Layla Miller
Layla Rose Miller
Portrayed By
Dakota Fanning

"I'm Layla Miller. I know stuff.


  • Birthday: September 18, 2002
  • Position: Orphan, occasional street-rat
  • Fame: Oracular orphan, street kid, knowing stuff
  • Family: Parents deceased, no known relatives.

Summarized history. Please note that Layla is often prone to fabricate or exaggerate on her life story, so nothing should be assumed knowledge.

Layla lived a relatively normal life with her parents in Hell's Kitchen. Part of the working poor, they had little money, but were relatively happy nonetheless. She was always a difficult child, under-performing at school and never really fitting in with the other children.

When she was eleven, her parents were killed in a car crash caused, in part, by a Sentinel. With no known next of kin, Layla was placed into foster care and wound up at St. Joan's orphanage in the Bowery area of the East Village.

When her powers manifested, things at the orphanage got worse. The kids and adults would hassle her, and she was forced to register with the government. Still technically a ward of the state, Layla has become a serial runaway, taking off to the streets for days or weeks at a time. She knows it's only a matter of time until she breaks away from St. Joan's for good…



Summary of the power.

Layla has the ability to often see the most likely path of causality. The way a good chess player can 'see' several moves ahead, Layla can see the way events might unfold. This is severely limited and prone to error. What she sees is the most likely way things might unfold. Human nature, especially, tends to throw a spanner in the works, whenever someone does something other than the most likely thing they would do.

She will never tell anyone what exactly it is that she sees, but merely offer cryptic hints. She may meddle subtly in things, pulling the right strings to get things to turn out a certain way, but generally refrains from influencing fate too often. Sometimes things need to play out in a certain way for a reason.

OOCly, many limitations are put into place to ensure Layla's ability to see causality doesn't impact on anyone's consent. No one is obligated to make her predictions come true. Where players are agreeable, 'retroactive precognition' may be used, where Layla knew all along things would unfold that way, but refrained from telling anyone. She may also, quite simply, be wrong.

True Reality

Summary of the power.

Layla cannot be fooled by 'false realities'. While she is not immune to things like illusions or implanted memories, she is able to clearly see that they are fake. Through prolonged eye contact with another person, she can also help them to see that these things are fake.

Memory Awakening

Summary of the power.

Layla can help others recover their memories, and is especially good at overcoming memory loss due to telepathy or other powers of that nature. Depending on the memories in question, and how deeply they are buried, it can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to weeks or even months of long, gruelling sessions. This power is also likely to fail if the host mind 'rejects' the memories (for example, if they were forgotten for a reason, such as trauma, that is still not resolved to the point that the person can deal with it).

Shrodinger's X-Gene

Because of Layla's quantum-based powers, her detectable status as a mutant actually "comes and goes". Sometimes she will scan as a mutant, and sometimes she will scan as human. Like the infamous cat, existing as both alive and dead until the moment the box is opened, as far as detection is concerned, Layla theoretically exists as both human and mutant, until the very moment of observation. She has absolutely no control over which result will come up. Realistically, this doesn't mean that she actually goes about existing as both human and mutant until the moment of observation; really, it is just a "trick" of reality that can fool things capable of detecting an X-gene.

In practical use, it just gives her a 50/50 chance of coming up as a human when scanned by a Sentinel or anything capable of detecting the X-gene. However, every single time she is scanned, whether by the same individual or not, she has the same 50/50 chance of flat-scanning. This means she can, by the same device, scan as both a human and a mutant within seconds of each other.

Waking the Dead

Summary of the power.

Layla's ability to awaken the dead is still mostly dormant. Currently, she can only revive insects and small animals. She wouldn't even try to resurrect humans for fear of what this would do to the big picture, in terms of causality. Even with insects and small animals, she hardly ever uses this power.



  • Coming soon.

Watch For

  • Her frustrating know-it-all attitude.
  • Her loneliness.
  • The fact that she is far more vulnerable than she acts.
  • Her fatalistic nature.
  • Her resignation to following fate's path, even when it hurts her.
  • Her tendency to manipulate and lie.


I'm Layla Miller. I know stuff.

Which word was unclear? 'Know?' 'Stuff?' Or are you shaky on personal pronouns?


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