Meggan Puceanu
Meggan Caroline Puceanu
Portrayed By
Kristen Stewart (Elisha Cuthbert)

She's the girl-next-door… kinda.


  • Birthday: September 30, 1998.
  • Position: Member.
  • Fame: The 'Fairy of Fenborough'!
  • Family:

Nelson Puceanu, father - alive.
Leigh Puceanu, mother - alive.

Born a native to the United Kingdom, in an area of Britain known as Fenborough Station, Meggan Puceanu came into the world an obvious mutant. During the worst of a blizzard, Nelson and Leigh Puceanu gave birth to their only daughter. In response to the cold, baby Meggan unconsciously tapped into her mutant powers right away, growing a coat of dense, dark fur. This was to the Puceanus' horror, of course. And being empathetic, too, Meggan responded to their disgust and fear by changing further, becoming more and more of a monster. Horns and claws added to the craziness, solidifying her parents' growing suspicions. Being superstitious people, they attributed their daughter's appearance to the nearby ruins of an ancient British fortress, one rumored to be the site of dark magic. Of course, the truth was she was a mutant — but stranger things had happened in the British Isles.

Ashamed of their daughter, they chose to hide Meggan away. She changed constantly as a young girl, responding unwittingly to her parents' moods. On a good day, she was a pretty thing with uncanny beauty. But if Nelson's football team, Arsenal, happened to lose a close one to Chelsea or Manchester United, Meggan's appearance would darken considerably, becoming downright ugly. Of course, this only encouraged her parents to keep her a secret, even from their closest friends. She remained a closeted thing, kept locked away in the Puceanus' camper — which was parked in the remote countryside, outside the town of Fenborough. There, she quickly fell amorous with television, a guilty obsession that remained with Meggan for years. She would mimic the characters, watching rerun after rerun of "Doctor Who" until she could act out the dialogue for her parents. Horrifying as it was whenever she changed, her parents couldn't help but be charmed by their daughter, who was always so sweet and loving, no matter what she looked like.

Television wasn't much of an education, but it was the best one she received. Too afraid, the Puceanus couldn't risk formal schooling. They did their best to teach Meggan on the weekends, but she was sorely lacking. Her development was slow, so that by the age fifteen, she was only reading at a third grade level. That childlike innocence was never fully squashed as a result, a naivety that quickly became a constant character trait. And because of this, it never seemed to bother her that she was kept penned-up, tucked away from curious eyes. Sheltered, Meggan never once resented her parents. She didn't even understand what she was, not truly. But that never stopped her from experimenting, growing a practical knowledge of just what she could do. This insatiable curiosity, though, would prove to be her way out of absolute isolation. Experimenting one day when she was almost sixteen, Meggan managed to break the lock on the camper's door. And outside, she discovered a new power: flight.

It was an easy discovery. Looking up at the sky above, she longed to be up there — a desire to be free, to be far away from the cramped camper. And the next thing she knew, she was twenty-some feet in the air. Overjoyed, she swooped and soared above the countryside. And from up there, she could easily make out Fenborough. Her curiosity drove her towards the town, where she quickly learned that she couldn't stay aloft forever. Divebombing to the ground in the middle of the afternoon, it was difficult to go unnoticed. She was quickly swarmed by the townspeople. And there, the brunette Meggan reacted to the overwhelming wave of their emotions — by changing, attempting to assume a shape that everyone would find attractive. She became a more buxom blonde, the perfect image of teenage sensuality. And for once, instinct seemed to work in Meggan's favor. The townspeople didn't react negatively — probably because by then, mutants were a more commonplace phenomenon in England.

