Because XMR is a Year One game (see 'news theme year one'), FCs do not need to come with a particular background from canon. Players may choose how much, if any, of a canonical background they wish to use. They may choose to use almost all of the original comic backstory, modifying it to fit with our current theme; they may choose to cobble together a coherent story borrowing elements from the comics, movies, and cartoons, again modifying these to fit with XMR's theme and timeline; or they may choose to completely rewrite the background from scratch, using no elements from any canon source.

It is important to note that, because the XMR universe has gone off on a drastically different angle than that of the comics, movies or cartoons, all backgrounds will need to be reworked to fit with OUR story. Things will not be approved simply because "that's how it was in the comics."

This also has implications in the instance of linked FCs. Our general rule is that the first FC to apply is the one who sets the pace. For example, if Scott applies before Alex, Scott's player is the one who will decide how much of the original story to use. However, when applying for Scott, the player should only include Alex as much as is necessary to tell Scott's story, leaving as much 'wiggle-room' for a future Alex applicant as possible. For instance, it wouldn't be necessary in this example for the Scott application to include details on what happened to Alex after the siblings were separated. A future Alex applicant would then be free to determine that himself.

At staff discretion, some minor rewriting may be allowed if it will not impact RP that has happened already. In our example, if an Alex applicant showed up and wanted to make his character a few years older than Scott's application indicates, we would allow Scott to tweak that just enough to make Alex's new age fit. This things will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Please submit a +request to discuss it with staff.

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