changing Events

The world of XMR is a fluid one, and characters are welcome to alter it as time goes by. Some characters may choose to clean up or repair and area, while others may choose to be destructive.

If you participate in a scene that will have a lasting change on the grid, please post the log and then submit a +build request ('+build <subject>=<message>') to let us know. Staff will then review the log and make the appropriate changes to the grid.

Please do not abuse this privilege or it may be revoked. If your scene is going to have a major impact on future RP at this site (for example, demolishing a building), you should get staff clearance BEFORE going ahead. Do not ruin the fun for others.

Please also be aware that ICA=ICC ('news rp icc'). Characters who are destructive and damaging may find other characters seeking retribution or police hunting them down, while those who make positive improvements may be rewarded ICly and enjoy a bettered IC reputation.

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