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I'm around. I just work most days. Usually I'm not home until after six (EST).

I'd say it's definitely been quiet lately. If you're looking for something to do with Brook and I don't manage to catch you feel free to hit me up by mail.

Re: Hellooooooo Out There? by veg26veg26, 13 Mar 2010 21:39

Heya folks! I'm just curious where you've all gotten to lately? Is IRL being a bear for a lot of you?

Hellooooooo Out There? by heartspringsheartsprings, 10 Mar 2010 17:34

Seems pretty handy and in-depth to me! Thanks for putting it together!

Re: Creation Aide by heartspringsheartsprings, 14 Jan 2010 18:47

I think I could be a participant in the first idea you have mentioned! Brook usually hangs around with a group of heretofore unnamed and unplanned street thug, lost teen sorts. They make a living out of stealing for survival. Big heists aren't so much their MO, but they do often have to get scattered by the cops for what thefts they do pull off.

Re: 'Cop' Hooks by heartspringsheartsprings, 13 Jan 2010 00:58
Re: 'Cop' Hooks
BoilinghellBoilinghell 11 Jan 2010 23:07
in discussion Plots and RP / Requests » 'Cop' Hooks

ELLEN!! I would love to set up many scenes with you. Here are the hooks that I can fit my characters into.

Jubilee: Coffee and donuts or Running Interference. Even though she wouldn't pull off a huge heist herself, she would get in the middle of any sort of criminal activity in Chinatown to try to thwart it… since she's the impoverished Batman of the Asian-Nation. She's also a registered mutant though she keeps a very low profile.

Lorna: Coffee and donuts, No love lost, or Crime reports. Lorna is a relatively high profile registered mutant who loves hot chocolate and drives a racy little sports car. We could do a lot with that :)

Anyhoo!! Back to work for me. Give me a shout through wikimail, @mail, or aim if you're interested :)


Re: 'Cop' Hooks by BoilinghellBoilinghell, 11 Jan 2010 23:07
Re: 'Cop' Hooks
nexus13nexus13 10 Jan 2010 21:24
in discussion Plots and RP / Requests » 'Cop' Hooks

Hey there,

To answer the first question: If I'm on, I'm usually on in the early evenings EST (eg. 6 or 7pm to 11pm-12am EST, max) with the odd exception. My weekends are up in the air from week to week, depending mostly on whether or not I have to work or have something in RL going on.

As for the second question: Marrow would be on the books as a known mutant terrorist. And while I might not want her locked up for good, I'm all for run-ins with a cop who might recognize her from video surveillance, lock-up with chances for escape and/or rescue, etc.

If I am around and you want something like this, feel free to poke me. Even if I can't swing it that night, I'd be more than willing to set up a mutually agreed-upon time to do so.

Hope this helps!


Re: 'Cop' Hooks by nexus13nexus13, 10 Jan 2010 21:24
'Cop' Hooks
veg26veg26 10 Jan 2010 19:18
in discussion Plots and RP / Requests » 'Cop' Hooks

I'm finding it a tad hard to find scenes for Ellen. I can never tell: is there a peak time most people log in to play, or is there some preferred method people use to schedule RP? I haven't had the opportunity to chat much with anyone, but I figure maybe I could throw some ideas out here, and that way anyone who's interested could get in touch with me.

This is just a general listing of starting story hooks for Ellen. It's by no means complete, but things I’d love to be taken up on:

Running Interference: Want to try and rob someone? Break into some random warehouse or apartment off the grid? Need the PoPo to show up? Chances are if you've got the benefit of mutant powers you'll still pull it off, but what's a brilliant heist without someone to try and trip you up?

Coffee and Donuts: Ellen's not a cop 24/7; she does get out and as it stands there are quite a few places she would frequent. The 7-11, coffee shops, church (on occasion), shooting range, gyms and rec centres… Maybe you want someone to train with? If you hang out in any of these places, there is a good possibility Ellen could find you. Or beat the tar out of you. Or have her butt kicked. Or whatever!