Charmed by the attention, Meggan only became prettier and prettier. Of course, had the crowd reacted with scorn or derision, she might not have remained so sweet and naive. Fenborough's small town air of acceptance was therefore an instrumental factor in Meggan's continued faith in the cooperation of humans and mutants. But her parents weren't so easily convinced. Embarrassed by being in the public eye, they didn't enjoy Meggan's newfound celebrity. The 'Fairy of Fenborough', as the papers described her, was soon swept out of sight again. Unsure what to do, the Puceanus tried their best to explain their reservations to the confused and somewhat-hurt Meggan. The answer found them, though. Having caught wind of the possible emergence of another mutant, Moira MacTaggert approached the overwhelmed parents. She offered Meggan a place to stay, away from the public eye: Muir Island, off the coast of Scotland. Of course, the Puceanus jumped at the opportunity, more than happy to secure their daughter's safety and relative anonymity.

Luckily, Meggan was just as thrilled. At the Mutant Research Centre, she didn't have to hide. And it was there that she first learned that she wasn't actually a fae, as her superstitious parents believed — but a mutant, one of an emerging race. And one, Moira soon discovered, with an alarming variety of powers. Now seventeen, Meggan is becoming more and more familiar with those powers with every passing day. Having spent almost six months in Scotland, she's proving to be an adept and able learner — if somewhat childlike, still, in her innocent sensibilities. But she's a shoe-in for Excalibur, the budding team working in conjunction with Weird Happenings Organization (WHO). Something that she's more than overjoyed to be a part of, naturally. That childhood obsession with "Doctor Who" surely contributes to Meggan's enthusiasm for adventure. And she's even got a 'costumed identity', of sorts. Whenever she's on active duty, the brunette becomes the blonde with pointed ears, answering only to the fanciful codename, Fairy.



A passive ability, and only a semi-conscious one. She can't influence the emotions of other people, not yet — but she can certainly sense them. It started as an unconscious thing, so subtle she didn't even realize it. The emotions of others would affect her emotions. So when someone felt angry, she felt angry. But since beginning to understand her powers, she's able to maintain a certain control over this empathy. With concentration, she can shut it off — suppressing the influence another person's emotions can have on her. But she's still new to this one, so she often slips up, inadvertently mimicking their emotions. It appears the default to this power is set as 'on', something that can be very problematic — especially as it affects her shapeshifting. This is the most startling thing, and something she can't really control if she's unable to concentrate or focus. Basically, the emotions she senses often influence hers, and therefore her appearance. If she feels love, she might appear prettier. But if she feels fear or anger, she might appear uglier. These changes aren't very dramatic, but they are noticeable, sometimes manifesting as fantastical alterations — small horns might appear on her forehead, when she's influenced by someone's anger or fear. Right now, she only gets a general wash of emotion off a person — the feeling is unspecific and vague. She can't read thoughts, so she often doesn't understand the emotions she picks up. The range on this power is close, within the same room as the subject.


Most curiously, Meggan can fly. Through conscious effort and with no visible means, she can levitate into the air — and from there, float and soar. Right now, she can only remain airborne for a half-hour before needing to touch down and rest. At present capabilities, she reaches a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour — which means she can travel about twenty miles in a single go. This is really pushing it, though, and she can't maintain this max speed for more than twenty minutes. She will need to rest a good twenty to thirty minutes before taking to the air again. With the application of increased strength, she is able to carry another person into the air — but only for a short go. The combining of these powers exhausts Meggan at a threefold rate, so she's unable to stay aloft for longer than five minutes with another person's weight. This is therefore only very practical on a short-term basis, such as carrying a person across a ravine or up a cliff's side. Her maximum speed is also shortened to 30 miles per hour, which means she can't go very far with another person — a mile, at most. On the bright side, simply 'floating' by herself doesn't exhaust Meggan nearly as much. She can stay aloft and stationary for slightly longer than a half hour, more like forty-five minutes.

