Emergency Response

Staff have created some NPCs for the various emergency response teams, such as police, ambulance, and fire. Wherever possible, we prefer that you contact us via +plot to request a staff-run NPC for a scene.

For matters such as questioning, detainment, arrest, or reporting a crime, we ask that you use +plot to request a staff-run NPC. However, we recognize instances may come up where a player-run NPC emergency response member may be necessary. In that instance, we ask that you bear the following in mind:

Player-run emergency response NPCs should be nameless, interchangeable NPCs being used for scene fodder only. See 'news rp npcs' for more information. Their role should be limited to dialogue, scaring away NPC criminals, or unsuccessfully chasing a PC.

Emergency response is very light on the ground in NYC. Many defected during the worst of the fighting, and those that are left have mostly been concentrated on keeping Midtown and Central Park from becoming overrun by the surrounding slums. It is very hard to get away with anything in Midtown or Central Park. However, in other areas, there are very few emergency services.

Some areas like the Upper East Side, Chinatown and Little Italy have taken to policing themselves. In Chinatown and Little Italy, organized crime has free reign, but maintains a level of civility and status quo provided people are not trying to cross them. In the most affluent areas of the Upper East and Upper West Sides, private security has been hired in mass. These security officers will do whatever it takes in order to keep their bosses safe. If you are caught trying to do something illegal in any of these parts of Manhattan, you may disappear: and few police officers will have the inclination to ask too many questions.

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