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Plots and RP
IC stories, both large and small.
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For staff-run plots, whether large arcing stories or one-offs.
For events and TPs run by the players.
Requests for RP, plots, storylines, feedback, etc.
25by heartspringsheartsprings
13 Jan 2010 00:58Jump!
AKA: "canon fodder"
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Introduce your new character here!
23by veg26veg26
04 Jan 2010 02:18Jump!
If you are looking for a certain concept, PC or NPC, this is the place to recruit.
11by SomeoneElseSomeoneElse
28 Dec 2009 06:04Jump!
For scheduling, planning, and and any team-based discussion.
For everything else.
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General discussion about XMR.
38by veg26veg26
13 Mar 2010 21:39Jump!
Requests for help, in whatever context.
For OOC conversations or things that have nothing to do with XMR.

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