Brownie Points

Brownie Points are a way for us to keep track of which players are contributing constructively to the game. Players can nominate each other for BPs: each nomination is worth 1/4 BP. This can be for RP, OOC assistance, or a good job done on anything.

Additionally, staff will award BPs for positive participation in the game. This may be done for things such as news bbposts, running or participating in events, helping other players, posting a substantial quantity of logs, introducing a new player to us, or any contribution that has a good impact on XMR. Staff may also occasionally remove BPs for any OOC infractions.

BPs are then used to gauge when a player is ready for certain perks. Major and powerful FCs, such as Logan and Creed, are only available to players who have established themselves on the game, and who have a high number of BPs. Please note that BPs do not mean you will get said character, but only give you the right to apply for them: the application is still subject to the same stringent standards.

On a more ongoing basis, BPs are a good way to gauge when a character is ready for upgrades. See 'news applications upgrades' for more information.

Please note: While the idea of BPs was motivated by the stats-based model of XP = upgrade, BPs are NOT stats and have no influence over IC play. Someone with high BP is no more likely to beat another PC or NPC as someone with 0 BP. XMR is consent-based and does not rely on any statistics to determine IC outcomes.

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