Milton Pryce Bradley
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  • Birthday: December 12, 1990
  • Position: Founder of ONE
  • Fame: Murdering all those that oppose on the MIC.
  • Family: Haley Jade (adopted daughter), Harold Milthorpe (father), Gina Bradley (mother)

The son of the mistress of Harold Milthorpe, Milton Bradley was born into the rough side of life. Granted, his mother was nothing special. She was a fling that bought some new body parts from Harold and a few things led to some other things and voila: pregnancy. The relationship was hidden as best as possible, with money being flung in the direction of Milton's mother. Whether it was through guilt or just something to keep her quiet, it didn't really matter. The money was used to take care of Milton and that was the most important thing, to be perfectly honest.

Milton's younger days were filled with love and not much else. His mother taught him the values of life, even if her own were skewed, but Milton never really judged her. She did what she could and Miltion appreciated it. The fact that he could spend time with her was more important than anything else to him. Things changed, however, when he was about to start school and his father started to become more involved in his mother's life. Probably because Harold divorced his wife and started in on Milton's mother. Big mistake.

Rebellion came early for Milton. He didn't even wait until he was a teenager before he started acting out in retaliation for the new father figure in his life. He kind of started going against the grain as early as elementary school. Most of his time was spent in the principal's office or in trouble or even suspended. His scholastic record left quite a bit to be desired, as this was his way of trying to get back at the parental unit and her boytoy that made his life possible in the first place. Money that came from Harold was usually used to buy things that no child should have. It was a very intense childhood for Milton, as well as one that was full of disciplinary action and then some.

While Miltion never really succeeded in school, he did shine when it came to post-school activities. He fell in with the outcast crowd at every school he went to and would manage to assist with protests about this or cause trouble about that. One time, he and about six other students, mooned the entire faculty of their school for not letting them have a break during state testing. It got him in major trouble, but at least his voice was heard. Kind of.

As a teenager, Milton's life continued to blossom. He maintained his D average, though an occasional C would be throw into the mix for good measure, all through high school. But that's not where his focus lied. Oh no, it was more on the things that were wrong with the school. He would set up events and hold parties and raise more awareness about issues that plagued the school and student body than anyone else. He had the potential to be a very strong and motivational leader, but he never really took the time to learn the academic style of his craft. There was only one class he ever enjoyed and that was Debate class. Which, he got a B in. He would've gotten an A but he had a very disrespectful attitude and a knack for profanity.


Somehow, Milton managed to graduate. It was a shocker to pretty much everyone and he moved out just as soon as he had his diploma in his hand. Which, well, he burned to christen his cheap apartment that he shared with four friends. It wasn't the best living arrangement but he sure as hell wouldn't be held down by the man, this way. It was also about this same time that Milton encountered his first mutant. Well, that he knew of. Granted, he had heard things and rumors were all over the city about these mutants, but nothing really seemed to hit home for him until he saw a young girl being persecuted by men and women, adults, just because she was green and had a tail. Uncool wasn't even the word. And Milton rushed to the girl's rescue. Needless to say, Milton got his ass kicked that day. Royally. But the mutant girl got away and that was all that mattered. For one of the first times in his life, Milton felt truly good about himself.

Maybe it was the ass-kicking that got to him. Maybe it was the fact that he saw the human race for what they really were. Maybe it was the thankful way that little mutant girl looked at him before she disappeared into the sewer. Whatever it was, Milton had found his calling. At that moment, he knew that the reason he couldn't fit into anything else was because he was born and bred for this. The mutants needed a human voice. They needed someone to stand up for their kind and to help them fight the neverending battle against the prejudice and injustice that they were suffering against day after day. They needed him.

Money had been set aside, by his mother and his lame father, for Milton to go to college. Money that belonged to Milton after he turned 21. This money was taken and flipped, used as start up capital for what he hoped would become the premiere organization for mutant rights: ONE (One Nation of Equality). ONE became Milton's passion, his life and without a moment of hesitation, he poured every fiber of his being and focus into this organization that was designed to promote equal rights for humans and mutants alike. Much like the dream of certain bald members of the mutant community.

It was through the creation of ONE that Milton stumbled upon a talent he never knew he had. Though he was always gifted with the wordplay he never truly attempted to pursue it farther than debate class and other ventures. He had always played around with words and involved himself in battle rap contests on the streets that he used to frequent on a regular basis, since that was the crowd he would associate with. But, it wasn't until he started ONE did he realize he could use this talent on the microphone to reach the generation that surrounds him and those younger than him. Music can be a powerful thing and sometimes the only way to get a message across. Milton embraced his gift for lyricism and used it to fuel ONE's popularity.

