Character Death

In a world as dark as XMR, character death is bound to happen from time to time. However, we do have several rules surrounding it to make sure that things go smoothly from an OOC point of view.

XMR uses an ICA=ICC policy (see 'news rp icc' for more information). To help ensure that players know what they may be getting into, we have put in place a '+warn' command, which allows players or staff to '+warn' someone that they are heading down an IC path that may lead to undesired consequences, even including death in rare cases.

By agreeing to continue after being +warned, this does NOT mean you are consenting to IC death, nor does +warning someone give you permission to kill their character. Instead, accepting a +warn and continuing means you are recognizing that, depending on the way things develop IC, your actions MAY lead to a place where character death remains the only viable option, and that staff MAY, once all other options have been exhausted, invoke the ICA=ICC rule and rule that your character's actions have lead to a place in the story where there is no option but to kill them off.

The following applies to ALL character death, whether with OOC consent or under the ICA=ICC rule.

As SOON as it looks as though character death is even a remote possibility, staff should be advised with a +plot request. If death is imminent in this current scene, please pause the scene and wait for a plot staffer who will join you to mediate the scene. All PC deaths MUST be observed by staff so that we can help to minimize any OOC hard feelings or potential problems that might arise after the fact.

We also invite players to contact +plot if they would like to volunteer their characters as canon fodder in a current or upcoming plot. Characters who have been volunteered to die to further the plot will be able to transfer 3/4 of their Brownie Points to a new or existing character (for example, if you volunteer to kill off a character with 100 BP, you can begin a new character with 75 BP right off the bat, or that 75 BP can be added to another alt).

The matter of IC death is one place where there are some differences between OCs and FCs. In our view, OCs are your creation and your property: if a player desires to kill off an OC, staff will not deny them this, except in extenuating circumstances where it may cause too great a problem, or invoke undeserved consequences onto other players. FCs, however, belong to Marvel (or Disney), and belong to this world, to the game. FC death must be agreed to by staff, who will gauge the viability and long-term consequences of removing that character permanently from play. FC death should NEVER be used because you are 'tired' of that character.

Player-Run NPCs can be killed off without staff involvement, provided you are willing to accept the ICC of that action. This applies to short-term one-off NPCs (such as running a mugger for an action scene). For long-term NPCs, such as those on the wiki, please use +plot to discuss the death with staff first. Players should NEVER kill the NPC of another player or staffer.

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