Kurt Wagner

"Aye carumba. Bet you thought I was going to say something cute in German, didn't you?"

Kurt Wagner
Portrayed By
Robert Sean Leonard

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  • Birthday: October 26, 1990
  • Position: Charming Fuzzy Elf/Adventurer
  • Fame: Being the Blue Guy.
  • Family: Mystique (Mother, As Yet Unknown to Kurt), Margali Szardos (Adoptive Mother), Jimaine Szardos (Foster Sister), Stefan Szardos (Foster Brother, Deceased)

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Right. So there's rather a lot, actually.


Nightcrawler can teleport his body, clothes, and a limited amount of extra mass (as much as 1000 lbs). Each 'port is uniformly accompanied by a bright flash of magenta-red light, a billow of smoke and the lovely stench of brimstone. He affectionately refers to the teleportation as a "Bamf!" after the loud noise it makes as the surrounding air rushes to fill in the void that Kurt had occupied.

The heavier the load that Kurt teleports, the less distance he can move with it. If simply teleporting himself and clothes/objects on his person, he can travel as far as two miles; teleporting one "passenger" with a size approximating his own, reduces the distance to around one and three quarters miles maximum. Additionally, he can stun opponents by taking them along on a quick succession of 'ports but, in doing so, endangers himself.

In addition to transporting whole objects or beings, Kurt can also teleport only part of an object, thus detaching it from wherever it was rooted. However, this only includes non-organic substances as his teleportation mechanism tends to reject partial organics. Similar to the "passenger" rules, the larger the object that he is "teleporting off", the more stress it places on his system. Additionally, the amount of concentration needed to select just the portion that wants to teleport renders the action slightly more difficult to perform than a "full-passenger" 'port - already a strain. As a result, he is less likely to exercise this facet of his gift, saving it for extreme circumstances.


Another result of his mutation that set in at puberty, Kurt can stick to walls, ceilings and other surfaces at will. It is perceived that this ability is caused by a conscious manipulation of the electrical fields created between his soft fur and the surfaces, thus intensifying the atoms' natural pull.

Night Vision

Kurt's eyes allow him to see infallibly in complete darkness. In conjunction with his ability to move almost soundlessly, this enables him to move about undetected after dark, a skill that often proved useful in the past. Perhaps as an outwardly visible result of the internal processes that allow him to see in darkness, his eyes seem to give off a soft glow - insignificant in normal lighting but quite noticeable in the darkness.


Due to his dark colouration and possibly to an additional mutant ability, Nightcrawler can blend into cast shadows, appearing virtually invisible in such cases.


The short coat of fur that has covered Kurt's body from birth certainly has its benefits - a constant and comfortable warmth, for example. Dense and sleek, it lends the impression that the mutant himself is blue; however, the skin beneath is the standard 'peach', albeit a bit paler since the fur restricts the amount of sun that reaches the flesh.

A Handy-Dandy Tail


The prehensile tail that extends three feet from the base of his spine has shown extraordinary strength; it has proven strong enough to support his weight (some 150 lbs) and that of a limited amount of extra mass when either swinging or simply hanging around. Though the limits of this "passenger" weight has rarely been tested, it is approximated that he can support somewhere around a maximimum of 200 additional pounds.

Kurt's tail is also dexterous enough to deftly manipulate a variety of objects, from a fencing sword to a coffee mug.

Enhanced Flexibility

Kurt's spine is much more flexible than a normal human's, lending an ease to the nigh-contortionist acrobatics that he occasionally performs for the sheer pleasure of the exercise, if for no other reason. He is also able to remain in a crouched position for long periods of time without any discomfort. Additionally, his flexibility allows him to run on all fours if he so chooses - in a full run, he may almost bend himself double, arching his spine with an almost feline quality.

Heightened Agility

Kurt seems to have a natural, almost feline agility. This was a blessing in his circus days and it is no less of one now. Quick reflexes allow him greater ease in dodging blows from most opponents, and, unless his mind is truly not on what he is doing, Kurt nearly always lands on his feet after a fall.



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Reporter: Well, you look like some kind of devil. Are you a devil?
Kurt: Only to pretty girls on our third date.
— X-Men Unlimited #49


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