Remy LeBeau
Portrayed By
Taylor Kitsch

"Losin's not my style."


  • Birthday: December 13, 1989 (Allegedly)
  • Position: Professional Thief / Wild Card
  • Fame: Infamous; Pick any big time heist in the past six years and there's a very good chance that a man named Gambit had something to do with it.
  • Family: Jean-Luc LeBeau (adoptive father), Belladonna Boudreaux (ex-wife)

Unclaimed and unwanted from the beginning of his life, this young mutant never had the chance for a normal life, as it were. Abandoned at a hospital in New Orleans, he didn't spend more than a week there, as a rogue group known as the Thieves Guild kidnapped the red-eyed child (dubbed Le Diable Blanc) and threw him to The Anitquary, a man known for collecting children. However, his stay with that old man wasn't long as he was rescued/re-kidnapped by Jean-Luc LeBeau the patriarch of the Thieves Guild.

Named "Remy" by Jean-Luc, this young mutant child was thrown to the proverbial wolves for both training and safekeeping. Remy spent the majority of his early childhood, stealing and pillaging from anyone that dared to step foot on the streets of New Orleans. He seemed to take after his adopted father with natural skill and grace, to the point that he tried to pick pocket Jean-Luc himself, only to be caught. Rumors have circulated that this may have been a Thieves Guild set up to test Remy's skills, but confirmation has yet to be found.

Taken under Jean-Luc's wing at this point and thrust into the life of the Thieves Guild, officially, Remy became a working thief around the age of ten. Many legendary (at least in New Orleans lore) thefts were done at the hands of the growing boy known as Remy LeBeau. Throughout these years, both of the Guilds that occupied the city were starting to war with each other. Which didn't really concern Remy as much as the manifestation of his powers did. After all, blowing up your spoon during Saturday Morning Cartoons is not a good way to start the day.

Remy never really intended on keeping his ability a secret, to which nobody in the Thieves Guild really cared about it. His first love and talent was being a thief after all and his ability only helped him become a better one, as far as they knew and that's all that mattered. Still, though, the war between the Thieves and Assassins Guilds was getting dangerous. Losses were being taken on both sides and something had to be done. That something involved Remy being thrown into something that he never thought he would ever be stuck in doing

Marriage. Remy was to be wed to the daughter of the head of the Assassins Guild in an attempt to unify the Guilds and end the war that was destroying New Orleans and spreading. It was a good plan, since Remy happened to love that girl in the first place. However, not everyone was happy about the marriage, specifically the bride's brother. He challenged Remy to a duel, where the mutant accidentally took out his brother-in-law via self-defense. In order to make things right, the Thieves Guild excommunicated Remy and banished him from New Orleans. This, effectively, ended his marriage also.

Off to travel the world as a thief for hire and general mercenary, Remy found himself in and out of trouble on a weekly basis. He spent some time in a South American prison for something he did, but managed to escape. He spent some other time in a prison just outside of New Orleans, but escaped from there also. Wherever he went, trouble seemed to be right on his heels. Trouble that led him right to New York City. Which, rumor has it, isn't the safest place on Earth right now.

Remy has, for the most part, managed to keep his nose out of this crazy war. But now that he's on, what's essentially, Ground Zero for the constant struggle between Humans and Mutants, it looks like he's either going to have to pick a side or find a way to capitalize.

2 to 1 Odds he pulls off the latter.



Biokinetic Aura: Gambit has the rare side effect of producing a Biokinetic Aura with the constant and latent use of his Biokinetic Charge ability. This Biokinetic Aura seems to work along the same wavelength as a 'jamming signal' when it comes to communications and radio waves. What the aura does is that it creates Biokinetic Static that, essentially, shields Gambit and anyone within his immediate vicinity from those with telepathy or other related mental abilities. This is a byproduct of his Biokinetic Charge ability and not anything that Gambit can consciously control, without the use of his Biokinetic Charge.

This Biokinetic Aura fluctuates depending on how involved Gambit is using his power at the moment. From a latent standpoint, the aura throws up a weak barrier of static that tends to shield Gambit from psionic view. When actively using his Biokinetic Charge, though, Gambit can be hidden from even some of the world's most powerful telepaths. The aura literally 'jams' the telepathy… until the charge is no longer present.

Biokinetic Charge: Being a mutant, Remy was born with the special ability to take the potential energy in any object and convert it into kinetic energy, thus creating an explosive discharge. Generally speaking, Remy has excellent control over this ability and has been using it readily since the manifestation of his mutant ability. The major setback of this ability is the time that it takes to charge an object. The smaller the object is, the shorter the time it takes to charge it. However, the trade off is that the bigger the object is, the more "punch" it has, in terms of being an explosive discharge. For things like his playing cards and other small, handheld objects, the discharge is something close to the blast radius of a grenade. However, for something larger, the explosive radius is much, much wider.

