Kitty Pryde
Katherine Anne Pryde
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Ellen Page
Xavier Institute

Smart and defiant, Kitty is a mutant who has the ability to phase through just about anything.


  • Birthday: 9/29/97
  • Position: Student
  • Fame:
  • Family: Carmen Pryde (father), Theresa Pryde (mother)

Nothing really happened in the town of Deerfield, Illinois. A good time was going out into the cornfields and looking for Crop Circles. As such, Kitty grew up a bored and lonely girl, too smart for her public schooling and too poor for her parents to afford college for her yet. Though she took refuge in the small public library in their town, she was convinced that she would live and die there without anything interesting ever happening.

And then, she started to get headaches. It was her senior year of high school and her parents thought that it was just nerves. She had taken a lot of coursework upon herself and even attempted to audit a few classes at the community college in anticipation of applying for more well known colleges. That along with her chores on the farm and her parents simply assumed that it was exhaustion. They took her to a doctor, to the emergency room and no one could explain it properly. They gave her parents a lot of medical jargon which amounted to the idea that they didn't know what was wrong with her.

It was during this trying time when Kitty was nearly bedridden with headaches that she met Charles Xavier. It was not a chance meeting. As the headmaster of a special school for children, he was interested in what he knew to be Kitty's burgeoning mutant powers. He offered her suspicious parents an offer they would be hard pressed not to accept - permitted that Kitty accepted. He would give her a scholarship to his extremely prestigious school. It was essentially a free ride. And, almost as a carrot that was too good to be true, Xavier promised that he would be able to help Kitty with her crippling headaches.

As Xavier insisted, he met with Kitty personally and alone to explain his true purpose for his visit. He told Kitty that she was not alone. What her parents did not know was that her crippling headaches always proceeded a very strange occurrence. She would simply pass through a wall, a floor, whatever she was relying on for support. After that, the headache would pass. For the most part, she had managed to hide it from her family, but Xavier managed to convince her that if she were to accept his offer, she wouldn't have to hide who she was for the rest of her life. Other people had developed strange abilities and those people wanting to control them and use them for a good cause had a safe harbor, persay. That place was his school in New York.

Funnily enough, Kitty was more worried about her education than the ability to control her newfound mutant powers. Once Xavier assured her that education was just as important to him and his instructors as abilities, she agreed to attend his Xavier Institute. With all her extra courses she took in high school as well as her intellect, she qualified for a sophomore at the Institute. Just as Xavier promised, her education is an important part of her life there. But, she is also learning how to properly use her blossoming powers there both offensively and defensively.

In the midst of all her learning, mutants were being hunted down in the nearby Manhattan. Sentinels ruled and innocents were being killed. Never one to allow things like that to stand, she wanted to help. Though still young, she fought to be included in whatever she could get involved in to promote fairness for mutants and to stop the violence. She was not always met with enthusiasm and was often turned away, but that didn't stop her. She's stubborn and keeps trying.


Kitty is just learning the extents of her powers, so what follows is all that she will be able to learn when she reaches her full potential. First, will be what Kitty can do without strain now.


Currently, Kitty is able to move through solid matter - floors, walls, books, metal, people anything. She has managed to reach enough control that she no longer has headaches

If Kitty passes through a human being, it will cause them to pass out. At the moment, passing through a human really hurts and affects Kitty negatively. It takes an enormous amount of strength in order to pass any part of her body through anyone. She has yet to really experiment with it. Passing through anything with an electric system will affect it and normally shut it down. If she phases her hand through a security pad, it will short circuit, if she phases through a car, it's electrical components will stop working. While she will be able to handle that without problems in her future, when she attempts to affect electronic workings by phasing through them currently, it shocks her.

She has reached a level of ability that she is able to phase /with/ someone through something simple like walls and floors, but this may cause discomfort for the other person. When she gains more control of her powers, they won't feel anything disorienting with phasing. Currently, she can only phase one person through objects along with her. Anyone more and she runs the risk of getting stuck and killing both herself and the others she phases with. As she trains, she will be able to bring more people with her - two or three. She is, however, completely able to phase through objects with people and leave them there, essentially killing them.%R%RWhen Kitty phases, she is essentially intangible and impervious to physical attacks. She will still be vulnerable to magical and psionic attacks, as those will disrupt her thinking or her ability to phase. If this happens at a crucial moment, she can find herself stuck within a wall or other solid objects, which will seriously injure her if it's only a body part. It will kill her outright if she is fully phased within a wall.

