Lucille Kendra Mas
Portrayed By
Zoe Saldana
Xavier Institute

A young woman with a sassy attitude and doesn't take any crap from anyone. Underneath the hard exterior is a woman that just wants to help people, especially her fellow mutants.


  • Birthday: March 5th, 1994
  • Position: Bartender
  • Fame: Black belt martial artist
  • Family: Mother and Father (deceased), Grandmother Ooogi, (Grandmother)

Midnight on March 5th, 1994 was the day that Lucille Kendra Mas was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her parents, the two doctors were more than thrilled to have their first child. A baby girl, who would have thought it? Six months after Lucille’s birth, after her parents had taken a night off and decided to go out for dinner and a movie. The two were involved in a huge car accident and died a few weeks later in the hospital from their injuries. Lucille was taken in by her grandmother. An old Romanian Gypsy, who nobody knew her real name so everyone just called her Oogi.

Lucille grew up to be quite the little troublemaker at the age of seven, getting into anything and everything. Her grandmother wanted to try and channel Lucille’s abundant energy and knack for getting into trouble, so she enrolled her granddaughter into martial classes at the age of eight. The young girl excelled in her classes and through hard work and dedication, rose through the ranks into a promising student. Her grandmother was proud and didn’t stress as much now that her granddaughter was more in control of herself, though she would always have a wild streak. Though Lucille hardly ever said it, she thought of her parents often and wondered what they were really like. As a treat for her being on best behavior, Grandma Oogi would tell Lucille a new story about her parents. Something they had done or some wild adventure, sometimes they were true and other times.. Oogi would twist the stories just a bit.

Two weeks before Lucille’s test in order to reach the level of black belt in martial arts. Lucille’s powers manifested themselves, one night as Lucille, now just a teen in high school was leaving one of the many high school parties she attended. While she walked down the street, one of the boys from her school and some of his friends had decided to follow her. The young girl had previous problems with the boy at school and after she had embarrassed him in front of everyone one day during lunch, she was sure that he had brought his friends in order to extract some revenge. Lucille had tried her best to lose the boys but they eventually caught up to her, after briefly fighting them off she ran and hid from the boys. As they continued to search for her, she only kept thinking about how she wanted to be home and how she wished that she was home. The next thing she knew as she looked down at her hand, and it began to disappear, next her arm and it wasn’t long at all before she was leaning against the door to her bedroom panting and obviously freaked out.

Lucille didn’t know what to think about what had happened that night. What she did know was that she could not let anyone know of this, not anyone at all. Especially with all of the news about mutants and such. She didn’t want to be labeled a freak. She didn’t want her grandmother to think she was some wicked demon, she was scared. She withdrew from most people that she knew, friends, teachers she liked. She rarely left the house except to attend her martial arts classes and to participate in tournaments. The night of her test, Lucille indeed became a black belt at the age of sixteen and all of her hard work had seemed to pay off finally. It was also the night of her test that Lucille decided that she couldn’t just run from her gift as she began to look at it. From that day forward, Lucille actively began using her ability to teleport.

First, she started with just teleporting around in the house while her grandmother was away or asleep and after a few breaking of some things and teleporting on top of the table a few times, she started to get the hang of it. Then she started to teleport outside of her house, first to school. Which was a few miles away and then to her martial arts classes that she still took. Though the more she teleported, the more tired she became. She figured if she practiced more and more then she wouldn’t get as tired soon. Grandma Oogi did worry about her granddaughter because she never really seemed to leave the house and she didn’t really talk to her friends anymore. All of that was forgotten though the day of Lucille’s graduation from high school. At the age of 17, she graduated. Nothing special or anything, she was just another student.

Instead of attending college like a lot of her fellow classmates did, she decided to travel to Japan and learn martial arts from teachers there for a while. So, with her grandmother’s blessing, she flew to Japan and began to learn from various masters. One at a time, integrating into the culture and trying to stay away from the States, where the mutant news was getting increasingly bad. It was a year after her graduation that the Sentinel program had been debuted and Lucille was even more afraid to return home. Little did she know that she couldn’t outrun the Sentinels because the Japanese government had also began the program and soon the Sentinels were travelling around and getting the mutants together and dispatching them.

After Lucille was involved in a fight with a Sentinel, along with a few other mutants, her whole perspective on the situation changed. She knew that she couldn’t run forever so instead of just running to the next country that she could hide in. Lucille returned to the states, first to visit her grandmother and then to a new destination.. somewhere she could do some good and help her fellow mutants, the time for hiding was over now.


Lucille has the ability of teleportation. It manifests it self in the way of Lucille thinking of a location and instantly she is there. When she does this, her body just seems to dissolve and be blown away. When she rematerializes it is never really in any order. It could start with her hand or her leg, or her head. The teleportation is instaneous also, meaning Lucille could teleport a few times and disorient people with how fast she does. It is in no way super speed but she can just teleport rather fast. Luci can take other objects with her, such as her clothes and weapons and the like with her. But sometimes when she is truly frightened and scared out of nowhere or surprised then she can teleport and leave everything she was wearing and/or holding behind, which can lead to rather embarrassing moments.

She can also take people along with her when she teleports. At this time, she can only take two people at a time though it is much harder for her to teleport with two people then it is with just one person. Also, the distance she can go is cut in half. So, if she wanted to teleport herself and two others from Manhattan to just outside of the city, it would take her multiple jumps while if it was just herself then it wouldn’t take as many jumps.