Differing Opinions: Are you a mutant sympathizer? Idealistic university kid who wants to share the word? Try and stage a small public protest? If you mouth off around Ellen it could land you in her bad books and maybe in the back of a squad car.

Spreading the Hate: Meeting up with other people prejudiced towards mutants is a major goal I have for Ellen. It'd be good to start building connections. And, of course, nothing spells drama like hate-filled people coming together to complain. Maybe you want someone to opine with. Maybe you're looking to have a 'friend' on the force. I'm open to pretty much anything.

Crime Reports: Not much to say about this one… but if you find yourself the 'victim' of one of those shady low-level NPCs Ellen can take down a crime report if it's in her jurisdiction (Midtown Manhattan).

No Love Lost: Are you a registered mutant who is publicly known or keeps a high profile? An investigator turned mutant rights advocate? Ever consider having one lone cop itching to arrest you just because you've done something to rub her the wrong way? To the point that every time she sees you, she has that “I know you're up to no good, just you wait until I find the evidence!” look plastered on her face? There's more than one way to gain a kind of 'mini-antagonist' for your character.

Friend Turned Foe: It'd be interesting to play out a relationship where eventually it turns out the other person is a mutant. It could very well turn out to be the thing that keeps Ellen from going overboard with her mutant-hating… or it could be seen as a kind of betrayal and have little to no effect on her stance at all.

As well, if there's any particular role you're looking to fill, I'd be happy to try and work something out with you. Page, send me mail, or an instant message here—if I'm online, I'm not away from my computer unless otherwise noted, and I'm always up for pages.

Bottom line is, I'd like to start getting more involved, so if you're looking for a new story hook, you can always give me a nudge.

'Cop' Hooks by veg26veg26, 10 Jan 2010 19:18
BoilinghellBoilinghell 08 Jan 2010 15:47
in discussion Plots and RP / Requests » Teenagers!

Someday I'm hoping the storms will stop and my internet will stabilize. When it does I would love to have some scene with the Xavier School/Xavier Institute people. Jubilee is a 17 year old and so far I've been getting a lot of adult rp but I'd really just like to have a frisbee game in the park or maybe getting a cat out of a tree. Hit me up when you see me, I never know when people are too busy!


Teenagers! by BoilinghellBoilinghell, 08 Jan 2010 15:47
Re: Log Dates
WhozitWhozit 06 Jan 2010 03:22
in discussion General / Game Chatter » Log Dates

Since all of the feedback I'm hearing on this idea is overwhelmingly positive and no one has run screaming in terror at the idea, we're going to implement the change on a go-forward trial basis.

This thread will be left open for feedback, so if you find the dating to be utterly unhelpful or exceedingly cumbersome, let us know and we can revisit the idea. Similarly, if you have other ideas on how the automated logs can be improved, please also let us know, either on here or via +request.

In the meantime, staff will work on converting the existing logs to the new system. In the cases where no actual date has been indicated on the log, we'll just use the posting date (+6 years into the future) as our guide. If you feel we've done the date wrong on one of your logs, by all means, feel free to change it.

I will work on getting some proper instructions written up, but in the meantime, here's the fast and dirty version of what you need to do:

  1. Enter the log title in the 'Add Your Log' box. (Just the log title without the date.)
  2. When the edit screen comes up, add the date at the beginning of the log title in the format 'YYYY/MM/DD - <title>'
  3. Put in the log as usual in the space below and hit save.
  4. Add character names and any other appropriate tags using the 'Tags' menu at the bottom of the page.

And that's it! Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ghost or submit a +request.


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Re: Log Dates by WhozitWhozit, 06 Jan 2010 03:22
Creation Aide
BoilinghellBoilinghell 05 Jan 2010 23:30
in discussion General / Game Chatter » Creation Aide

This is in no way an official thing, it's just something that I made up to help myself write a background. I just wanted to share in case other people have trouble. What I do is answer the questions as if I was the character I'm apping. Once I get into it, it really helps with the background writing process.

