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Brotherhood, Rykers

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  • Birthday: August 10, 1991
  • Position: Captain, Acolyte
  • Fame: "Armed and dangerous. Unpredictable."
  • Family: Unknown.
Not all details from my +char sheet have been shared in the interest of keeping some things a bit of a surprise. Not all powers have been displayed and of the ones that have been displayed, not all details have been released.


Bones, Enhanced Durability

Marrow's skeletal structure is extremely strong and resistant to concussive impact. As a result, it is harder for her to break or fracture her bones than an average person. More information about her excess bone formations can be found below.

Bones, Excessive Growth

In several locations on Marrow's body, excessive bone formations have grown through her skin, forming either protective shields around some of the more delicate areas of her body (collarbones and knees) or knife-like protrusions (back and elbows).

Bones, Body Shield

This is a more recent development of her abilities, though it is still not something she can control. When faced with a potentially life-threatening event of truly DIRE consequence, her body may spontaneously grow a suit of bone armor without her willing it. This is rare and would not just pop up because someone shoots at her; however, if she suddenly has to face a firing squad, there is a chance that her body may suddenly try to protect itself. The bone armor appears in overlapping plates that allow her to move as necessary.


One of the redundancy systems in her body is the rate at which she heals. Flesh wounds, such as the ones she receives when she removes a bone knife, heal nearly immediately, flesh lacing back together or fusing to new bone as soon as it settles. Removed bones heal back swiftly with no more than minutes for smaller bones and up to 10-15 minutes for larger bones (e.g. the ones growing out of her back).


Flesh wounds, bruises, scrapes, bullet wounds, stab wounds, and impact injuries heal within seconds to minutes, if they even really show up on her flesh (bruises may not even form if they're not too bad).


Burns from fire, electrical, chemical, etc. all heal much like flesh wounds if they're minor. Sunburns heal within seconds to minutes. First degree burns would heal within seconds to a half hour or so. Second degree within hours. Third degree might take longer, as in over night or a day(s).


Simple, small fractures heal within seconds to hours depending on the severity of the fracture and whether or not someone sets it first ? if it needs to set itself, it takes longer. Larger breaks could heal in under an hour to overnight, depending on the severity.


Damage to organs, however, take longer than the rest but still take maybe a quarter of the time it would take for someone else. An injury that might take four weeks to heal in a human might take a week for her. Damage to major organs, however, may still need proper medical care until she's out of serious trouble.


This regenerative system has also accelerated her immune system, which kept her relatively illness and disease free over the years, allowing her to either avoid such things entirely or to recover more swiftly than others from similar situations.


However, it has drawbacks, preventing medications from working properly on her (see Flaws). As such, if she were to suffer from any of the above injuries, she can't get much medical aid to help her with pain management, for example.


This does not mean that she is invulnerable, however. She could die from large amounts of trauma to her person, such as certain organ injuries, a snapped neck/severed spinal cord, high doses of poison/radiation, severe trauma to the brain, etc.

Bone Knives

The larger, protruding bones which fan outward from around her spine can be pulled out from her body and used as large knives for slashing, stabbing and throwing, though these don't throw as accurately as the smaller bone knives which can be pulled from her elbow regions. Over the years, she has grown somewhat proficient in using these as weapons.

Permanent Bone Armour

The formations at her collarbones and knees act as a form of armour, taking on any concussive blows which might be aimed at those more delicate areas of the body.


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