There are a variety of uses for this ability that Gambit has mastered, which will be discussed below.

  • Partial Charge: Remy has the ability to partially charge an object. This results in, basically, a "pulled punch" kind of effect for the charged object in question. In the end, a partial charge simply works by not exciting all of the molecules in a given object and thus creates a smaller explosion than would normally happen upon impact.
  • Time Delay Charge: Remy has managed to master the art of delaying the explosive discharge of an object that he's charged. He can charge an object and leave it to explode upon impact or just somewhere around the time period of 2 - 3 minutes later. The ultimate maximum length of time something can remained charged before exploding on its own is 5 minutes.
  • Recycle Charge: Remy can actually use his charging ability to "burn" up an object until it no longer exists. By overdoing the charging rate that an object has, it literally will start to disintegrate and eventually no longer be there. Much like the basic charging ability, this takes longer on larger massed objects than it does on a smaller ones. It also requires a bit more concentration on Remy's part, as he has to make sure it doesn't explode.
  • Discharge: Remy is capable of controlling the charge of an object to the point that he can release the energy that's been converted in a non-explosive manner. It is, effectively, reconverting the kinetic energy back into potential energy and returning the object back to its original form. Harmless.

Gambit cannot charge organic matter. This is another big flaw in his mutant ability as it limits the use of his ability. While it has been previously speculated that his red eyes are the source of the energy conversion, it has since been proven that touch, of any type, will allow him to charge an object.


Accent: Remy LeBeau comes with a Cajun accent that makes him a hit with a lot of the ladies. This gives him an advantage over a lot of 'normal-speaking' men when it comes to 'getting those digits'.

Athletics: Peak Athleticism is one way to describe Remy's knack for being the way he is. This isn't to say he's some sort of sports freak, though he finds himself pretty darn good in the area of basketball. Remy does, however, keep himself in shape enough to be considered an athletic person that routinely commits acts of athleticism to keep himself in shape. This basically means that he keeps himself in shape enough to put the normal and average people of the world to a quiet bit of shame.


Card Tricks: Remy LeBeau has expert knowledge in regards to card tricks and other things of that nature. He's a man that's very well versed in the way these things go, whether they're magic tricks or just sleight of hand tricks. He's very good with his hands and a deck of cards, capable of performing tricks far above and beyond that of Pick A Card, Any Card and the illustrious Three Card Monty. Rumors have even circulated that he's capable of tossing cards in the air and having them float in a slow-motion styled manner (something very likely involving his mutant ability). He's a cardsharp, through and through and one would be hard pressed to find someone on his level. Not the best in the world, certainly, but very, very good at what he does in this regard.

Driving: Automobiles are something that Remy gets along well with. Not only is he capable of pushing things like cars and motorcycles to their limits and slightly beyond, he's also personally trained in both stunt and combat driving. He's not exactly a master wheelman, but he has enough knowledge behind the wheel to be able to evade and give chase in a variety of adventurous manners. Catch him if you can.

Exceptional Agility: Whether it's natural talent or a byproduct of the biokinetic energy that flows through his body, Gambit finds himself extremely more agile than those of the human race. While he doesn't quite seem to be on the same skill level of some of the more practiced and well-versed humans, he does seem like he has the potential to be greater than human in this regard. It comes very much in handy when dodging lasers or bullets and things of that nature. This is more of a measure of his limberness and flexibility than it is a measure of his skill in gymnastics or acrobatics. Confidentially speaking, the ladies love this about him.

Gambling: Remy happens to be an expert in gambling. Regardless of what the game is, how the game is played and things of that nature, he tends to be able to catch on very quickly and then become something of a natural expert in the game. He knows the ins and outs of betting, raising, bluffing, calling and then some, which tends to make him a very formidable opponent when it comes to things like that. He's very hard to read and doesn't have any telling signs of his own when he's playing a game of chance. In fact, he tends to play his best when it seems like he's not even paying attention to the game at hand. He's very good at what he does in this regard and tends to turn games of chance into games of skill.

As a side note, Remy also knows the ins and outs of cheating. Whether it be counting cards, palming cards, hidden aces up sleeves… the whole nine yards. He's always been a fan of skill over cheating and will not cheat. If he loses, he loses. There's something honorable about doing it that way. He can spot a cheat a mile away and won't hesitate to up the ante on said cheater just to show them up. It's a dangerous game, but somebody has to play it.