Shifting — Physical Appearance:

This is Meggan's main power, the one that defines her as 'different'. With conscious intention, she can alter her appearance. The change is instantaneous, and causes Meggan very little stress when the changes are minor or subtle — such as eye color, hair color, or proportions. She can get height and mass with conscious effort, too, able to reach a maximum height of roughly eight feet before becoming exhaustion kicks in. By increasing the density of her muscle mass, she can become stronger than your average human — kicking her strength up from a normal 50 pounds to 200 pounds. This certainly makes her physical attacks stronger, but she's nowhere strong enough to toss cars. Any substantial change in height, say over six inches, as well as any change in strength, though, comes with a time restriction. She can't maintain an amped-up change for more than ten minutes without having to return to 'normal'. At base level, it is far easier to maintain minor cosmetic changes, almost indefinitely, making Meggan an adept chameleon. But the applications of her power is promising. She's only just beginning to learn these nuances, such as lengthening just her fingers in order to scratch an impossible itch, or changing the rods and cones in her eyes to see better at night. She can assume the likeness of someone else with concentration, but she does not currently assume any of their abilities or powers. This likeness is perfect, and she needs only a glance — but even so, she can only maintain someone else's shape for fifteen to twenty minutes. She cannot heal injuries by shifting appearance. Right now, it is worth stating that she often shifts between two distinct appearances, both teenage — one brunette, one blonde. The blonde is her more public persona, while the brunette is Meggan's 'true' self.

Shifting — Molecular Make-Up:

Meggan is just beginning to experience novice-level control over the 'elemental' nature of her chemistry. She can't control the elements around her, but she can change her own genetic make-up. With conscious effort, she can assume the properties of basic elements. Right now, she's only been able to mimic three: stone, water, and sand. This is from memory, she doesn't have to be close to the element in question. Each can only be maintained for ten minutes. These elemental changes are five times as stressful and exhausting, though, and leave Meggan spent after the transformation back to 'normal' is complete. Each comes with the respective elemental properties, too. She literally becomes a female figure made of water, stone, or sand. The water form is near-transparent and very intangible — solid objects pass right through her. She doesn't swim any faster as water. And oddly enough, she can only mimic saltwater. The stone form is durable and super-dense. Made of granite, she's heavier in this form — but not that much stronger, able to lift maybe 70-80 pounds. She moves slower. And she's as durable as a granite statue would be — punching her would probably break an attacker's fist, but an edge-based attack would likely prevail, chipping away at the stone. The sand form is very malleable. In this form, she can dissipate only to consciously pull herself back into a human shape — thus enabling her to slip under doors. Any change comes with the negative properties of that element too. Electricity is that much more effective if she's in water form, but not too effective against stone. Wind would leave her scrambling to keep herself together, if in sand. Unlike her more generic appearance changing, any transformation back from elemental to normal heals any damage or injury that might have occurred during elemental form — provided the injury isn't fatal. This is also the most effective way to recover if she's "lost" some of herself in sand or water form. This budding elemental control is probably the source of Meggan's ability to fly, though it's uncertain.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Character: Blonde - Dumb? No, she's just playing you.
  • Character: Chameleon - She blends in.
  • Character: Optimistic - Upbeat, real sweet, oh so fine!
  • Character: Persuasive - She can talk you into anything.
  • Character: Power Conscious - Mutant since birth, she's pretty good.
  • Connection: Excalibur - Member since 2015!
  • Property: Housing - A dormitory set-up in Scotland.
  • Property: Transportation - A 2010 Schwinn Debutante Cruiser, pink!
  • Training: Ambidexterity - She can write with both hands.


  • Allergy: Cats - Achoo!
  • Character: ADD - She bounces off the walls.
  • Character: Little Sister Syndrome - Got that whole 'kid' vibe going.
  • Character: Social Rookie - Everything's just so new for her. Expect awkwardness.
  • Character: Sweetheart - Sometimes, she's too trusting.
  • Education: Limited - Homeschooled, partially!

Watch For

  • Her "blonde" persona, as it's the public one.
  • Her appearance changing as the emotions in the room do. She gets prettier when you're happy, uglier when you're unhappy!


  • "I was trying to take all of Hell."
  • "I've always wanted a super hero name. I never thought I.. deserved one."
  • "We haven't even met, but already — you're trying to define me. No. No more."


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