Portrayed By
Hexadecimal from Reboot
Staff Position Apps & Graphics Wiz, 2nd-in-command
Staffly Responsibilities Graphics for the wiki including character icons (speak to me if you'd like a specific picture used for yours). Applications review, feedback and approvals/denials. General game maintenance for Ghost. Whatever else Ghost puts me to work on.
Experience Been MU*ing since 1993, so I'm a bit of a dino. I started on World of Darkness games, focusing on vampires and mortals/mortals+. Fantasy was after that and eventually I made my way to Harry Potter and X-Men games. I've since played and staffed in a variety of themes, from Stargate: Atlantis to Robin Hood to True Blood. I've also held a good list of various staff positions, ranging from staff to wizard, race sphere to applications and building.
Availability It varies from week to week but I'm generally on in the early evenings EST more than anything and to some degree throughout the weekends (unless I have to work it). If you're trying to track me down specifically and are not having much luck, drop me a @mail or email. If you want to meet 'in person' to gab, let me know what your availability is (and timezone) and I'll see if I can meet your schedule or not.
Things I Like Small scenes of 2-3 people, blocks of text split up into manageable chunks, character development!!, OOC chat when I'm relaxin', Darned Good RP (tm), etc. :)
Pet Peeves (things that rankle me a little) Being poked at when I'm idle or dark (read: busy). Having scenes interrupted by people walking in unannounced. Being poked about things I have nothing to do with (read: asking me repeatedly about plot stuff when, well, I don't do plot as a general rule). Don't get me wrong… I'm not going to bite people's heads off if these things happen, but I'd appreciate folks keeping it in mind. ;)
App & Character Philosophy I'm of the view that the powerset does not make the character. It's the flaws and strengths that accomplish that. It's not about how powerful a character is, but how the person plays them. They do not need to be a mutant to get involved in stories here; and a mutant does not have to be a walking powerhouse for that player to have a good time. It's all about just diving in and getting involved. If you're having difficulties getting involved, drop a note to staff or specifically, plot staff, and someone will see if they can help you out. And although I am not religious, remember the story of David and Goliath — one does not have to be a brick sh*thouse to take down someone bigger, just the ingenuity and determination. Just have fun, folks. It's not all about the max-minning — in fact, I highly discourage the max-minning. If you want a tough character, that's fine, but balance him out and make him more interesting by adding some fun flaws and character quirks.
Email All staff: gro.obbed|ffatsrmx#gro.obbed|ffatsrmx — Direct: moc.liamg|xehrmx#moc.liamg|xehrmx
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