On XMR, we encourage players to run events: in fact, doing so may earn you some extra Brownie Points once the log is submitted to the wiki. Any player is welcome to run a scene or plot at any time. These "Player-Run Plots" or PRPs should be contained stories that don't have a direct impact on anyone outside of those who are directly involved. For example, something like a class, party, or even petty crime.

In order to make your PRP official, you simply need to submit a new +event. See '+event/help' for instructions. The event will then be quickly reviewed by staff to make sure that it falls within these guidelines. Once it is approved, it will show up on the +events listing for everyone. You can indicate within the +event notes if the attendance is limited (for instance, if you only want to take three people; or if the event is open only to those on a certain team).

If your idea is bigger than a PRP, you're welcome to submit a TP request. Just shoot us a +plot request (see '+help plot') with the important details, and someone will get back to you to follow up.

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