Under the tag name, Millz, ONE stood on the front lines of the war against the Mutant Registration Act and the Sentinel Project. Granted, Millz never really had the political ties or knowledge or even the connections to truly make ONE a threat to these initiatives, he did have one thing going for him and that was the ability to be very, very loud. He would stage concerts and rallies all over the city, making it a point to appeal to the communities and gather local talent of all kinds to create an atmosphere that people would flock to. Block parties were a specialty of his… especially when they would create traffic issues and force people to hear the message of equality that he was trying to preach.

For such a low-end organization, ONE is proving to be a visual and vocal threat to the Anti-Mutant Initiatives that are in place and the small victories are what seems to be keeping Millz going. Recently, though, Millz has taken it upon himself to not only preach the good fight but to also lead by example. He has recently unofficially adopted that mutant girl that he saved a couple years ago and has promised to give her the life that she deserves.

Whether or not he'll be able to keep that promise has yet to be seen.


Public Speaking: Perhaps something that's carried over from his days being a debater in school, but Milton has managed to develop a top notch public speaking ability. Not to say that everything he says, goes, but he's capable of gathering and keeping the attention of a large group, as well as arguing to the ends of the earth and back again. His specific ares of expertise are Debate and Motivational Speaking.


Lyricist: A man that lives in the world of words, Milton has discovered that his spin doctoring wordplay is perfect for writing lyrics and thus he's become a very capable, sometimes amazing, lyricist. Whether it's speaking it over some dope beats out of Brooklyn or writing it up on paper, Milton has, as they say in the hood, mad skillz.

Brawling: Not even close to being trained in combat, the only thing that Milton knows how to do is fight. He fights for survival, so there's no rules when he's getting down with the brawling. He will use anything he can to his advantage, including weapons or the actual street itself. He's not a violent person, but he can protect himself and others if need be. He could handle maybe two unarmed and untrained opponents or one with combat training.

Pain Threshold: Milton has a very high tolerance for pain. At least as far as being human goes. Not to say that he can't feel pain or anything, but as the many tattoos and scars can testify, he has no issues with dealing with such painful things. Things still hurt him, but he can take it more easily than the average person.

Street Smarts: What Milton lacks in actual academic education, he makes up for with being street smart. Not that he ever lived on the streets, as he's always had a roof over his head, he still hung out with that sort of crowd and found himself learning the ins and outs of the street life.



Contacts: Having been a Manhattan guy his entire life, he's managed to work up some contacts within the city and the sections in and around the city. Granted, most of his connections and contacts are of the more underground/criminal variety… but nobody that's in danger of going to jail for murder or anything. He just tends to associate more with the lower-class communities and people thereof, rather than than those that reside on the Upper Sides of the city. He could obtain from them: money, information, manpower and vehicles.

ONE: Milton's pride and joy is his Pro-Mutant organization One Nation of Equality. This was started with his own money and it stands to be a major resource that's in Milton's back pocket. Sometimes representing this organization can get him more than just going out for something on his own. This also extends to the other members of ONE that choose to dedicate their lives this cause, much like Milton has done. He does not stand alone.

Family: To be perfectly honest, Milton has a better relationship with his mother and her side of the family, as opposed to his father and whatever's on his side of the family. Milton has love for his mother, even if they grew apart over the years, but he knows that he can count on her to back him up in any of his ventures, whether they have something to do with mutant rights or not. He can't really say the same for his father, but that's only because he's never personally asked his father for anything.

Mutants: Being a Pro-Mutant Activist comes with the luxury of having some mutants stand behind or with you. This isn't to say that every mutant he encounters is in love with him, but there are a handful that consider what Milton doing as helpful and will do what they can to assist him. On a more specific note, Haley Jade was once part of the Morlocks and now that she has found a home with Milton, it stands that a couple of those mutants may not look at him as a threat.

Studio Apartment: Milton struggles to pay for a nice studio apartment that houses himself and Haley Jade. There's not much inside of it, though it's livable and the rent is fair. It's just that Milton doesn't always have the cash on hand to pay it.


Haley Jade: Initially, this was a random mutant that Milton put his life on the line for to protect. Over the years she became something more to him and eventually he took her in as his daughter. He loves her to death and will do anything in his power for her, to protect her and things of that nature. Granted, she's green and has a tail, which makes it even harder for her, thus making life harder for Milton. Having a daughter that's a target is never good.


