XMR uses no stat system, depending instead on a consent-based system. This means that any actions taken against another character must have the full and clear consent of that character's player BEFORE any such action is taken. The most common and easiest way of doing so is by leaving your poses open-ended, posing only what your character attempts to do, not whether they were successful and to what degree. You may include in your pose information as to how likely they should be, but you must still not impose any consequences upon the other player. You may also, if you prefer, page the other player and discuss the possible outcome OOCly with them, BEFORE you pose anything.

However, there are limitations to the consent system. Many actions have consequences, and attempting to always get away without any is considered excessive 'twinking' and will be dealt with accordingly. If another character is faster than yours, then nine times out of ten, you should allow yourself to be caught. If your character is seen doing something strange by a reporter, they should expect to be reported. If there is something you strongly do not want to happen with your character, you should discuss the issue thoroughly before or during a scene. A weak fighter going up against Wolverine will likely be injured; if you cannot accept this, then you are advised not to ICly provoke Wolverine. If a player is RPing and finding that the other player is not accepting proper consequences, they are to pause and contact staff. Do NOT simply stop following the laws of consent, or you may also get in trouble!

Please be aware that staff may overrule the law of consent and impose consequences upon characters who have brought them about through their own actions. These may be in the name of another PC or for the sake of plot, fairness, or any other reason staff sees fit (see also 'news rp icc' and 'news policy character death'). If you cannot abide this, do not play here.

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