Languages: Remy LeBeau is fluent in the languages of English and French. In addition to that, he's fluent in the dialect of Cajun from down in New Orleans. While those are the languages that he can both speak and understand, he has over the years managed to be capable of comprehending and speaking small bits of Japanese. Bad Japanese.

Persuasion: Remy's charismatic nature has been worked and molded into something of a skill. Whereas some people are good with the intimidation and causing fear, Remy approaches situations with a bit more charm. Whether it happens to be flirting with disaster until it strikes or simply letting loose with his gift of gab long enough to acquire the keys to a lock he doesn't feel like blowing up, Remy ends up being a very persuasive individual. This doesn't work on everyone, as different people are susceptible to different methods, but Remy has the skill to try and mold his demeanor to one that others may feel comfortable dealing with. He works his magic to the best of his ability and often to help himself in any given situation.

Pilot: It all started in his Thieves Guild. Something of an extractions specialist, Remy has learned and become knowledgeable in the art of flying crafts of the helicopter and jet sorts. He's not an ace pilot by any stretch of the imagination, but he's well enough skilled to be able to handle flying contraptions of a variety of sorts and keep himself and other passengers alive. For the most part, anyway.

Savate: Remy happens to be very well-versed in the martial art of Savate. The only formal training coming from his days in the Thieves Guild, Remy has taken the art and made it his own. Combining the graceful kicking techniques with some of his own Nawlins Street Fighting flavor, Remy's come up with a style that's as improvisational and situational as he is unpredictable. This allows him to hold his own in many a fight with multiple opponents, as well as go toe to toe with those that are of equal or greater skill than he is, when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He has also incorporated the use of the bo staff into his Savate skills.

Security: Being a master thief has given Remy LeBeau the knowledge in security that a lot of others will never have the luxury of knowing. Not only does he know how to work around and disarm security systems of all kinds, but he can also put his knowledge to work for him on the other side of the spectrum and actually design security systems to try and keep out others like himself. While he may not know every little technical detail about things, he knows enough to be able to point out inconsistencies and problems with security systems, as well as how to dodge laser trip wires and dismantle motion sensors and things like that.


Silver Tongue: Remy has always had a way with words and this has probably been one of the first weapons he's perfected in his arsenal of natural abilities. This tends to work on the female gender more than it does the male, as Remy naturally intermingles his charming and persuasive ways into his flirtatious demeanor. However, he's also been known to talk his way out of jail a couple times. Or even out of being killed by assassins that were hired to do him in. He's very good at wordplay, turns of phrase, saying the right thing and things of that nature. It's always a good trait to have, because sometimes, his mouth is the only weapon he has left.

Strategist: It's a little known fact that Remy LeBeau is somewhat of a clever strategist. As an extension of his intelligence when it comes to gambling and things of that nature, he's capable of handling himself in the same way when engaged in combat. He's very well versed in making sure that the odds are stacked in his favor. When they aren't, he will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to tip those scales and put himself into the driver seat of a particular dangerous situation. Comfortable with himself and who he is, Gambit has no qualms about looking weak or playing 'dead', in order to gain the upperhand on his foes. Anything is fair, in the game of survival and Remy's keen mind tends to help him stay a step or two ahead.

Street Acrobat: Having no formal training in acrobatics whatsoever, Remy is something of a street acrobat. He's capable of performing flips, twists, tumbles, swings and other acrobatic feats with great ease and exceptional agility. Again, with no formal training, his ability in this area extends to more urban settings than it does professional areas. This comes into a fair bit of use in regards to his criminal ways, which allows him to deal with some of the more streamlined security systems that he comes across. More often than not, Remy feels at home in any urban environment which allows him treat the city as his playground.

Subterfuge: Evasive actions just happen to be something else that's right up Remy's alley. He tends to be highly well versed in actions and language (verbal or body) that keeps his opponents on their toes in regards to anything that Remy might be saying or doing. This comes into play, heavily, during his gambling circles or when he's bluffing his way out of a parking ticket. He's very good at what he does in this regard and won't hesitate to use it on his friends, if it means he can keep himself out of too much trouble. Remy makes himself very hard to read with this subterfuge ability, but that's just the way the Cajun likes it.

Thief: If there's one thing that Remy knows, it's taking things that don't belong to him. He is, without much question, one of the greatest thieves that the world has ever known. From the smallest sleight of hand tricks and pick pocketing to breaking and entering high security military installations, Remy can do it all without breaking so much as a cold sweat. He's very much at home and in his element when he's performing acts of larceny, no matter the reason or the type of theft he's performing at the time. He has been doing the thievery thing since he could walk and has been trained by the world's best, often one-upping them in their own expertise due to both natural ability and learned mastery of the thieving arts. Remy continually seeks out ventures to often test his own skills and remain as sharp as he possibly can in regards to being a master thief.