Publicity: Not to say that he's some big time star, but he does have quite the presence in and around the city of New York. Not only is he a bit of a vocal extremist, but he also has started one of the more noticeable Pro-Mutant organizations known to the country. Millz takes pride in putting himself out there, but that doesn't stop him from becoming a target in some form or fashion. Especially to those that don't agree with whatever he's saying at the time… or at all. Publicity isn't always a good thing.

Uneducated: Not to be confused with stupidity, Milton never really paid attention in school. He gave up on getting an education at a young age and chose to just coast his way to graduation. Having no intentions of ever seeking out higher education, his academic potential stopped at the end of high school and even then he lacks the average knowledge of those that actually put some effort into learning things. He knows the basics, but the buck stops there, mostly.

Pro-Mutant: A very loud and proud Pro-Mutant activist is going to make Milton unpopular with those that are Anti-Mutant. Whether they be random people on the street, corporate big wigs, law enforcement or even those with political clout and connections, this could prove to be disastrous for Milton's future. The possibilities of harm range from physical to emotional to even something as subtle as a glass ceiling stopping him from getting a job based on his position in this constant war. He's already chosen his side and all there is to do now is live with the consequences of his choice.

Verbal Extremist: Loud, obnoxious and profane are the best ways to describe Milton. He doesn't know when to shut up or when to talk a certain way. He doesn't really have any of the social graces that people in his position should have and therefore a lot of the time he can be written off as some uneducated jackass that just runs off at the mouth because he can. He doesn't care who gets hurt by his words and hardly ever apologizes for anything he's said. It is what it is, if you ask him. Having this kind of mouth can get you into trouble with all sorts of people.

Criminal Record: Milton has not led the best life and he's managed to do time for small things like misdemeanors. He's never really moved into the harder crimes, but he's definitely got a record. It's a bunch of arrests for disturbing the peace and things like that. Having any kind of rap sheet, though, tends to assist with discrediting anything that Milton tries to do. Or just Milton himself.


Passion: Passion is a good thing. But there's a line and Milton has crossed it. When Milton becomes engrossed and passionate about something, he tends to lose sight of almost everything else in his life… that's not quite important enough to stay on his radar. This means things like paying rent, keeping a job and other mundane duties of life get thrown by the wayside. Being too passionate about something could prove to be the downfall of that something.

Impulsive: Milton doesn't think, he acts and reacts. This, of course, is always a bad idea because not thinking things through can do more harm than good. Whether it's getting pissed off during an interview and punching out the host of a talk show or if it's just spray painting over some Anti-Mutant posters… being as impulsive as Milton cannot truly have any good effects. Not in the long run.

Human: Obviously, being a normal human in the world of Sentinels and mutants and whatever else is not too kosher. Not only does Milton have to worry about dying from regular means, but there are so many other possible ways to be taken out in this day and age that being human is big check in the con column.

Distinguishing Features: Milton is tattooed up the yin-yang and that tends to make him stand out. He's not exactly trying to fit in with society, but it's kind of hard to do anyway when you've made a spectacle out of your flesh. This makes it hard for him to find work in more upscale places as well as makes him very easy to ID when it comes to actions that may be caught on security footage.

Temper: Milton has a bit of a temper. Okay, that's not being honest. Milton has a horrible temper that will rage out of control if the right buttons are pressed. He's been known to lose it on multiple occasions in the same conversation with some people and there's just too many anger management issues for him to get a good grip on.

Watch For

  • His addiction to mutant women.
  • His unwavering love and devotion to Haley Jade.
  • His temper.
  • His judgmental attitude.
  • His inability to STFU. Ever.
  • His rash decisions.


  • "It is what it is."


Coming Soon!


  • ONE: I'm looking to make sure that ONE can give the FoH a run for its money. And I'm not going to be able to do that alone. So I'm looking for some more Pro-Mutant Humans to join the ranks and help fill out what could be an awesome organization. If I get enough people, I'll even make a cool wiki page!
  • Morlocks: Millz' daughter, Haley Jade, was a Morlock, originally. I would like to develop a relationship with the Morlocks faction. Preferably in a positive light. Just something to think about if you're in the running for a character!


Title Artist Track Style
Renegade Jay Z Main Theme; Millz considers himself to be one serious renegade. He goes against the grain and the status quo for no other reason than to do it. He swears to run his own race.
Beautiful Eminem Pro-Mutant; Everyone is beautiful. Mutants included.
La Di Da Asher Roth Calm; Sometimes, the world gets to Millz. To the point where even his signature anger can't do anything for him. He has to have another outlet.
Rain Drops Slaughterhouse No Tears; Millz doesn't cry. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a heart full of pain. He's had a rough life. This proves it.


Coming Soon.

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