General Application Information

To apply for a character on XMR, go to the 'apply' section of the website and you will find a form which must be filled out for both humans and mutants alike. This is broken into several sections: OOC Section, IC Section, Background, Powers, Flaws, Specs and Misc.

Web applications should be written out in full as this will be directly transferred over by you into the +char sheet here on-game once approved.

Staff do not need to be notified on-game that you have submitted or re-submitted an application, because we get automatically notified when there is a new application in the queue.

We ask that you do check to make sure a character is open for application before submitting (see the +fcs list for a list of already approved canon-based characters and/or check our wiki character page), as otherwise it can get frustrating for players and staff alike.

HOTMAIL & YAHOO EMAIL USERS: Please note that we have had some difficulties in the past with our application responses being eaten by Hotmail and Yahoo. After a couple of days, please check your Spam and Bulkmail email boxes if you make use of either of these email services or if your spam filters are set high on any other email services. If you do not hear anything from us after 96 hours, please contact us asap and we'll see if we can send the response again.

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