Laura Kinney
Portrayed By
Summer Glau
Xavier Institute
Yes, this is the canon character known as X-23, but she is not written like the canon character. She was not cloned from Wolverine. This also means she was never a prostitute, either.


  • Birthday: February 7, 1994
  • Position: Keeper of the databases, researcher, sometimes disturber-of-the-peace
  • Fame: "Armed and extremely dangerous."
  • Family: She doesn't talk about her family, generally, but she has a mother who failed to protect her against her abusive step-father. Her father is unknown at this time.
The following is based on her approved +char, but does not represent the entire text. I'd like to keep some things a surprise, plus I didn't want this page to go on and on for miles. ;)




Laura's entire skeleton has been laced with adamantium. On a base level, this means that Laura will never again suffer from a broken bone. She will never die from blunt-force trauma to the head. She could still suffer from things such as concussions but her regenerative qualities would take care of that in due time. As such, certain crushing injuries will not have the same devastating effect on her as it would most people. If something were to land on her head and chest, for example, her skeleton would withstand the blow and offer considerable protection of major organs such as her brain, lungs and heart. Other organs might not be so lucky, since the midsection is not protected by the adamantium-covered ribcage or skull.


Laura has six claws which extend from her body about 3/4 of a foot in length each. From each hand, two extend from her knuckles, and from each foot, a single one extends from somewhere near the base of her toes on the tops of her feet. Damage caused by the claws can be devastating, as they can easily puncture and tear through flesh, fabric and even materials such as PVC (clothing or industrial grade) or heavy leather. Metal, stone and brick can eventually be clawed through, depending on the thickness and toughness of the material.

A wound created by the claws would be on par with a rather sharp knife or sword and could easily be sunk the full length into a human body, cut through bone and tissue, etc. If no action was taken against the use of these claws against a human (or mutant) body, with no resistance, the effects could be potentially fatal.

Heightened Senses

Hearing, sight, smell and even taste are enhanced for Laura over the average human. Where the average human cannot hear a dog whistle, Laura can. She can see better in the dark, much like a cat, than a human. So long as there is some light, no matter how dim, she can identify objects and maneuver through a cluttered area without tripping over things. She cannot read in the dark, certainly, but she could tell an apple from an orange in the dark.

Much like an animal, Laura can often identify things or individuals by smell. In this way, she could be used like a bloodhound to track someone by the scent on clothing left behind. The scent, however, should be fairly recent. Even taste is not exempt from this enhancement, though it likely impacts things considerably less than the other senses and is likely only enhanced because of its ties with the sense of smell. She could pick out the individual spices in a curry dish if she were familiar with them all, if she didn't reach for the fire extinguisher to put out that vindaloo dish first! (She steers clear of overly spicy foods as a result.)



She's deceptively strong for a girl of 5'6", who looks like she weighs no more than 110 lbs. This extra strength packs a bit more of a punch but is limited primarily to her upper body. Her legs could support her while carrying an adult male. She could very easily break noses and cheekbones and knock out teeth with a single punch if she put her mind to it.

It should be noted that she cannot lift and throw cars or rip trees out of the ground by the trunks or anything of the sort, though. In fact, as a general rule, she's not superhumanly strong until you take her slight stature into account. Most average sized male adults with the right training and perhaps adrenaline should be able to do what she is capable of… though she is a slight-of-build girl.


She could be called a 'nimble little minx' in this area. Laura could balance herself on a white picket fence in a particularly windy day and walk across it if she needed to. And if she is prepared, she could likely land on her feet if knocked off, much like a cat.


She's quick on her feet when she needs to be. Part of this is due to her enhanced senses picking up on movement around her, smells, etc., so it's hard to take her by surprise. Not impossible, but difficult. She could easily dodge a snowball if she saw it coming, even last-minute. The best way to catch her unawares would be to just not be upwind of her when throwing it. But truth be known, she can process what she sees as dangers or threats very quickly, taking an appropriate course of action when it matters most.

Healing Factor

Like other mutants with a healing factor, Laura heals and recovers from trauma and injuries at a highly accelerated rate. It's rare that she casually bruises from bumps or bangs. Superficial wounds such as bruises, scrapes, minor cuts and other such flesh wounds generally heal up within seconds. First degree burns heal within minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of flesh that is burned. Third degree might need longer to heal, measured out by days rather than hours, dependent upon how much of her body is burned.

Major organ damage takes longer for her to heal from than other injuries, but it's still greatly accelerated. An injury that might take a person four weeks to heal from might take four days for her, likely the longest heal-time out of all of the damage she could possibly take. For all intents and purposes, Laura is immune to average illnesses and diseases. There are drawbacks regarding this power (see Flaws), but some further bonuses. She will never suffer from radiation poisoning (radiation burns fall under burns), poisons will never have a lasting effect on her and other toxins/toxic substances won't really make her bat an eyelash.



  • List of events character has been part of.

Watch For

  • Her father is completely unknown to her.
  • She was a runaway; her step-father used to beat the hell out of her until she fought back and her mother never wanted to hear that she was getting beaten.
  • She has some trauma in her past which led to the adamantium in her body, which she doesn't generally talk a lot about.
  • She's sometimes guarded and even pushes people away sometimes, depending on how they present themselves to her and what's going on.


"Does not play well with others… sometimes."


Song Artist
Coming Undone Korn
Hate To Feel Alice in Chains
Here to Stay Korn
Shitlist L7
Break You Down Godhead
Just a Girl No Doubt
Numb Disturbed
The Only One Evanescence
The Reckoning Godhead


Icon Name Notes
Jean While she barely knows Jean, she feels the redhead is 'on the level', even if she's forgotten a large part of how she even got back to the mansion. She's shared about her powers with Jean and listened to what Jean knew of her own abilities; but she'd hardly call that a bonding moment. But when it boils down to it, she feels there is just something that makes her want to trust Jean.
Lucille Probably the closest thing to a 'friend' Laura can call at this point, Lucille has proven to her so far to have a solid head on her shoulders. She's the one who first referred to Julian as Pigboy, so she's got to be somewhat okay, right? Now that she's at the school, the pair might actually form an otherwise unlikely friendship, despite Laura's loner tendencies.


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