Jonothon Evan Starsmore
Portrayed By
James Marsters

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  • Birthday: June 30, 1984
  • Position: Musician, Morlock member
  • Fame: Local guitar busker
  • Family: Doesn't keep in touch with them, so they aren't important to note

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Below are some basic descriptions explaining the nature and general gist of Jono's powers. Please note that these are shortened versions of the +char sheet write-ups and not all details have been shared.

Walking Furnace - Description

Jono is essentially a walking furnace of psionic energy. When his power manifested, it did so rather explosively, partially destroying Jono's body, taking out everything from the lower jaw to his waist, not just the flesh and muscle, but also major vital organs (e.g. heart, lungs, vocal chords, etc.). To date, he is essentially a walking shell or 'chamber' for this energy, though he certainly keeps his higher-level functions, being able to interact as a normal person — if a greatly disfigured one (and one whose only means of communication is telepathic).

To the naked eye, this psionic energy manifests itself as flames spilling and licking out of the gaping hole in the front of his body; in a strange way, this might be a -very slight- comfort to onlookers, since it distracts from the true horror of the man missing part of his torso, most of his major organs and the lower part of his face. He keeps this covered up as much as he can, however, due to recent anti-mutant sentiment as much as safety of those around him.

Psionic Flames

The fire which burns in Jono's chest is psionic in nature and needs no fuel to keep it burning, as it is perpetual in nature. If not contained, it will extend beyond his face and chest cavity by a few inches and is potentially harmful to those around him if touched by it for a few reasons. This inner fire also contains heat, since it is a furnace of sorts. While within him, he can control it and remove the heat to protect someone who may brush up against him, but it is still fire. While it is still somewhat contained by his body, it may be impervious to being snuffed out, but he can to a minor effect light things on fire; and THIS flame can be extinguished once it is away from his body.

Once it leaves his body, it currently loses some of the heat from the inferno within. The flames which extend beyond his body can actually be willed to an almost 'null-temperature' by him, in case anyone gets too close when he's not covered up, to prevent them from being burned. But they will likely feel the warmth if they linger too long like that.

If someone were to stick their hand into the 'furnace', however, they would get instant second degree burns with the potential for third degree, severe disfigurement, incineration, etc., if their hand wasn't removed immediately.

NOTE: It should be noted that Jono has no control over the temperature while asleep and will always sleep fully wrapped up, just in case.

Concussive Force - Description

Jono is capable of focusing and expelling the psionic flames from his chest in a concussive blast of sorts. In this form, the 'concussive force' beam, for lack of a better phrase, can serve him in a few ways. It should be noted that this is not like the explosive power of C4. While it can destroy certain materials such as wood and brick, splintering and disintegrating it, it is simply concussive in nature. While the projection from his body is flame, there is no heat beyond a certain point once outside of the shell of his body.

Projection Telepathy

Jono cannot communicate like the average human being. He has no mouth, tongue, throat, vocal cords or lungs with which to speak. As a side-effect of the psionic energy which rages within him, he has gained the ability to communicate telepathically.

However, it is strictly a one-way street at this time; he projects his 'speech' into the minds of those around him but he cannot read their thoughts or emotions in return. It is simply a means for him to communicate with others at this time, despite the possibility to expand this.

The effect is a little odd, and even to one standing close to him, his voice may seem a little strange to some, seeming a little 'unworldly' or 'detached', but most pass it off as being a product of him hiding half of his face and it coming through a layer of cloth.



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