How old are you?
When were you born?
How old were you when you found out you were a mutant?
How old do you look to others?
Are you more or less mature than you seem?

What was unique about your childhood?
What do you remember about your early years?
What forged your basic motivations and attitudes?
Where did you go to school?
Were you a good student?
Who were your immediate family members?
What is your clearest childhood memory?
Did you go to High school? College?
Did you have a hometown, or did your family move often?
Ever run away from home?
Did you play sports?
Did any of your childhood friendships last until adulthood?

What kind of person are you?
Are you a kind and gentle person, or an arrogant bastard?
Are you popular, or a social outcast?
Did that change after you mutated?
Did you have a family?
How do you earn a living?
Do you have any real friends? Or just acquaintances?
What keeps you going from day to day?

What was your first brush with Mutant-kind?
Did you have an opinion about homo-superior before you mutated?
Had you ever met a mutant before?
When you met one, were you scared? Curious? Angry?

How did the mutation end up changing you?
Did the Sentinels catch you?
Was the mutation painful?
Did you get pleasure from it?
Were you frightened?
Did it somehow feel right?
Were you grateful for your difference? Or do you want to kill yourself because of it?

Did you have a teacher and how did they treat you?
What do you know of your teacher?
Was s/he forceful, abusive, cryptic, or open?
Why do you think s/he chose you?
How long did you stay with him/her?
Where did you stay when you were finished training?
Where did you go?
Did you meet any other mutants while with your teacher?
Did your teacher take any more students?
Do you often judge others by the opinions of your teacher?

Were you presented to a mutant society?
Did their leader welcome you?
Was he reluctant to accept you?
Did prominent mutants need to be bribed or threatened before accepting you?
Are you on the run from authorities? Or are you registered?
Did a mutant gang accept you? Were you bullied, threatened, beaten?
Were you meant to be cannon fodder for the war at first?
Did you hold a special role from the start?
Did you get initiated?

How did you meet those you associate with?
Were you brought together by chance, or design?
Are you united in purpose, working toward the same goal?
How long have you been together?
Did you know them before you mutated?
Do your groups cooperate? Or are they rivals?
Do any of you share the same trainers?
What keeps you together when things are at their worst?

Where is your home?
Where do you rest your head at night?
Do you have a permanent home, or do you migrate from day to day?
Do you stay in or near the place you inhabited before you mutated?

Do you retain any connections to your pre-mutant life?
Do you still watch over relatives or friends from afar?
Do you pretend to still be human?
Have you abandoned your family entirely?

What motivates you?
Are you bent on revenge?
Do you long for a normal life?
Do you have ambitions among mutant society?
Do you just want to be left alone?
Do you wish to take any students?
Are you involved with mutant/human conflict?
If you could have any one thing in the world, what would it be?

Creation Aide by BoilinghellBoilinghell, 05 Jan 2010 23:30
Re: Log Dates
plunderbunnyplunderbunny 05 Jan 2010 01:41
in discussion General / Game Chatter » Log Dates

I'm also perfectly used to adding the date after the page has been created. It's pretty simple, and I am definitely more comfortable with things being posted by the date they happened (even if interrupted) than the date they were posted. It's a little cleaner, in my eyes, and allows for better chronological, since some people are faster or slower at posting than others.

Re: Log Dates by plunderbunnyplunderbunny, 05 Jan 2010 01:41
Re: Log Dates
heartspringsheartsprings 04 Jan 2010 21:14
in discussion General / Game Chatter » Log Dates

Adding dates to the titles is how I've gotten used to alleviating this problem, elseMU. It makes sense, it's easy, and if for some reason you log, and have to bolt out soon after, you can post your log the next day and have it sorted into the proper spot in the logs list.

