Instructions For Adding A Character

To add a character:

  1. Visit the main character list page and enter your character name into the 'Add Your Character' box. This should be the same name that you use to log into the game! You can change the name that shows in the listing by altering the title of the page once you enter the edit screen.
  2. A template should be automatically applied to your new page. If not, choose 'Character' from the initial content drop down menu (located right under the title box).
  3. Optional: Change the title of the page to your character's full name.
  4. Fill out the template.
    1. To create the infobox that will show up along the side, complete the code at the top of the page. For example, where it says '| fullname = <full name>', you should replace the text in the angular brackets. So in this instance, '| fullname = Charles Xavier'
    2. Infoboxes come in different colours for different teams. This is entirely optional. If you would like to change your infobox, alter the line that says '[[include infobox:Character'. For instance, to mark yourself as a member of Rykers, you would make the line read '[[include infobox:Character-rykers'. You can change this at any time by editing that one line.
    3. Be sure to fill out the sections at the bottom. Everything beneath the first ==== will not show up on your wiki page, but is necessary to create the listings on the character list and teams pages.
      1. The first section: '<Age> || <Affiliation> || <Position>' will be used for the main character list.
      2. The second section: [!--Date of death:--] //unknown// only need to be filled in if/when the character dies. Leave it as is otherwise.
      3. The third section: <A quote, summary, or funny thought about your character.> will be used for the team listing page.
    4. Under +Logs, make sure to change 'tags="CHARACTER"' to put in your character's name. For example, 'tags="Xavier"'. This will pull in every log that is tagged with Xavier automatically.
  5. Save your new page once you have filled it in. You can edit it again at any time.
  6. Upload your character image(s). These will show up in your gallery, and in your infobox, if you change the '| image =' line to include your image name. For example: '| image = Xavier.jpg'.
  7. Add the appropriate tags. Do not delete any of the systems ones that have been added automatically. Your tags should include: _character, human or mutant, and any teams or factions of which your character is a member (see the team's wikipage to find out their wikitag). Staff may fix your tags to make sure you are showing up in all the correct lists.
  8. Add yourself to the taken actors listing.
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