We cannot stress this enough: All information typed into an application should be in short-paragraph format. More than 6-8 lines in a paragraph should be broken up with TWO "enters" after each paragraph.

Before anyone gets upset over us being picky, please understand that the application staff often stare at application after application. Most are relatively long. And this text is read on a monitor, which is already harsh on the eyes. Some of us even wear glasses now and the glare from the screen after a while can be painful.

So we just ask that you be kind to the application staff and break up large blocks of text with TWO 'enters' after each paragraph, please and thanks! (Our eyes will thank you!) Please note that if applications are sent in huge blocks of text, we may be forced to deny the application to request it be reformatted.

There is another reason why we ask large blocks of text to be broken up: the information on an approved application is directly copied and pasted into your +char sheet on-game. If the blocks are too long, it will break the buffer on the attributes. If this happens, we have to spend more time manually editing and fixing this, which will delay how long it takes for your character to be playable. Please help us to help you get your character set up more quickly and keep the text blocks split up.

NOTE: If we deny the application based on formatting, this DOES use up one of your resubmissions if it is a resubmission, so if we mention formatting upon the first denial, before resubmitting, please remember to go through and put some spacing between your larger paragraphs!

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