Granted, I'm used to a wiki where you have to manually add your log link to the write date and format on the logs page. If adding the date works on the automated setup here, I'm all for it. I don't know how others here are about someone fixing little mistakes on logs in place of the person who posted them, but this is a community of players, and I think any mistakes could easily be caught and corrected for consistency and uniformity.

Personally, it's more gratifying to me to see them in date order rather than posted order. Easier to read chronologically that way. ^_^

Re: Log Dates by heartspringsheartsprings, 04 Jan 2010 21:14
Lady in Blue
veg26veg26 04 Jan 2010 02:18
in discussion Characters / Introductions » Lady in Blue

Hi Folks,

Ellen is new to the grid. So's her player! Kind of! I was a player on the old XMR between '05 and '06 (I was one of the adult Jean Greys). If you were around back then and feel like chatting, I MAY remember you. Please feel free to give me a page.

Ellen is your basic Manhattan cop, burned out and just a little bit hostile towards all the innocent mutants runnin' 'round. As well, she's got a bit of 'thing' against mutants serving on the force. So if you're looking for a PC cop to rile, or maybe someone to share some anti-mutant sentiment with, Len's your gal. I'd love to cross paths, or even work out some other RP hooks!

— Ellen-Player

Lady in Blue by veg26veg26, 04 Jan 2010 02:18
Log Dates
WhozitWhozit 02 Jan 2010 22:22
in discussion General / Game Chatter » Log Dates

So, as we get more logs on the page, the order of them begins to fall apart. Having them sort by the date they are posted is an easy fix, but that supposes that everyone is going to be on top of posting logs, getting them up the day the scene happens. It also runs into problems with logs that are paused and picked up later, those that are backdated, etc.

By tags, they're already grouped into month and year, but I've yet to come up with a good way to use tags to determine the date of them.

The easiest solution is to put the date into the title of the log. You would create the log as usual (so do not put the date into the 'add your log' box). Instead, once you are at the edit pane, you can put the date before the title.

For example, you add a new log called 'Independence Day', and then in the edit screen, change the title to '2016/06/04 - Independence Day'. This would then sort '2016/06/04 - Independence Day' before '2016/06/05 - The Day After Independence Day'.

The important thing with this system is consistency. It would mean that staff or other players would edit your title if you forget to do it yourself.

So I'm opening this up for a day or two of feedback from players before we make any changes, since that's part of doing this beta. Is it worth the extra effort in order to keep the logs in order? Would you rather just have them sorted by the posting date?


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Log Dates by WhozitWhozit, 02 Jan 2010 22:22
The Milthorpes
SomeoneElseSomeoneElse 28 Dec 2009 06:04
in discussion Characters / Seeking » The Milthorpes

Thinking of making an alt and wanting a hook?

The Milthorpes are a large and powerful political family in New York. They are generally right-leaning, though their approach to the mutant issue has thus far been largely middle-of-the-road. Opinions vary from family member to family member, of course.

I'd especially love to see more humans, especially those with anti-mutant leanings, or who are conflicted on the whole issue. In a family so large, mutants must exist of course, but for political reasons, they are usually quietly … covered up. Of course, that's an option too!

At any rate, the family is large and varied, so you aren't locked into any one single idea. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, just get in touch with Penny on game!

The Milthorpes by SomeoneElseSomeoneElse, 28 Dec 2009 06:04

Welcome to Remy, then. :)

(Girls, better hide now! Kidding!)


Re: Rage Against The Machine by HexHex, 23 Dec 2009 18:47

Sup everyone! This is Jay! And guess who I picked up? Go on guess. I dare you.


That's right, the Ragin' Cajun is officially on XMR and that means that the hot babes will be flocking in sooner than you realize.

Anyway, just wanted to give a bit of an intro. My Gambit is semi-canonical in history, but I left room for him to go in any direction he ends up wanting to go via RP and suchness. So.

That's about it!


Rage Against The Machine by ZoCalZoCal, 19 Dec 2009 16:02
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