January 2016

2016/01/29 - I'm No Rene Descartes
Lorna busts into Laura's room asking for help with math questions, then goes on about her upcoming date — Laura's not quite sure what to do about all the excitement.
laura lorna xi
2016/01/28: Yo Momma
What begins as a comedy of errors, has a middle of whose mom is best, and ends with going green.
alex lorna
2016/01/28 - I Don't Know Why I'm Helping You
Laura catches Julian sneaking back up to his dorm and decides to go easy on him and even help him — even if it goes against her better judgment.
julian laura xs
2016/01/25 - Steer Clear of Soggy Horses
Kurt arrives on Muir Island and reunites with an old friend.
kurt rahne
2016/01/25 - Speaking Freak
Of accents, gloves, and guitar playing.
jono layla
2016/01/24 - If We Never Fall...
Layla prevents Marrow from tripping over a significant crack in the sidewalk and the pair have an odd discussion of falling and corrupt business.
layla marrow
2016/01/23: BeDazzled
Dazzler gives her first concert in New York City!
alison brooklyn hotwire lorna
2016/01/23 - Let It Snow
A snowball fight on the school grounds erupts in shenanigans when a couple of cheaters decide to let loose the havoc.
julian lorna xi xs
2016/01/21 - Moby Slick
Party's over and the consequences have been laid out on the line. Then there's the matter of the snowball fight.
julian lorna
2016/01/20 - Of Human Nature and Fantasy Stories
Marie-Ange stumbles across Rahne working on a story and the pair of a small chit-chat.
marie-ange rahne
2016/01/19 - Attempted Hot Dog Robbery
Brooklyn's sneaky attempts to steal an entire hot dog cart for her runaway pals is thwarted by a nosy cop!
brooklyn ellen
2016/01/18 - It's Just a Peanut Butter Sandwich
Kitty finds Laura in the common room and the pair talk about sandwiches and computer systems.
kitty laura
2016/01/17 - Trip-L Threat A Go-Go!
Lorna runs a few ideas past Laura… spoiler, she doesn't go for all of them.
laura lorna
2016/01/15 - Proportional Response
A fight breaks out between the happy scholars over a little bit of playful thievery.
brian julian kitty lorna
2016/01/15 - I Could Have Danced All Night
Lorna makes good on her promise of a party, but first they have to tackle the problem of getting there.
julian lorna
2016/01/14 - Stuck In An Elevator
Two mutants don't exactly follow Aerosmith's plans for elevator companionship.
lorna scott
2016/01/13 - Sundae, Bloody Sundae
A duel of mortal kombat with ice cream to follow. Fatality.
julian lorna
2016/01/13 - For the Love of Alex Masters
Two of the Trip-L Threat converge under the watchful eye of Alex Masters.
lorna lucille
2016/01/13 - Drive Ins, Diners, and Dives
What happens when two mutants meet in an unfriendly part of town? Nothing.
lorna rogue
2016/01/13 - Common Ground
The things you can say in the company of likeminded people..
ellen penny

December 2015

2015/12/31 - Six Big Macs Please
When two mutants cross paths in unfriendly territory..
brooklyn scott
2015/12/30 - Passing Judgment
Don't hate the Players, hate the Game.
millz penny
2015/12/28 - Chances Are
Three mutants walk into a bar…
banshee gambit laura
2015/12/26 - Unstoppable Force, Meet Immovable Object
It starts off as two new friends hanging out and a short tour of part of the grounds, but Julian pushes and Laura digs her heels in - and everything gets twisted around.
julian laura xs
2015/12/20 - The Sound and the Fury
When Brotherhood officers talk, plans are formed.
bh marrow rogue rykers
2015/12/19 - Welcome to Mutant High
A new student arrives at Xavier's and gets two very different introductions.
brian julian laura xs

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