Lucille’s range to how far she can teleport with just one jump is about city wide, so she can teleport across a city in one jump but as long as she has a point of familiarity to teleport too. This can be done in a few ways, if she is given a picture of a place and she studies it for a while then when the time to teleports across the city comes then she can do it no problem, easy. Though if she isn’t sure exactly where she is going, the teleportation can end up with her nowhere near where she wanted to teleport too. Blind teleportation is dangerous and Lucille doesn’t do it often, though the only true danger is Lucille not knowing exactly where is going to end up. She has never seemed to be able to teleport into a solid object or a wall. It is most definitely easier to teleport to a place that she has been too before. The moment before Lucille teleports, she is intangible. Meaning, she cannot touch anything and nothing can touch her, that wasn’t already in contact with her before she began to concentrate to teleport.

If Lucille teleports too much or too far, then she must eat in order to regain her energy back. This holds for if Lucille rapidly teleports in a battle or such then right after she’ll need to eat a lot in order to regain her full energy and power back. Lucille’s metabolism runs so fast, she can literally eat tons of food and not fill full because of all the energy she burns when she teleports. If some sort of food isn’t consumed then Lucille can fall unconscious for an undetermined amount of time. Normally once someone gets food down her throat or gets her food through an IV or feeding tube then she will wake up and be weaker for a little while but fine in other words.

It should also be noted that if Lucille is given a photo of an restricted area to teleport into (X-Men sub-basements, Brotherhood Headquarters, government offices, etc, etc..) then prior staff consent is needed in order for her to be able teleport to that place, if there is no staff present at the time of her attempt to make the jump to the restricted area then the scene must be paused until there is a staff member available to make a call on it. Or Lucille can fail all together to teleport to the restricted area and can try again later, once staff consent is given to do so.



Not Trusty: Sometimes it takes a lot to get Lucille to trust you and since she doesn’t outright trust people and isn’t all that friendly to most on their first meeting then she can seem bitchy and standoffish.

Adrenaline Junkie: Call it whatever you want. But if Lucille is given the chance to perform some crazy stunt or some other sort of craziness then she just might if nobody is there to try and make her stop. If her adrenaline and heart is pumping then Luci is indeed a happy girl, this can lead to disastrous results at times.

Runaway: When the going gets tough, some mechanism in Lucille’s head says to get the hell out of town and not to look back. Though she is working hard on this part of herself, she can sometimes seem flaky and not as good as a person because she has run in the past when afraid.

Eat A lot: Because of her ability, Lucille must eat lot and if she doesn’t. She gets cranky.. mean.. and very tired. This can lead to bad things happening, like little arguments or a angry Lucille for a while. Though some people would learn to not take it personally.

Sassy: Maybe it has to do with being a southern girl, but Lucille can have a bit of a sassy attitude and she doesn’t hold her tongue for most people, meaning they know what’s on her mind most of the time and she doesn’t care who has a problem with it.

Loner: Lucille is very much used to being a loner and not dependent on people. So when she needs help, she usually runs away from it. Unless she herself decides she needs the help herself.


Martial Arts: Lucille has been training in martial arts since she was a child. Seven to be exact, needless to say that martial art was her sport of choice during school. She practiced daily and hardly did anything else, because of this she is an more than formidable fighter and defender when she needs to be. She has training in the following martial arts: Judo, Jujitsu, and Ninjutsu. Though she does mix and use the different styles together, Ninjustu is one of her more favored practices. Ninjutsu, she has a black belt in and was halfway there to receiving one with Jujitsu and Judo before she left Japan to return back to the United States. While in a fight, without breaking a sweat Lucille could take up to five untrained men or women, without the use of her powers. For people who are trained just as much as her or if they have any sort of good training backing them, she could maybe take three people at a time. Doing so would make it very hard for her without the use of her powers.

Weaponry: Lucille knows how to handle a few weapons. Mostly swords and a few staves, she does favor small blades and long staves though. She executes the weapons, quickly and with precision.

Reflexes: Lucille is not a superhuman reflex master but her reflexes and reaction time is well honed and practiced. Her movements fast, she’s nimble and agile. It comes with all of the training that she has been through in her life.

Accent: Lucille’s family is largely of Cajun descent and just like her family. She has that accent and knowledge of the French language. It might make her hard to understand at times but it’s definitely a sexy thing for the men when she speaks in French.

Bartending: She has recently taken classes in order to find some way to pay for the bills and pay for her own place. She likes slinging drinks, now only she could find a place of work..

Empathy: When Lucille allows people to get near and actually talk to her about things, they would know that Lucille has a way of emphasizing and feeling compassionate for other people’s feelings and what they are going through, she sees it a lot of people are going through stuff in their life, hard stuff. So it’s good to talk to someone every once in a while, that person could be Lucille.


House: Her grandmother Oogi has a home in New Orleans that she is always welcome to come back too, no matter the case.

Weapons: The young woman has a few weapons with her, a dagger or two. A wooden staff and a katana that was given to her by her master before Lucille left Japan to go back to the states.

Money: Her parents left her a bit of money after they died, nothing out of this world. But something that she can fall back upon if times do indeed get hard. The total sum of money that they left her is 200,000. She has spent 75,000 of it already so there is 125,000 left.


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