Throwing Accuracy: A specified marksman, Remy isn't one of those 'can hit anything with anything type people'. On the contrary, Remy's marksmanship comes in a very concentrated form in regards to objects being thrown. Whether they be cards or throwing spikes and knives or something else, Gambit has somewhat made throwing things something of an expert skill. Of course, this is something that tends to come into play only in regards to a more combative situation, as Remy doesn't particularly care to throw things for fun. Unless it's a card trick.


Cards: Only mentioned because they happen to be his trademark weapon, Remy LeBeau uses playing cards to fend off the forces of… whomever happens to be trying to kill him at the time. Granted, on their own, they are nothing more than the stylized pieces of paper than everyone is used to. However, once imbued with a biokinetic charge, they become explosive weapons of destruction.


Safehouses: Littered around the States (and in a handful of select countries) are safehouses. Each of them is owned under the name Robert Lord (one of Remy's aliases) and paid for and will likely set off very little red flags. They are places that Remy can go to hide out, regroup, stash things and any number of different options that could come up in his different lines of work. All of his safehouses are furnished and maintained by Remy or his associates. Never know when one is going to be needed, after all.

Staff: Gambit has, in his possession, a telescoping bo staff that has been designed out of a lightweight metal alloy. It's highly durable and packs quite a punch in the right hands, but it also serves as a concealed weapon more often than not. The true story behind where he even got this bo staff has been lost in the legend of Gambit, so he tends to just go with something more simple during conversation: "I stole it." The staff extends to about four feet of ass kicking justice.

Stash: You're not one of the world's best thieves if you don't stash some of the goods. There are things missing from places to this day that people have no idea where they got to but Remy does. And that's some information that he's not willing to let go. Hidden in an undisclosed location (or multiple locations) are things of value that Remy has stolen and, should he ever feel the need to, could fetch him a pretty nice price. After all, Remy has been stealing things his entire life. His collection of goods must be pretty huge. From rare jewels to paintings to technological breakthrough blueprints anything could end up being in Remy's stash. And it'll continue to grow as long as he's alive.


Code of Honor: That whole Honor Among Thieves thing is kind of true. While Remy is a criminal, by the general meaning of the word, that doesn't mean he's a heartless and ruthless creature of the night. He has a set of rules and standards that he's grown to live by… which come from the Thieves Guild, mostly. There's an art to the way he lives his life and he works hard to not overstep those boundaries set by the code.This can sometimes get him into precarious situations, depending on those that have chosen to not follow the code.

Criminal Record: Just because he's one of the best thieves in the world doesn't mean that he's never been caught. That just usually means he never stays caught for long. Anyway, Remy has a criminal record. Some time has been served and other time hasn't. But even if he happens to be one of those Wanted men, he's always managed to stay a few steps ahead. But if there's one thing that he should've learned by this point? It's that he can't run from his past forever. Sooner or later things will catch up to him.

Enemies: In his days, Remy has pissed off a few people. Okay, he's pissed off a lot of people. Almost all of these people want Remy dead. Which is not a good sign, in the long run. Lurking around any corner on any street could be someone out to get him and there's really nothing he can do about that. This contributes to the slight paranoia that he goes through. Redemption is kind of a difficult thing to manage when there are people trying to make you less than alive, multiple times a week.


Former Smoker: Nicotine habits are hard to break. While Remy has managed to quit smoking, this doesn't mean the urge is all gone. The possibility of slipping into his old ways continues to be there. Perhaps he should look into getting the patch?

Overcharge: During times of great emotion or stress, Remy can sometimes 'overcharge' an object, thus causing it to explode before he's ready. He can usually catch himself before this happens, but if there's other factors keeping him from paying attention to what he's doing… or something breaking his 'know this like the back of his hand' card charging, there can be premature explosions.

The Rush: Money plays a very big role in the way Remy works as a professional thief. However, it's more of the thrill and the adventure that draws him to doing things right now. He's always willing to go the extra mile for something more dangerous to overcome. He gets something out of The Rush and will likely keep that up for the rest of his life. Which can only mean that nine times out of ten he's going to be placing himself in harm's way in some way, shape, form or another.

