Content Presubmission

This is recommended for anyone who is new to the game, someone who is unfamiliar with the theme, or anyone who simply wants to run a concept by the staff before writing up a big application. Simply gro.obbed|ffatsrmx#su liame and staff will get back to you within a couple of days (maximum: 4) about whether or not to proceed with the idea.

If staff give you the go-ahead for an application, please be aware that this DOES NOT indicate that your character will be approved!

What this means is that they've agreed that the concept could work on the game, but it ultimately depends on how it is written up and what details are included in the application. Staff reserve the right to deny the character if they realize, after it's written up, that it's not going to work that way — as they may not realize what direction you're planning on taking the concept.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone looking to apply for characters of a higher level (e.g. Wolverine, Sabretooth, OCs of that calibre, etc.) or characters on the Restricted list should already have an active character on the game and should have earned enough Brownie Points to do so.

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