Julian Keller
Julian Keller
Portrayed By
Ian Somerhalder
Xavier's School

The black sheep of the wealthy Kellers of Beverly Hills, Julian is a cocksure show off of a daredevil.


  • Birthday: December 2, 1999
  • Position: Troublemaker
  • Fame: The youngest son of billionaires; powerful personality; extremely talented at getting himself and others into trouble.
  • Family: William and Elizabeth, parents; James, elder brother


Telekinesis <Overview>

Julian is a powerful and creative telekinetic. He's taught himself to do several different feats with this ability. Ironically, while he is able to easily handle large and heavy objects, his telekinesis lacks the finesse to deal with small and nimble tasks, so that he can telekinetically lift a refrigerator more easily than he can lift a paperclip. Regardless of the size, he still needs to maintain focus to keep the object aloft or moving. Physically, he's currently limited by line of sight, meaning that he must be able to see the object to manipulate it, and so must be close enough to see and recognize it.

He does best on objects that are at least the size of an average loaf of bread, and has no upper limit on size, only weight: which is about that of an average SUV, with great strain. He could hold something of this weight aloft for only two minutes at most, and then would need to rest for at least twenty minutes before being able to do anything extensive with his powers again; he also wouldn't be able to move it very quickly. If he stays within the range of about 100-500 pounds, he can use his powers without much strain, provided his concentration doesn't lapse, and can move objects at upwards of 40 mph. He'd begin to tire after about twenty minutes of continual usage, but could push it past the half hour mark before completely exhausting himself. If he overtaxes himself beyond the point of exhaustion, he runs the risk of passing out. It will then take a day before he can use more than the barest minimum of his powers.

He can telekinetically lift and move people as well as objects (different from the disks he creates for them to stand on, explained elsewhere), with the same limitations as any other object. However, as he must have line of sight and be able to maintain focus, people can be more difficult if they are moving about or trying to avoid him.

His eyes glow green whenever using his power, and there will be a green aura around the object being manipulated.


Julian has discovered that he can use his telekinesis to fly. He's capable of travelling 50 mph for about half an hour before he begins to tire (meaning he can cover 25-30 miles before needing to rest). He can push his speed up to 60 mph, but he will tire more quickly and only be able to go about half that distance before needing to rest.

It takes about twenty minutes to half an hour for him to recover, though each subsequent leg of his journey will lose about 5 mph and five minutes each time he pushes himself to the max and then rests only the minimum (so if he travels 60 mph for half an hour and then rests for twenty minutes, he will now only be able to go 55 mph for twenty-five minutes, and after another twenty minute break, 50 mph for twenty minutes). He needs to rest for at least a few solid hours before he can regain all his maximums back.

He can allow other people to fly by creating a telekinetic disk currently capable of handling up to two average-sized people. He must fly with the disk as he cannot move more than one hundred feet away from it. The disk is flat, round and glows green, like most of his power effects. When flying with the disk, his speed and stamina are halved, so that he can go about 25 mph for 15 minutes.

His entire body will glow green when he is flying; if he is flying quickly enough, he will leave a glowing green trail behind him, making him pretty hard to miss when up in the air, especially at night.

Force Shield

Julian isn't yet actually capable of creating a full force field, though he has the potential. Currently, he can create small force shields instead that are capable of stopping any kinetic or solid object within his range. The same weight and time limits apply as they do to his main telekinesis - as outlined in his 'Telekinesis <Overview>' trait (powers1). If someone manages to break through this shield, he will be able to feel it.

He needs enough notice to be able to create the shield, which can be up to three feet in diameter. He can place them in front of himself or in front of others, provided they are within arm's reach of him. The shield itself he can maintain for about five minutes, and he can't move it around during this time - but it costs him a negligible amount to destroy and immediately create another shield in another location. He can only have one shield at a time. After using his shield heavily (ie. for five solid minutes or several shorter spurts), he will need to rest for twenty minutes before being able to actively use his powers again.

His shield, of course, glows green. It is NOT invisible, which means blows can be aimed around it if possible.

Force Blasts

Julian is also capable of creating blasts of concussive force with his powers. These shoot out of his hands and appear green. They are currently only able to inflict the same level of damage as a direct punch from Julian, but he can project them up to twenty five feet. He can vary them from about two inches to seven inches in diameter, though size itself has no effect on the force - it is always absolute, either concentrated or spread out over a larger area.

The blasts glow green and leave a trail from his hands. These act almost as physical objects, so that if something intercepts the trajectory, the force will hit whatever lies between. Similarly, if the target moves from where Julian is aiming, the blast will either hit whatever lies behind, or just die off into nothing if there doesn't remain anything to hit within his range.



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Watch For

  • His strained family relationship and the fact that his parents' disappointment affects him far more than he'd ever admit.
  • The shadowy way in which his family became wealthy.
  • His utter devotion to his friends.
  • His unwavering if somewhat unconventional moral code.


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