Karam Daher
Portrayed By
Karen Cliche

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  • Birthday: October 6, 1993
  • Position: Traveler
  • Fame: Biker Leathers.
  • Family: Deceased.

Karam Daher was to loving parents in the year 1993. She lived a fairly decent life with them in Saudi Arabia. Her father worked as an engineer, with young Karam peering over his shoulder. Her parents made sure she had a proper schooling and even picked up a couple of languages. She picked up English and French. It’s not exactly known at what age her mutant powers showed up. As she aged, it was just thought she was good with computers and electronics. But when she was able to *know* how an electronic device or machine was built by touching it, then able to turn on or off items that has electronic in them is they had batteries or even plugged in, it was realized she was a mutant.

With the news about mutant trouble in America, Karam was being real careful to hide her powers. Her powers simply weren’t THAT noticeable, so she could hide them. She learned what they were and what she could do with them. Not what she could do if in need, but learning what they were. She also picked up skills that were inline with her powers. Karam and her parents watched the news on a daily bases and were horrified when Sentinel robots were brought to Saudi Arabia in 2013. From that point in time, her life changed drastically. The Sentinels destroyed her home. Mutant hating humans literally slaughtered her parents. It was the combination of skills learned and her powers that allowed her to survive. Her powers, she found out, was actually helpful against the robots to a certain degree, and she was forced to be extremely careful being around anyone. She would help the best she could any other mutant she came across. But some of them were nervous about being around her because of her ability to control the machines that were hunting them. She usually ended up going on her own. She traveled from Saudi Arabia and in search for other mutants, or a place she could call safe. She heard of a big resistant movement in USA and wanted to join up with them. By stowaway in a large plane, she managed to get to Spain. From there, a boat ride over to Newfoundland, Canada. From there, she’s been traveling through parts of Canada and eventually over the border into the USA.

Then, in 2015, she heard on the news, about a place called Rykers that was actually once the bane of mutants was now the safe haven for Mutants. With more and more robots being made, Karam, now calling herself Hotwire, was starting to become mentally exhausted from going against human and machine. She heads for a place where should be safe again.


Machine Scan: Hotwire has a form of power that resembles telepathy and a touch of electrical control, but her abilities work with machines that have electronics in them. She is able to follow the electrical circuit and wiring in them to map out how a machine is built. She gets a mental picture and then is able to reproduce what she sees in order to copy the design. So far, she has to touch the machine in order to channel the energy and scan it. She can also sense hi-tech machine like robots in around a 100’ area. But, kind of like a telepath, she can become over whelmed by this power and thus, not always THAT accurate. She can get sever head aches from it, and it tires her out. But the choice between shutting down her power and being caught by the sentinel robots, she’s been putting up with the head aches. She CAN mistake something like the small peeper sentinels for something else and visa versa. She has mistaken a two laptop, that was hooked up together, for a peeper sentinel robot.

Technopath: Hotwire has figure out that she can access machines like computers and bank machines and enter her own programs. Hotwire is able to mentally control electrical machines within a 20 ft radius, which is an aspect of this power. She can follow the flow of electrical input and ‘surf’ the net fast than if she access them like normal. She also can find electrical wiring for security systems. She can manipulate about four computers/laptops to alter programs on them. She can only use two laptops at once, since she has to touch to be able to access the computers, to access the net. Once she has access to a computer, she can sort of trace the net and hack into other computers, one at a time, within a ten block radius. But when she’s doing this, she is at her most vulnerable to outside attacks, since she is so focused on surfing, she doesn’t know what happening around her. She doesn’t really need a monitor, since her mind simply follows the electronics of the net, then ‘reads’ it sort of like a telepath.

Techno Control: She can control machines, or alter programs in them, if they have electronic circuits in them. The alter programming actually depends on the actual machine. She can generally make simple electronics turn on or off. This includes electronic car alarms. She can’t make machines do what they aren’t made for. She can’t make a calculator into a GPS system. She can possibly find security systems, access them and alter them. Hotwire is able to mentally control electrical machines that are within a twenty feet of her. However, the larger the machine, the closer she has to be to it. The harder it is, due to all of the electronics in it. Things like electronic toy cars, remote control model airplanes and such. She can control 10-15 of them, depending on their size. She can also access computers and control them. To access computers though, she finds she can control them better if she is actually touching them. She is to be able to power them, even if they have no battery in them. If there are batteries in them, it's easier on her. She doesn't need to use so much energy to control them. There are a few exceptions, like actual cars, for there’s not enough electronics in them to control them. She can control about 1 of the flying eye sentinel robots in that 20’. Of the spider ones, she can control about 1 of them at a time, as long as she is right close to it, within 4-5 feet of it. The big ones, she can’t control, but she can sort of mess with it. She can make one of the feet go in the wrong direction. She can on the odd occasion make a blast miss its mark. But this is really pushing her power. But actually control it, she can’t do it. Too much stuff for her to control, plus its size brings the main control of it out of her range.

Techno Blast: Hotwire can actually generate mental energy blasts like a normal telepath can, but her powers work on machines. With this blast, she can disrupt the circuits in a machine. She can generate a blast powerful enough to take out a sentinel robot, but it also drains her of her energy. She can also generate a blast powerful enough to take out machines in about a 20’ radius. She can either focus on a single blast and take out a sentinel, or one 20’ radius blast, which will take out most smaller machines, but won’t stop the sentinel robot. It will take out some of the circuits in the leg area though, making it hard for the sentinel to walk.



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