Trust Issues: The combination of trust issues comes from Gambit's past, mostly. Not to say that he's paranoid, but he's been double-crossed and cheated so many times, he finds it very hard to put his trust into anyone. On top of that, his criminal and flighty nature, not to mention the fact that he's ever so secretive, tends to make it very hard for people to trust him. It all culminates into a big bowl of distrust that only serves to make things harder for Remy in terms of living his life the way he feels that he should. Of course, being on a self-inflected road to redemption has its obstacles.

Women: That whole Hell Hath No Fury thing is a big part of this whole deal, considering that Remy has broken many hearts of many beautiful women in his days. Some of them may have boyfriends or husbands, while others just may want to string him up by his ankles and beat him. It all depends on how he left them… which is almost never on good terms.

Watch For

  • His inability to not try and assist beautiful women, damsels in distress and the underdog.
  • His constant wanting of what he can't have.
  • His dashing good looks.
  • His risky, thrillseeking nature that gets him into more trouble than it's worth, actually.
  • His challenge-induced kleptomania. (Don't tell him he can't do something.)
  • His alleged history with Fagin.
  • His constant flirting.
  • His Heart of Gold and Silver Tongue.


  • "Playin' for keeps is still playin', mon ami, so take a card… ANY CARD!"
  • "After all dis time— an' I still manage t' impress myself."
  • "Victory was in de cards!"
  • "I'm a thief, chere. Jus' doin' what come natural!"
  • "Always bet on Gambit."
  • "Every man has a price t' charge an' a price t' pay."
  • "Hands off de jacket, mon ami."
  • "Who wanna' see how many cards I got up my sleeve?"
  • "I throw de cards. De cards go boom! End o' bad guy. End o' story."//


Coming Soon.


  • Old Friends: Gambit has been all around the world and then some. Which means he's managed to garner some relationships that could lead to RP later on. Whether they be from his childhood or his worldy travels or even some of his old heists, the possibility of knowing Remy is greater than you think. Let's talk.
  • Belladonna: Hot. Blonde. Ex-Wife. Remy killed her brother. The potential for great RP of all kinds exists here. I'll even help you pick a PB. Am I great or what?
  • Enemies: Can be any great number of things. From Canonical ones to those of an Originality nature, it doesn't matter. Being a thief tends to let Gambit cross paths with all types. These are the types that either want him dead or really dead. Go figure.
  • Scorned Women: From short relationships to flings to crushes… any women want to have been heartbroken by the Layin' Cajun, step right up and sign here. You'll all get your chance to slap him in the face.
  • The Guilds: Considering that Gambit has been excommunicated, it would be interesting to see how the Guilds interact with him. Maybe there are some members of the Thieves Guild that still like him, while most of the Assassins Guild wants him dead. Could be fun, either way.


Title Artist Track Style
Born Under A Bad Sign Albert King Main Theme; Gambit had the displeasure of having a very rough childhood. This song brings that to life in more ways than one.
Lapdance N.E.R.D. Showing Off; Whenever there are ladies around, Gambit has a nasty habit of showing off a bit. It can be charming or annoying, depending on the dame.
Trouble Skindred Pushed; Everyone has their limits. Push Gambit too far and you just might get what's coming to you.
Mambo No. 5 Lou Bega Mardi Gras; Being from N'awlins makes this track perfect for when he's feeling the need to party like its Mardi Gras. And dance with different girls all night long.
Remember The Name Fort Minor Gambit; "Da' name's Gambit… REMEMBER IT!" Yeah. It's kinda' like that.
Fight For All The Wrong Reasons Nickelback Belladonna; Unfortunately, the marriage to Belladonna didn't last that long. The relationship wasn't a lie, it just wasn't the right one for Remy.
Addicted Saving Abel Belladonna; It's hard for Gambit to completely turn his back on his first love. She will always be able to pull him back in. It's a dangerous emotional affair, between these two.
Light It Up Rev Theory Charge It; This is for when Gambit wants to give an up close and personal demonstration of his mutant ability. It's fuchsia, by the way. Not pink. Really.
Hell Yeah Rev Theory Flawless Victory; Remy's a showman. So whenever there's someone around that Remy wants to impress, he'll kick up whatever he's doing a few notches to show off.
Ice Box Boyce Avenue Relationship Saboteur; Remy cannot keep a stable relationship. Mostly due to the problematic past relationships. It's harder for him to love than flirt.


Gambit #2: Fishing -> Gambit runs into an underage girl at the Boar's Head. Cards are played, but is there something else at work here?

Gambit #3: Hot Cards, Hot Bikes, and Meat on a Stick -> Remy tries to lay some words of wisdom on a couple of females. One needs direction and the other needs food.

Gambit #4: X-Treme Makeover Home Edition -> Remy and Jubilee do some sharing, bonding and exploding.

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