Kitty passes through objects at the same rate of speed at which she is moving before phasing. Since she is unable to breathe while phasing, she can only continuously phase through solid objects - as when she travels underground - as long as she can hold her breath. Kitty can keep her phased form at rest in relation to the rotation of the Earth upon its axis, thus allowing her to assume a ground speed of the length of a football field and a half every second. Kitty can also walk on air while phasing. It's nothing like flying, more like she can use the atoms in the air to step upward continually. How far she can go both through the ground and through the air depends on how long she can hold her breath and how fast she is going. As she can hold her breath - if properly prepared - for as long as about a minute she can move either half that to make it back to breathable air, or entirely that far down or up till she reaches an open space again. In the ground, that would be about 40 feet before she would run out of air and solidify again. For the air, she would reach the same barrier, however, she could also solidify, take a breath of air and then phase into the air again. She would free-fall in the time that she would be solid again, however, she could start moving from her falling point again once she was in her phased form again.

Kitty has trained herself to reflexively assume a phased state at any indication of danger, such as a loud noise like a gunshot, in order to protect herself. This does not always work in her favor, as a loud noise can happen without danger and she would have revealed her mutant nature to someone who would use that knowledge against her.


  • Isolation Growing up, Kitty felt very apart from kids her same age. First, it was because of her intellect and her desire to read and find some place that was different from the farmlands they grew up on. Then, in high school, it was due to her growing mutant powers. Always a loner, she sometimes reverts back to the fifteen year old emo girl that she was and doesn't want to deal with all the problems and complications that arise from having friends and lovers. As smart as she is, she normally doesn't feel comfortable with people her own age. Instead, she seeks company with people older than her and who she feels with she can talk with on an even level.
  • Superficial Like many others in the human community, Kitty is uncomfortable around those mutants that have physical deformities. It's not that she thinks that they're lesser human beings, but she doesn't know how to act around them. As such, she attempts to avoid them altogether. It's not exactly the friendliest reaction, but she assumes that's easier and less offensive than staring at them.
  • Kid Sister As a girl who was always the youngest in her class - even if she was the smartest - Kitty has the kid sister mentality of always wanting to prove herself and show that she can do what those older than her can't do. Sometimes that puts her in dangerous situations and others it just pushes her beyond where she should stop. Sometimes it leads to results no one else would push themselves to and others it is damaging and disastrous.
  • Naive: Being a young girl and growing up in the Midwest, away from the 'dangers' of the Big City, Kitty oftentimes can live up to her kid sister moniker. She can be too trusting of people who are realy attempting to play her against her best interests.


  • Intellect: Kitty has a genius level intellect. Even as a young girl, she was smart beyond her years and an avid reader. She took AP classes since her freshman year of high school and the only reason she didn't skip grades was her parents wanted to give her a normal life without putting her at a social disadvantage by putting her in classes with kids above her age. Her education at Xavier Institute has only fostered that brain and given a place to run free. Most often, she is found reading books and expanding her knowledge base.
  • Computer Sciences: A bit of a computer geek, Kitty knows her way around computers scarily well. She knows her way around code and can even hack her way into a few systems. She's still learning all the more sophisticated ways to use what she knows, but for now she is very good at rewiring and getting into databases she really has no business getting into.
  • Martial Arts: While her skill isn't exactly exceptional quite yet, Kitty has been taking martial arts classes and is able to ably defend herself against attackers. She's by no means a ninja quite yet, but she can throw a good punch and knows how to get out of the way of incoming problems. Without her powers, she can really only take on one person hand to hand competently, but she's still taking lessons. In a big fight, she can take on two-three people defensively - with just ducking and weaving and not at all engaging.
  • Ballet: Every young girl needs to take classes of one thing or another, Kitty had two. One of them was ballet. It's made her flexible and able to bend in some ways that only those trained in ballet as young girls can bend. It helps with her martial arts training and also makes Kitty graceful and more aware of her body than other women her age may be.
  • Skating: Growing up in a very cold climate, Kitty learned how to skate more than adequately well. While she can't do triple axles or anything, she is comfortable in skates and is able to speed in them without slipping or falling down.



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Watch For

  • Her desire to help mutants and join the fight
  • College student at Xavier Institute, but still new to the Manor
  • A very good grasp of computers and how to hack into them.
  • A need to prove herself to those around her.


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